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I Seem to Have Misplaced My Yearling, Again
Trial Rainforest Cliffs 
Currently championing: Reszo
A flush of burning heat accompanied the shy smile alighting through her narrow, gaunt blue features, as the colt she had befriended (and been undeniably lost without), appeared from within Ultima’s softly glowing mouth before them. It was quite an unexpected turn of events. The great feathered arm of her newest friend, Roscorro, was lifted like a shield between the worsening weather and herself, and the warm, woollen brown fur at its pit served as the perfect blanket against which to bury her face bashfully. “Vynter…” her thoughts hummed happily while rogue lips nuzzled tenderly the clammy flesh they had found - it was a joyfully felt sentiment, shared through her eyes when they at last turned back to greet his recoiling face.

Though the tone of his voice commanded an obvious air of seriousness, she could only grin in response. Eating had become such a trivial afterthought, and he (in those few seconds already), had stirred within her tummy such a frenzy of tickling butterflies that she hadn’t a hope of meeting his concerned mood fairly. As the brawny colt’s lips touched her wing and lifted it from rest, she flinched, turning the plush ball of her nose to puff softly against him. It was true. For the period without him, Eira had been distracted and busy, occupying her sweet mind with completing tasks and in turn healing. There were many new broken feathers - for the habit of her chewing was entrenched, however, the rain had cleansed both the stubs and the rash of any rawness and infection.

The wing fell from his delicate grip and the skin beneath the heavy clumps of coat tingled as he slid close against her, to find the other side.

When Vynter’s intimate (though perhaps unintentionally so), inspection had concluded, Eira let herself be guided from the cosy shelter of Roscorro’s side by the coloured colt’s familiar nose. It was refreshing to be in his company again, and the same excitement felt months before, was alive and coursing through her now. She nodded quietly with a visible air of obedience in each slow shuffling movement and found the nest he had made within the tunnel beneath the cliffs - much like the one they’d shared previously in the rainforest. A grateful smile slid across her quivering lips, and she glanced hither to be sure that the hulking giant had followed in too. Surely he would not venture out to find the one he sought, right now.

Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
Relief washed over him as Vynter's form came into view. The boy was safe! But the quiet lad paid him no mind as he moved to Eira's side, poking and prodding her. He was like a healer looking over one of the injured horses in his herd. Like always Vy had little grasp of personal space which had clearly flustered Eira, though she did not seem upset by it. Clearly these two knew one another. The smile on Eira's face had revealed quite a bit to the large man and he couldn't help but smile.

She had been searching for him, that much Rosco could tell. Among other things. He felt the rift magic stir within him, signaling that he had completed a task. Though he had not helped Eira because he had hoped to do so, it was nice to know that he was one step closer to completing his goal. He followed the two into the cave as Vynter led Eira to a bed he had made. The boy was acting so responsible as he took care of his patient and Rosco couldn't help but feel a little proud. If only they had herds, he knew the lad would do well as a healer, though his bed side manner may be a bit lacking. He wondered if there was anyone that could continue toe tutor the boy as he grew. Surely someone out there had a knowledge of this land and its special herbs?

He refrained from berating Vynter, not wanting to ruin this adorable moment. He felt Eira's eyes on him. He saw her question and smiled. "It seems like we were looking for the same young man." He said, coming to poke Vy with his nose. "You scared me, again." He directed these words to Vynter. "Tell me before you wander of next time."


I may not be the most important person in your life.
I just hope when you hear my name,
You smile and say "That's my friend!"
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@Vynter @Eira
ooc: Rosco is just watching over his babies, this is his last post so you guys can go ahead and finish up. ^^
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though. 
Currently championing: Reszo

Their hot, wet bodies brought a comforting humidity into the cool shelter of the cave as they hunkered down in safety while the storm’s skirt of fury passed over. The wind lashed on wildly and the thunder’s booming voice reached a peak outside, resonating through the very stone which concealed them. Eira shivered as the vibration rattled all but the deadened leg beneath her, but she felt an air of safety there, with her feathered friend and the great creature who had yet brought her no harm.

Wriggling upon her bony elbows until the soft straw bedding was gathered beneath the points of her which pressed painfully against the hard floor, Eira smiled tiredly towards Roscorro. His towering figure stood alongside the colt and she watched as his dark lips drifted towards the other’s painted skin. There was a presence between them, an ease and familiarity that soothed Eira’s loneliness away. As the gentle hum of their voices mingled above the droning background song of the storm, the young filly yawned.

The light around them was low, providing a serene atmosphere of illumination. Sleep dragged at her heavy, wilting eyelids, and her heart rate began to slow. As the frail child succumbed, her thoughts wandered back in time to a place that had been so filled with voices just as tender: a beach with crashing waves and sand as plush as the grass she now slept upon. The pale, withered face of her cursed father was there, though she saw nought but the love in his eyes. So too was her mother watching over, with a coat as clear as the star spangled sky beyond her.

…and Indra. Eira imagined his warm body pressed in beside her and a heavy sigh escaped with a quiet rattle of her velveteen nostrils.

"I am a book of snow,
a spacious hand, an open meadow,
a circle that waits,
I belong to the earth and its winter."

- Pablo Neruda, Winter Garden

Skipping Vynter with permission to wind the thread up for Eira’s trial.