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[SWP] ... Are You Ready For It?
RP Wanted The Portal 
Valkyrie the Hopebringer
In the heat of the moment (and that moment was hot…), tempers began to fray and true colours began to shine.

The man from the forest, the one whose face resembled a cactus, paused to offer his one-liner.

At least Valkyrie never pretended to be anything less than she was: perfect, obviously, and she stood there pompously as the patterned wench’s suddenly switched character (a flaw) broached the barrier of personal space, to deliver a spray of spittle-fringed venom in her face. Though disgusted - she would need to bathe after this ridiculous event concluded - the haughty fjord flinched only for the purpose of swerving her chin upwards so that the polished tip of her blade might ghost a warning by the other’s silly-looking expression. “Berserk doesn’t suit you, sweetie…” she offered freely, as a token of her better nature in the face of such inappropriate adversity. It seemed to her unusual that a woman should behave in such impulsive, primitive, masculine, style.

Tripping the wayward tree had barely crossed her mind, let alone urged her foot forward - though the thought still amused her.

With the fraction of value, she’d found in the girl thinning away, Valkyrie offered something of a dismissive smile and dipped her crown to the gruffalo, there enslaved to her shoulder, hip… where-ever. The frosty gesture was apparently to fall upon blind eyes, however, as Zoeya (in her bipolar excitement), snorted noisily, turning, and with her pet in tow, wandered away to coddle the weakling colt. “Two peas in a pod…” she mused insolently, chuckling under her breath at the mix-breeds bold display of vomit-worthy tender-heartedness.

The crowd continued along at a constructive gait, it seemed, and Valkyrie sauntered along behind without need for the same urge.

Ruwin the Hopebringer
It didn't matter if everyone had agreed with what had happened. What mattered was that the tree was headed home, away from the portal. He had little reason to remain within the sickly forest. So, once confirming that the living tree was not going to double back, the dark faced buckskin slowed to a walk as he turned towards their earlier place of meeting. He had little reason to hang around within this forest.

Only Vynter caused his head to turn to see if the lad was coming before he trotted off. He had little reason to socialize with the other horses here and he did not ask for their names nor share a single word. Merely regarding them with his quit gaze as they appeared. Though he had little care for how the wing-headed mare treated everyone, especially Vynter, he said nothing. Let her poisonous attitude ring true and drive others away. A bad fruit was a bad fruit and it could only hide its rotten stick for so long.
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Take me as I am, or don't.
Cause I don't give a dang, no.
That's who I am.

ooc: Seeing that the tree is leaving Ru returns to the Matron.
You have my permission to use magic/force against Ru.
Maiming and killing is not allowed. You can always message me if you're not sure about anything/want to plot something out. =D
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As his black eyes opened to the world, he found his gaze meeting the dark blue ones of the grullo paint colt. The boy's face was set in a gesture of firm disapproval, his stance stubborn; everything about it screamed back off, and in response, Kisamoa's long, soft ears flicked forward. He blamed it on the pain and his brush with temptation, but it took him a second longer to realize what the colt was on about, and by then, he was already off, trotting behind the fleeing tree.

"Oh please," Kisamoa growled savagely, watching Ruwin join up with the retreating colt. Seriously? After everything he had shown himself capable of, after all the slaughter and ripping a hole between worlds, a child saw him open his mouth and decided to go stand in his path..?

I could swallow the whole world if I wanted to.

In the space before irritation gave way to amusement a spark of black magic, edged with teal and smelling of terror, leaped from his body and smacked Vynter on the ass; it'd do little more than jolt him and leave a burning sensation. And possibly a black marking, crawling with teal. Residual magic.

The tall creature shook his head and set off after the rest, his legs seeming to take normal strides and yet he moved with impossible speed, easily keeping pace with the running horses.


After a while Ruwin slowed, and Kisamoa did the same; his eyes closed again, his senses drifting.

"It is going home," he said, voice neither loud nor quiet, but harsh all the same—it always was. He offered no more, merely turned to follow Watcher, not saying what lurked uncomfortably in the depths of his mind: that he was better off not knowing where the Living Trees grew.
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kaos in light

Vynter, if you want the marking to be permanent, just post in Account Updates. ^^ Otherwise, it'll just "wash off" over the course of a few days.
» I am Kaos «
Vynter the Hopebringer

When the tree continued in the right direction he began to slow his pacing, failing to hear Valkyrie's snooty remark along with Zoeya's sincere apology. His head turned to look at her just in time to catch her saying something, yet the words fell on deaf ears (literally). But he could see the remorse on her chocolate complexion, the sadness in her eyes and obvious desire for some sort of acknowledgement from him. It was with this body language that he concluded that she seemed to be apologizing. Letting his eyes meet her golden ones for a moment longer, he simply nodded, offering his nose to hers in a token of understanding.

It was at that moment a loud smacking noise hit the air, and the boy lurched forward in utter shock. Whipping his head around he noticed in the nick of time the tendrils fading away, revealing Kaos looking at him calmly. Turning his skull slightly gave him the ability to look at the damage, to find a dark, black flame tinged with teal adoring his right hip. Staring intently at the new mark he lifted his skull once more to the man; before abruptly turning around to investigate how he had accomplished such a thing.

The boy respected no boundaries, ears pricked despite having no use and nose sniffing gently at the beast. His entire essence, his entire aura was so different than that of a normal horse, making his presence feel entirely different than that of a normal companion. He longed to continue with his endeavor of exploring; but he was distracted by Ruwin leaving and thus promptly decided to follow suit.

My will is a sword that cuts down anything in my way

Vynter follows Ruwin after saying his goodbyes.