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» Fighting & Stealing Available
+ minor guidebook changes & other things
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Fighting & Stealing in Fab February

The main bit of news is that the freeze on fighting and stealing has been..melted? When we revealed the system, it caused a bit of a stir, seeing as it is a somewhat drastic departure from Helovia's, but during the survey, it was fairly spread between "I don't care" (40%), "I prefer Helovia's" (35%), and "it looks good" (22%). When we designed the system, we ran some mock fights to get an idea of whether or not it would work, and decided it seemed to work as intended, meaning we could ship it and tweak it later.

And that's exactly what is going to happen. The main reason we're allowing fights and stealths again is, of course, because it's an integral part of the gameplay, but secondly, for us to be able to see how it actually works in reality. Once we've got enough material, we're likely to open it up to site-wide discussion, to try and figure out what works and what doesn't and what people want to see/do, now that they've been able to get a feel of how this version operates.

Please note that riddle stealths are not a thing at this time, hint hint.

We are in the process of updating the Guidebook, but here are two changes that have been implemented:
* You can join with a companion, but it will go wild in the Portal. You will be able to re-bond with it once you reach the required amount of RF
* An absence does not protect you from the activity check, with the idea that if you're gone for 30+ days anyway, it's probably for the better you're put safely away in the "Inactive" storage

Also, we will be reopening Wordsmiths to give players a chance to help out the Rift when it comes to trials and such! So keep an eye out for those reopening, and if you feel like you'd be a good fit definitely apply. We want to share as much of the Rift with you all as we can!

Upcoming changes:
* Vanity magic will be able to have real effects, but they will be neither permanent (ie lasting scorch marks after flaming hooves) nor affect others (ie can use flaming hooves to harm others). Vanity magic will likely be renamed and considered "Mutations" only, as they're supposed to be aesthetics (glowing markings, "auras" etc).

Guided Discussion : Absence, Companions, Magic is where these changes have been discussed, but we have one final point we'd love some fresh input on, and that's the magic restrictions. If you skip to the summaries in the posts on the last page, it should give you a more up-to-date idea of what's being discussed <3

Don't forget to participate in our » Advertising Contest!!

In more IC terms, the Site-Wide Plot (Hopebringers) is in full swing, and you're always welcome to join! Easiest would be to post to » Together and simply join one of the existing groups. So far, hope has been restored to: the Siren's Summit, the Magnus Metus of the Green Labyrinth, the Forest Walkers of the Rainforest Cliffs, and the Protector of the Pinnacle!
Currently, hope is being restored to the lands of Halyven, Uwaritace, and Akvo City!

Also WOWZA Otem has breached 200 posts! And Kiada has hit 100! Roscorro is sitting at an exciting 99! Congratulations!

Proximo, are you in danger of becoming a good man?
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Congrats Otem and Roscorro! :D

When it comes to the fighting and stealing, we definitely do need more people to try their hands at it to see what does and doesn't work before we're able to adjust and get an idea of how it should work together. I have Kiada who'd be willing to do both those things with other characters to help figure it all out! If anyone wants to, just PM me :)
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K'yarie and Aroich will be stealing from Ruwin in the near future so they will certainly help with this.