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The Getaway Car
RP Wanted The Portal  Anyone
This place fucking sucked. All around there is nothing but chaos and hate and vile things awaiting in the dark to come out and bite you. He didn't choose to be born into this wasteland; yet here the Gods had placed him, to wither away. They had deserved to die; they were all fucking idiots. Although he hadn't watched the drama unfold firsthand, word spread quick around these parts. If one person knew, then everyone knew. It was like the grapevine on steroids.

Supposedly they had tried to free everyone from the grasp of the Rift, by taking over another world far away.
Whomever thought that plan would succeed obviously was missing a few straws of hay in the haystack. With a snort the stud worked his way through the trees, eyes of rusty orange keen on their surroundings. Nothing was sacred in this wretched land, he would never truly be safe. He had already suffered much of the season's elements; there had been times where the sun had been too much and he had been graced with the scars of Scald.

Along his bodice white scars littered the ebony frame, their nightly glow contrasting against the ripple of his orange and black mane. They itched often, but over the years no matter how hard he would try to scratch and bite the scar; it remained an ethereal reminder of his idiocy. Even now as the sun began to kiss the horizon it was hot; the evening cool having not yet washed over the land. Thus his hide was slicked with sweat, heaving flanks twitching from the occasional insect that might still be about.

Despite this time of year being one of the deadliest; Ricochet never truly minded Scorch's harsh, dry heat, because no matter the occasion it was simply there. There were no exceptions to its blight, not passing go and collecting 200 dollars. It simply was, and had no intention of changing or anything. The unicorn found a strange comfort in its consistency.

Perhaps this was because there was nothing predictable in the Rift, and in all his years wasting away in this hell, he knew that for sure the seasons would often remain the same. It wasn't long before Ricochet had made his way to the Portal; its dark hues like a dark stormy night. As he watched the light pulsate eerily, he couldn't help but ponder if someone would come through. Would the Rift devour yet another victim? Or would it lay dormant for another day?

Joining Notes


Vanity Magic: Orange highlights in mane and tail change different colors to mimic molten magma. Thin angled bands wrap around his ankles and also change colors.

True Magic: With a stomp of his hoof a line of magma will burst from the ground and burn anyone in its path. (Restrictions up to you)
Rift Presence
Little did you know that the Rift would come for you this day. As you walk into the area, there’s a loud beating sound like thousands of hummingbirds have surrounded you. It seems to sway in an off-kilter rhythm to distract you as it reaches toward you. You feel hardly anything, other than a staticky sensation along your withers. After a few moments, it finds what it wants and alters your vanity magic slightly before retreating – the beating sound immediately falling into silence once it has vanished.
the Rift


Offensive: A line of magma bursts from the earth when he stomps his hoof.

Vanity Magic:
Orange hues in mane, tail, and thin angled bands around his ankles change color to mimic molten magma and glow when he gets angry.
The Rift alters your vanity magic.

The restrictions on your magma magic can be found in the guidebook! :)
» Presence of the Rift «

Don't try to figure me out.
I'm a special kind of twisted..!

Last time the colt had been here he had met his dear old dad for the first time. He rolled his yellow and red eyes as thought of the brindle man. Sure they looked alike, and they both had tempers, but his sire was old and weak. He grinned to himself as he walked quietly towards the portal. It sure had been interesting to come here, and he was back hoping to find the same thing. He knew exactly what he was, or should he say, wasn't going to do here. His twisted smirk grew as he made his way forward. He enjoyed this dark and creepy place; it matched his soul perfectly.

Abigor slowed his pace and slipped into the bushes as he neared the entrance. He felt like a predator in the darkness as he watched a form take shape ahead of him. He stood silently watching the other. He sampled the air gathering more information. The stallion was large ebony with orange accents. As he watched the stallion had his attention fixed on the portal. He wondered briefly if the man was waiting for someone to come through. Ultimately he decided he didn't give a fuck.

With a cocky grin plastered on his maw the colt stepped from the bushes and eyed the man for another moment. "Waiting something?" He wondered how the other would take his appearance. Black scales covered his shoulders and hips with large black spikes protruding from his entire spine. They were a gift from the Rift when he had first arrived here. His own natural horns stood tall above his grey face. His lips still turned up in a cocky shithead grin.

Words/OOC;; 280 @Ricochet 

image | coding
{Image: TCmgImN.png}
He had been enjoying the peace and quiet while staring out into space. His tail had swished at his hocks lazily, and his rust orange eyes were lazily shifting in different directions. His left hind hoof had risen to rest on its point, hips sloping into a lackadaisical stance as the world slowly began to disappear around him. That was until a small colt had emerged from the bush beside him.

It was with a look of disdain that he turned his crown to face the babe, giving him a nonchalant once over before flicking an ear in his direction. Although his face bore a cocky expression, his words were meaningless to the man. Children always seemed to ask pointless questions. With a soft snort he refused to face the mutated child, and instead opted to continue to stare into the portal calmly.

"Shouldn't you be off doing foal things like chasing butterflies and asking your parents 'why' a million times in ten seconds,?" he spoke at last, disinterest lacing his baritone. He honestly didn't give a fuck what this child decided to do, so long as he left him to his own devices. He wasn't here to babysit anyone else's hellspawn.

When it was obvious the colt wasn't going anywhere, the brute snorted and finally turned to bare his teeth in his direction,
"Can't you take a hint kid? Fuck off."

I'm sorry it's so short T-T @Abigor
Permission to do anything and whatever to Ricochet aside from maiming or killing. Tag in all posts.
Don't try to figure me out.
I'm a special kind of twisted..!

His smirk grew colder as the stallion glanced at him before turning away. Did the fool not realize he was in the presence of greatness? He might still look like a baby, but he was not. Abigor would rise up one day and be a king. 'I will rule with an iron hoof; those that disobey me will pay with blood.' His hide shivered with pleasure at the thought. He longed for that day to come and the power it would bring. He watched the stallion wondering if he would be able to take a bit out of his ass before he could turn around. He snickered softly to himself before lashing his short tail against his rump.

He scoffed openly at the male's words. 'Chasing butterflies?! Maybe to kill them, but that would be boring.' His snorted darkly his tail lashing again. "Why would I chase butterflies?" He laughed harshly at the irony he laced into the 'why.' "I cannot speak to my parents. My mother is dead and my father wishes to kill me." He rolled his golden eyes as if he gave a fuck.

Twisted glee wormed through his stomach as the stallion filled turned to face him. His teeth were bared which only made his grin grow. His ears flicked happily. Now he was getting somewhere. "Why?" He burst out laughing as he strode closer to the stallion. He loved this task the Rift had given him. It was in his nature to rebel anyway, so this fit him perfectly. He tilted his horned head smirking with a mock look of confusion on his face. Laughter seeped from him every once in a while as he waited for the stud's reaction.
Words/OOC;; 285 @Ricochet I am SOOO sorry this took so long! I got sick and my wifi has been out xP

image | coding
{Image: TCmgImN.png}

Oh Gods, this kid was a smarmy little prick. The reason why Ricochet knew this was because he was the same way when he was a boy. So the stud watched him as he cackled like a crazy evil scientist, and how he meandered on about some bullshit that his mom was dead and his dad wanted to kill him. Please. The orange and black man didn't have time for pointless tragic backstories. So he snorted and squared himself; turning now to fully face the child and eyeing him with disdain. As he sat there with his cocky; stupid looking grin the man was ready to pound him into the ground. But he refrained, because the snotty little fuck hadn't actually physically done anything to him, and even though Ricochet didn't like dealing with little bratty bitches; he wasn't one to go after someone unwarranted. Although in full honesty his attitude could possibly be enough.

"If your dad wants to kill you why don't you just kill him first? That's what I did to my mom. Get with the times kid," he groaned, rolling his eyes and stomping a hoof with impatience. This kid was already on his nerves and it was only going to get worse with his idiocy. Taking a moment to study the child, he took a step closer and lowered his head, narrowing rust colored eyes and studying him with utter scrutiny. Who the fuck would keep a kid like this around anyway? I guess it made sense why his father wanted to kill him now. After a brief snort his lifted his head high, looking down at the boy in a haughty manner as his tail rose confidently behind him in an attempt to show dominance.

"Maybe your dad wants to kill you because you're obnoxious."


@Abigor - I'm sorry it's short and awful
Permission to do anything and whatever to Ricochet aside from maiming or killing. Tag in all posts.