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fury and blades
Trial Green Labyrinth 
Currently championing: Reszo
Again warmth radiated down from the dauntless female above. Eira took comfort in the other’s blatant confidence, even rolling her small jutting shoulders as though in preparation, anticipation. Beneath the rug of insulating blue fuzz, the thin grey skin bagging her weary bones trembled wickedly—perhaps in fear of the monster they goaded, though the cave surrounding the hideous creature, the Metus, and the foul odour lacing the air too, was more than disturbing in itself. The mute child forced a smile, yes, she trusted weakly, we will.

Upon the soft turf beyond that ominous, reeking rock mouth, their footfalls were thankfully silent, yet as they breeched the under-kingdom of the infamous Metus, Eira found that she could not help the soft click of her chipped, split hooves.

Dark blue eyes were slow to adapt and the thin filly found herself pressing against the rigid surface of the other’s metal cladding for assurance; as they did, the shadows unveiled a scene so horrific that last, horrific memories of her parents challenged her present mind; three fragile legs sought retreat, shuffling rearward until the last bid their halt. Instinct begged her to flee, to turn without worry for the quest the Rift had forced upon her. The last cloven toe relinquished its stubborn hold on cold tile and Eira was turning with such swiftness that traction was altogether lost.

She slipped and fell hard against her quaking knees, but with adrenaline engorged veins, numbed otherwise to the core, the small creature recovered in an instant and fled. So relieved was she to feel the cushion of that fogged world beyond the cave, that her soft nose dipped mid-stride to let the wild length of cool grass to whip against her. Eira reached the first corner in the winding, wicked labyrinth which had arrived her into such a perilous situation and scrambled left, drawing frail energy to whisk herself quickly away—for good.
"I am a book of snow,
a spacious hand, an open meadow,
a circle that waits,
I belong to the earth and its winter."

- Pablo Neruda, Winter Garden

Exit Eira :P
Rift Presence
Currently championing:

There are voices, and his faceless profile shifts that way, pinpointing their position amid the muffled stir of shuffling footsteps. Bones clatter softly aside the large naked foot as it slides forward slowly, stalking perhaps, though there is something hesitant about the sway of the sinewy, hunched figure above. Still, the magic coursing through their veins puts him off, deters the savage monster from his hunt—as flames flare and flicker along the spine of the larger, his trunked soul dips as though to shield his eyeless face from the glare.

The Metus hisses angrily, tongue, long and whip-like, striking the putrid air between them.

And then there was a shout, loud and defiant, a challenge, and the sound resonated like wild bells against the cold walls of his lair; he answers with a low, loud growl, a warning, that swiftly devours the mare’s bright tone. Clawed fingers descend upon a rotten, severed limb, squeezing the festering fluid from within, and the sensation—the rising stench of decay—excites his ravenous gut. He is readying himself, coiling pale thighs in preparation to pounce…

Unexpectedly though, and he is taken quite by surprise, there is a scrambling of hooves, fading as one of them flees. The flavour of her presence, the power ripe within her, vanishes as the air swirls wildly in her wake. The Metus seems uncertain now, his frame looks less inclined. The Metus recoils then, sliding with a furious roar, into the shadowed recess of his cave; for the magic glowing, radiating, from the one who remains—he remembers her—sours his desire to feed.

damnation prayer

Congratulations! Kiada has successfully challenged the Metus, though the Metus has retreated into the depths of his cave.
» Presence of the Rift «

Explorer Kiada
Currently championing: Vjanta
You think I'll be the dark sky
The filly continued to say nothing, but Kiada paid it no mind. It was easier having only one voice to antagonize the Metus, though she was certain the creature knew that there were two of them. For a creature with no eyes, it made sense that hearing and scent was how it got by. Quietly, she waited for the Metus to retaliate, though she felt the small frame of the child beside her – tense and fearful before she began to try and remove herself. She seemed unsure if she wanted to leave, but Kiada wouldn’t blame her. If the Harpy was as young as the filly there, even her blood thirsty heart would know to run.

Then suddenly, Eira was turning and slipping and before Kiada could turn to help her strange, newfound friend, the girl was gone. Kiada instantly spun back to view the Metus as he began to scream, but a look of confusion crossed his features and he began to spin his way back, hiding away for the next meal to cross willingly into his lair. Sighing quietly to herself, she glanced back to where the Metus had hid, sparking her flames along her spine higher in case he chose to attack while she had her back turned to him.

Her inky head turned back to the way Eira had gone and she began to pick up speed to leave the chambers of the Metus as well. Her work here was done, now there were only the Beaked Bear.

so you can be the star? —
I'll swallow you whole.
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Kiada out! I'll archive this :) Thanks Nat for the wonderful thread!! <3333