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[SWP] light it up
Open Solanis 
Seiji the Hopebringer

Saving the light that is dying. Seiji wonders, maybe (briefly), how this place is sick. There's a flicker of confusion - doubt - before he turns to the task at hand. He cannot think on it now, but it remains in mind, a lingering sliver of thought, to worry at later in private. He should be more baffled by the friendliness of the creatures here. He is, instead, relieved. He can do help. He's good at help. So it's with relief he paws tentatively at the shadows lingering below the tiny suns. He can think of this now, and other things later.

Roots and soil turn up, bare to the sky. To the soft darkness of his eyes. Sorry, he thinks, one ear on the others should they take offense. But then a feeling, like a deep breath: flickering light. It burgeons. Strengthens. And then the living flowers, those around him, burn again with life. Bright; bright as sunlight, warm and generous. He pauses to blink at them, alarmed but then clearly pleased. There's an eager softness in his eyes, an almost childlike wonder. He was right! So his hours in the garden have served him well, here.

He bounds forward to the next patch of shadows, to uproot that, as well. The others are forgotten; he's too eager in his task, enlivened by success. He hasn't tasted such a thing in a very long time.

img by Tildae @ flickr
You've been calling her Night Sky ever since the first time you saw her, a strange and wondrous thing in this strange and wondrous place, but suddenly, you hear her name: K'yarie. You pause, your nose hovering above the dying flowers, confused by this conflict of interest within you. These flowers need your help, and yet you're thinking about a name..?

As your magic sweeps through the area a few of the flowers come back to life, like after a breath on cooling embers, but the relief pricking your heart is short-lived. After a second they falter again. "No," you whisper, desperately touching your muzzle to yet another one. What can you do?



It hits you harder than you thought it would, a painful reminder of how you ended up here in the first place. You swallow, mouth suddenly dry, raising your head to peer at the others—the distress evident in your pale eyes.

But instead of being greeted by death and ruin, you're greeted by the flowers lighting up around the stranger. Their warm glow ground his body, anchor the fine lines in reality; what had been but a shadow becomes a horse, lost in wonder at what he has done.

It makes him look younger.

You're not sure what he did, and though you could ask him, he seemed incapable of answering—you wonder if this place steals voices—so you might as well watch what he does. With the same kind of ethereal, unconscious grace he bounds to the next patch of spreading darkness, eagerly digging up the bad flowers.

You turn your attention back to the diseased thing by your hooves, peering at it intently. Tar, like thick blood of some kind, seeps from it; the smell makes your nose wrinkle. You had thought in terms of healing, fixing, restoring, but perhaps the newcomer has it right: purging. Rot, an infection, to be removed. You dig your hooves into the soil around it, uprooting it, and then you peer expectantly at the patch around you.
K'yarie the Hopebringer
She was investigating the dark patch of the flowers when suddenly the light around her brightened. Her head lifted to watch the newcomer as she excitedly danced to another patch of dead flowers. Her lips curl into an amused smile, her features softening as she watched him. He was like a youthful colt set upon his task and it lightened her own heart to watch him. He had discovered a way that seemed to help the flowers. And so, she mimicked him.

Selecting the darkest area nearest her she set to work. Her large, onyx hoof plowing away at the plants and soil. She decimated their numbers as she too pawed at the ground. She was careful to avoid any shinning flowers, targeting the dark ones in her systematic termination of this illness. Her face was set in a determined expression as she worked. Her mane and tail flowing around her as she moved from one patch of blackness to another.

talk talk talk talk
Fear not this Night.
You will not go Astray
Though shadoes fall, still the Stars find their way
image credit to Achiha-Azteca.
Roscorro the Dragon Heart
The magic had helped for only a moment. And then the flowers began to die once more. A sense of loss and panic tightened his chest. Of course you could not save them. The voice scoffed. You are nothing more than a failed creation that shouldn't have life, unable to save even a flower. Pathetic. Weak... The voice continued to attack him and his eyes fell as he became crestfallen. What else were they supposed to do? Then suddenly the flowers flared to life. He stepped back in surprise, eyes wide. Looking up he saw the newcomer as he dug up the dead flowers causing the living to shine brighter.

Was it really so easy? Soon everyone else was rooting up the blackened flowers as they followed Seiji's lead. A smile touched the giant's lips as hope was restored within him. Maybe they could save his home. He looked down at the darkness he stood amongst. Tentatively he raised a massive paw. Then let it fall as she carved a deep gouges into the earth with his claws as he uprooted many of the dead flowers. Those around him flashed brighter. Emboldened by this fact he struck again. And again. Large paw-fulls of flowers fell as he picked up his pace, as eager and excited as Seiji as bounced from dead patch to dead patch. They were doing it! They were saving his home and memories!


I may not be the most important person in your life.
I just hope when you hear my name,
You smile and say "That's my friend!"
image || coding
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though. 
Rift Presence
As they worked in tandem, removing the dead flowers as the diligent gardeners they became. Each little patch, the moment the dead flowers were removed, they pulsed and flickered, brighter and warming each little face that worked to make them better – to make them healthier. It worked, time and time again until all of Solanis were glittering and brilliant and bright, and quietly there was a silent buzzing going on out of happiness. It hummed a beautiful song, the frequency fluxuating between each of the creature that had helped this land.

Then, as one, all the flowers with the growing buzzing of the song, breathed in collectively and dimmed. The humming increased, when suddenly they began to grow brighter than they’d ever been since the Helovian’s ripped the Labyrinth from the land. They were brilliant, glittering, and happy, and the feeling was infectious as it covered each and every one of you with a yellow glow. The glow will fade over a month, but the warmth and happiness of Solanis will glitter with you for the next few weeks.

the Rift

Hope has been restored to Solanis :) Each one of you has a small yellowish glow that adorns you - you can write this however, just know that it won't last very long! :)

* Each round is 48 hours (give or take), and has no posting order. If you miss a round, don't worry - just post when you have a chance to! The round is open until Rift Presence posts again.
* New characters are always welcome to join the plot
* If you find the pace too high, let us know, and we'll slow down!
* Posts are encouraged to be 400 words or less.
» Presence of the Rift «

Roscorro the Dragon Heart
It was working! The flowers were coming back to life! Joy filled the tribrid's heart to near bursting as he continued to fervently tear out anything dead and diseased. Then suddenly the light grew brighter as a melodic hum filled the air. He stopped to watch and listen, head cocked. The flowers were singing. He had no idea flowers could sing! The humming continued as life was restored to the forest. Then suddenly the flowers dimmed and his heart nearly stopped, were they going to go out? But his fear was misplaced as the humming grew louder. Then suddenly he himself began to glow as the warmth from the flower's gratitude washed over him. He could not help but smile. Bright and big.

They had done it! They had saved his home. All that was left now was to return to the matron and receive their next task. His heart was full as he turned to Waker, that same happy grin still upon his face. It was time to head back. He plodded towards the gathering place, though he was loathed to leave the forest and this happy feeling. But like the glow, the happiness seemed to cling to his soul and for a moment, the voice was silent.


I may not be the most important person in your life.
I just hope when you hear my name,
You smile and say "That's my friend!"
image || coding

ooc: Rosco out!
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though. 
Seiji the Hopebringer

Success! The forest sings as if in thanks: a joyful music Seiji feels in the marrow of his bones. Like nothing he has ever heard before; it builds and builds, soft and lovely. He blinks, lifting his head from his work for the first time in many long minutes. He sees the others around him, dirt on their hooves. Rotten flowers uprooted. For half a heart beat, it seems the forest draws breath. And then: Solanis.

It’s a dream. It’s a place fit for a god: all golden and soft, its silent voice humming through them. Seiji stands very still, his eyes fluttering shut. He breathes in, and the song is in his lungs. The light is golden even against the backs of his eyelids. He exhales, and opens his eyes again. Something giddy moves in his chest. His ribcage shaking with silent laughter, he bounds on nimble hooves toward the nearest stranger - K’yarie was her name? - and moves to touch her gently on the shoulder. See? See? We did it, didn’t we? His mouth opens, and no sound comes out. But he’s nodding, joyful, as he bounds away from her and toward Waker, too, to try and nudge him, as well. We did it! We did it! And if he could speak, he would tell them, Well done! But he can’t, so he silently laughs, his steps light through the field of gold.

The last of them, the largest, who hasn’t spoken, is moving away. Seiji studies him a moment, ears twitching, before he bounds after. Not knowing why.

img by Tildae @ flickr

ooc // @K'yarie @Waker just because you were mentioned ;) He's left, though.
You've not been prone to feeling hopeless before; you've known that life has its ebbs and flows, just like the tide, and while you've always poured yourself, heart and mind and soul, into the task of healing, accepting that death is inevitable has been vital. It doesn't matter how much the thunder rumbles if the blood is leaving faster than you can knit the veins back together; it doesn't matter how much the thunder rumbles, if the heart is already silent. You know this, and while being bested by death has always frustrated you, it has never made you feel helpless. Powerless.

But the Rift, and the way you came here, has done things to you. You realize that as you're standing in a dying garden of magical flowers, something burning suspiciously in the back of your throat and eyes—tears. If you can't even do this one damn thing

Like you couldn't do anything else you were supposed to—

And you keep losing Taivas—

But the stranger's strategy works, even for you. Once you've uprooted the bad flower those surrounding it sigh and flicker and glow, free of the poison, of the drain on their energy; instead of fighting a slow, creeping death, they can focus on glowing like the small suns they are.

It's not in you to be bitter that someone else had the cure—you're just grateful that it was something you could help with. The golden glow bathes the underside of your dark neck as you raise your head, blinking away tears of relief, to peer at the sleek, black thing bounding from one patch to the other, digging up the bad flowers with more ease than you had. He needs a name, you think, but nothing comes to you; he's fleet and beautiful and ethereal, which makes him intangible to your mind. A shadow.

A name will come, but not today. You step, carefully, to the next darkening patch, repeating the process from before. Rinse and repeat; your mind sinks into the task, until you find yourself at the edge of a glowing, humming field. You've worked your way through the affected area, and as you turn to look behind you, there's only a golden, glowing sea.

You've done it—all of you, together. Dragon Man notices it too, turning towards you with a big grin; you respond with a smile, bright but small, trying to wrap your head around the change you've helped to bring. You want to stay, and bask in the moment, but he's already moving away. The fleet stranger bounces up to K'yarie, touching her, before bounding to you, and doing the same. His nose is soft, and you give him a smile, too, eyes warm. Then you follow them back to the beach, marveling at the glow adorning all of you.