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RP Wanted The Portal 
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"AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I shriek with the intensity of two badgers fucking.

The sound of my utter distress is so raw it hurts my slenderly sloping throat as it rips out into the world, as destructive as a newborn child being birthed from a maiden mother. All the while I don't stop running, even though it'll make me sweaty. I'm frantic, gasping for air which is as tangled in my chest as the hair bouncing on my face. My heart is thunder; the only thing I can hear, a song as repetitive as Feliz Navidad.

In order to escape I think about zig-zagging, so I dart between this tree and that, as graceful as a bloodhound puppy, given my circumstances. I can't keep myself from looking back over my shoulder, but as I turn to do so, I miss one of my 'that' s and plow directly into a tree. All the wind leaves me in a feeble croak, and my feet are knocked free of the ground by the momentous force of the impact - my cell phone goes flying too, jostled from the delicate grip in my mouth. I bounced off the rugged wood and stagger to the side, slouching into the rough bark of another tree, before finally collapsing to my side on the floor.

The last thing I see is the subtle glow of my phone as it pulses with its welcome screen in the dirt a few feet from me. I mutter something incomprehensible and then the darkness of unconsciousness is all I know.


Unenchanted item: cell phone

Otherwise do whatever to her!
What. The. FUCK!?
Currently championing:


There had been hellfire and the screams of thousands, just as the demon was used to. His body had never been without the heat of hell, for being the creature of vengeance that he was, his job never took him far from home.

But now he was...

Arioch looked around, trying to get his bearings. His body felt impossibly heavy here, and yet as he looked down to regard his flat black limbs and demonic wings, he found everything to be in order. Why then did he feel so strange? Taking a breath of real air - a taste he had not experiences in years - the demon-no-longer looked around, a look of utter confusion on his chiseled features.

He had been in hell, and then...


A gaping whole burned in his mind, through which he could see nothing. Whatever had transpired (presumably) moments earlier was somehow blocked from his sight. Behind him he heard the whining of two canines and spun. Confusion turned to surprise as a hound of hell, accompanied by what appeared to be a regular wolf, sat only a handful of feet away, staring at him as if for instruction.

"Did you need something?" He asked, voice coldly polite with just a dash of sarcasm. The hellhound remained silent, but the wolf whined again, nervously this time. "Well then? Off with you." Mortal realm or not, Arioch did not have the time for dogs.

Clearing his throat, Arioch straightened, stretched out his leathery wings, and took stock. He had been transported from his home, to the mortal plane. For what reason, he had no idea, but he would conduct himself here with the same tact and capacities as he had in hell.


A soul in trouble? Don't mind if I do Ari thought to himself, pleased that if nothing else, this world was not without its small enjoyments. Moving towards the sound, it took Ari almost no time at all before he located its source. It was a girl laying unceremoniously on the ground. "Oh my dear", Ari cooed, his voice disgustingly silky as it left his lips.

Reaching down, Ari tried to brush a strand of hair out of the girl's eyes using the dexterous claw at the end of his wing. Eyes so pale green that they almost appeared white regarded her with the utmost concern, as he waited to see if she might stir.


in places deep with roots entwined
i live among you, well disguised
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Arioch - Foreigner

Vanity Magic - His appearance becomes ghost-like when his emotions run high
Offensive Magic - Can summon spirits
Crafting Magic - Can craft with bone

No items


Unfused jaw (to open wide) + extended mouth slit? lol
Two long canine teeth
Bat wings (Don't know if these count as mutations since he's "part demon" or w/e)

Tae had two companions in Helovia. Since we missed the joining deadline, and this isn't a straight transfer anyways, can both of them still go wild? If only one can and I 'lose' the other, I'd like to 'keep' Hel.

Mal :: Timber Wolf :: Terrorize & Hel :: Royal Hellhound :: Hellfire
Currently championing:


It's a bit cliche really: me - damsel in distress, sprawled helplessly on the ground - and he - knight in shining armor, rescuing me from peril. I'm okay with that though because knights are usually smoking hot, almost like it's a prerequisite for them. Except, looks like he forgot to put his suit on, and the only thing shining is his teeth.

I don't know that yet though, I'm still adrift in the haze of unconsciousness; a thick and fuzzy blanket that coddles me when shit gets too much, a sensation I'm familiar with after mixing beer and liquor one night. Removing that dark cover threatens the return of reality and a killer headache, so really you can't blame me for curling up a little tighter and squeezing my eyes a bit harder when someone (sunshine of the morning after or a demon freshly spawned from hell, one and the same really) comes knocking. I even cutely smile when his gentle touch playfully tugs that comforting duvet away, murmuring something about "Nick Jonas..."

Once he starts to slide it off though it all just comes tumbling free. After only a few more seconds my gorgeous eyelashes daintily flutter open - picture a small butterfly's wings opening and closing in the amber glow of the morning sun as it sits delicately poised on a rose, petals still shining like diamonds with dew. The modelesque blue-depths of my gaze meet the frozen jade of his, and for the briefest of moments, I am entranced by that fierce stare.

Then it all hits me.

The realization comes first as the peripheral of my gaze notices something near me that isn't my salon-intense blonde locks. Originally I think it's a massive black spider ON MY FACE, but in the same instant that I'm turning to look at his grotesquely clawed talon, I'm also taking in all the rest of him. Not some handsome prince charming, but his steed, except its more likely to belong to a horseman of the apocalypse, or Shrek, than Finn Ryder.

"UUUUUUGH!" I cry out, thoroughly grossed out as I suddenly jerk my head back.

That's when the pain also comes, and it's so brutal it scatters stars across my vision and my head sways mid-jerk, flopping loudly back onto the ground. I groan between my teeth, my breath loud and heavy as I suck it in. Some dirt sneaks up my nose as I do, and unattractively I sneeze.

Lastly, the situation creeps back into the forefront of my attention. That, more than anything, is the scariest shit of all and it causes me to sit bolt upright, headache and stars be damned beneath the boot of adrenaline and fear. I look blankly at the hell-steed before me, my mouth a bit ajar, my eyes as wide as my iPhone X's screen. "WHAT'S HAPPENING!?" I shout, an edge of hysteria creeping into my voice, disappointingly similar to my mother when she's viewing my credit card bill. "WHERE ARE WE!!!" I demand of him, or anyone, as if it was his fault I was here in this icky forest and on the ground with leaves and bugs and dirt on my face.

I try to put distance between the large horse uncomfortably close to my body so I put my arms out and try to push myself back. I end up in an awkward sitting position, which hurts like hell on my hips and my ass (where my tail is). I reach down with my left hand to rub it, but a heavy thud hits my side instead. I try to wiggle my fingers but a clunky object just thumps around by my hip. Frowning I glance down and promptly scream so hard I nearly faint again.

"I'm a horse?????" I sob, the understandability doubtful given my full-blown hysteria now. I've never done acid before, but if I had I probably would take this in better stride. Instead, I'm flipping the fuck out. I guess part of me thought it'd all been a dream, but I'm definitely awake now and it still hasn't gone away.

What. The. FUCK!?
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
There’s an amused feeling from the Portal as the two of you crash through. It takes no time in reaching forward to caress the mare in her horror, searching for anything to take but is ultimately disappointed when it finds nothing. It leaves quickly, with no lasting affects as it reaches toward Arioch with interest. This was far more appetizing for the Rift, as this beast felt like home yet wasn’t. It reaches forth, caressing and adjusting Arioch’s magic and embracing the mutations adorning the beast. It tethers the bond between both companions and is satisfied enough to dismiss itself entirely.
the Rift
life between worlds


Her normal item transfers over fine!


Offensive: Can summon spirits but when they speak, it’s in gibberish.
The Rift devours your crafting magic.

Vanity Magic:
His appearance becomes ghost-like when his emotions run high.

Two long canine teeth.
Unfused jaw.
Extended mouth slit

As a side note, both companions go wild but can be earned back via RF!
» Presence of the Rift «

Currently championing:

Arioch, demon of hell (or possibly former demon, given his current situation), is not at all surprised by the young mare's reaction to him. Indeed, in hell had he received anything less than a scream of fright it would have meant he wasn't doing his job properly. He was a creature who heralded vengeance after all, as such, his arrival was rarely welcomed.

He might have stomached Mandy's reaction with no more than a chuckle, until her final shriek registered in his ears. I'm a horse???

The way she said horse led the demon to believe the latter part of that sentence would not have been as opposed to a unicorn, or something similar. Her shock seemed to be focused on the equus aspect of her existence as a whole.

Curious and curiouser

Arioch continued to smile - but not so wide that his unhingable jaw became obvious. His sharpened canines did protrude from the sides of his lips, but they almost appeared charming. Perhaps in Mandy's mind, she might think of the Beast from Beauty and the Beast. Then again, perhaps not. Like a devil in a tuxedo, black and sleek, Arioch waited to see if Mandy's tantrum was going to continue. All the while his mind was spinning, intrigued by how the girl could have found herself in this conundrum.

"Well only in the most mundane sense." Arioch cooed, his voice gentle as if trying to calm a startled bird. "This place is like a dream .. next door to hell.." This latter sentiment was purely speculative, for Ari could not fathom where he could be, if not somewhere near his home. "So there's no need to fear, and every reason to enjoy yourself." The demon counselled wisely.


in places deep with roots entwined
i live among you, well disguised
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Currently championing:

If you thought that nothing could top the gut-wrenching realization that I'm a horse, well you'd be wrong, because then he spoke - and then I UNDERSTOOD him.

To clarify, a fucking horse just spoke to me, and I HeArD iT.

Maybe I am still dreaming after all?

The thought is furthered with the affluent shit this horse said. He is so calm and casual in the face of my non-PMS induced breakdown that it just seems, so out of place, like he's too non-reactionary and mellow that its like I can finally see the matrix bleeding through. Admittedly my screaming settles when he does talk, silenced with disbelief, sort of the same effect a slap might have had - something so unexpected it breaks through the shit storm coalescing around me. The occasional whuffle of a sob strangling itsellf free still underlines his suave chords. It's a sad and forlorn sound, the two of us, something like a great-talent scrounging up a living at a dive bar after drugs and scandal toppled him from his mighty tower and now his only audience is unappreciative drunkards and a battered wife trying to console her wailing infant with partial-smothering. It's the kind of sound that begs you to reasses your life.

I'm still peeking at the Mr. Smith in front of me though, the frayed edges of my reality briefly soothed with the thought that no one real would respond like him, meaning he couldn't be real. So when he finally finished, his last line so cheesy he briefly looked like Chester, I began to laugh. It started off slow, but the more itr came out the more I laughed - at myself, at him, at all of this. I laughed until it hurt.

"Oh man," I wheezed, my smile hurting my cheeks. "This is some kinda sex dream. I've really got stop watching that kinky stuff on the internet, it's gonna permanently mess with my head." I shook my head and a long drawn out sigh of amusement announced my shifting stature. I stood up, still a bit shaky on all these legs, but I managed the task and even reach down to grab my phone.

"I mean, I actually thought this old hag cursed me and turned me into a horse and sent me to this place. And then you," I gestured sloppily at all of him, "show up and not only talk to me, but talk like someone from the fucking Vampire Diaries. I mean, don't get me wrong, you've got the right eyes for the gig, and I bet your dick's massive too, but it's all a bit much, so I'm going to wake up now."

What. The. FUCK!?
Currently championing:

Ari really wanted to stop and focus on the sex-dream part, but Mandy just blew right on by. She mentioned something about an internet, which he assumed was a land or place from wherever it was she came, but that didn't interest him nearly as much as the sex part did. He was a demon after all, and what use was it being a creature of sin if you didn't indulge more often than not?

But despite his lavish preferences, the next bit of what the girl had to say was sufficiently important enough to dissuade the inner workings of his mind from trying to steer her back towards sex. "A curse you say?" He tittered rhetorically, seeming suddenly to stand straighter and eye her with a tempered ravenousness. If this curse was real ... then was it possible whomever had done it to her was also responsible for his presence in this place?

Licking the inside of his lip for a moment the demon pondered, pale eyes scouring the lines of her youthful face for any sign or trace that might reveal her words to be a lie, or give off any other crumbs of information. But all he saw was wide-eyed amusement and confusion. Her comment about the size of his endowment was simply too much, and the demon found himself helpless but to allow a little heat to be poured into the silken tendrils of his voice. "And whatever might you have done to deserve being cursed?" And with a purr he added, "Although there are far worse bodies you might have found yourself in. A frog for example. At least as you are you're a creature of power and grace, and.." He allowed his stare to not-so-discretely travel towards her backside, before snapping back with a gentlemanly smile.

"I too find myself inextricably here... Perhaps there is something to this curse idea after all."


in places deep with roots entwined
i live among you, well disguised
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I guess I thought uttering the phrase, "so I'm going to wake up now," was like a magic spell (or an un-magic spell), like abra-kadabra or "there's no place like home." Nothing happens though, I'm still in Oz with the flying monkey. So I try closing my eyes, you know like I have to sleep in my dram in order to wake up, that seems to work with some of the television shenanigans. Meanwhile the rich rumble of the devil's voice picks up and my ears flick forward him, but it's more like instinct than any attentiveness on my part, I'm a bit busy trying to get the hell out of Dodge.

I'm not sure how long to wait with my eyes close so I peek one open after a bit, but Oz peeks back, so I quickly close it and scrunch them up tighter. Eventually I'm scrunching so tight I look the part for a Pepto-Bismol commercial - it's not working. Maybe if I close my eyes and say, "I'm going to wake up now!"?

I'm interrupted by his compliment. I pause in my failed efforts, a bit exasperated and growing irate, so his word choice is perfect. Elegantly I lift my gaze to Mestophiles, a well-practiced smile playing on my face, the kind that doesn't cause too many wrinkles, but adds that hint of attraction; the proper body language is just like applying makeup correctly. "Power and grace and?" I drawl sweetly, lashes sweeping exaggeratedly as I slowly blink.

It's almost a knee-jerk reaction to flirt back, but I'm reminded of my situation whenever my gaze travels to his grotesquely enlarged lip-line, or the face he has a horse-face. So I shake it off with a quick jerk of my head and instead dissolve into a pouty sigh at his questions. I'm still convinced this is a dream so I don't really give a rat's ass about him or what he's saying, but I wonder if it's my subconscious trying to talk to me, get me to remember something important so I can wake up. Just like on TV you can't end an episode until the main character learned the moral, so maybe that's what I need to do.

Although I was only half listening I recall what he asked. "This ugly old bitch kept following me around asking for food and money. She was always there on my way to and from school, totally blind to the disgusted faces my friends and I made. They tried to tell me to just do it and she'd go away, but I don't negotiate with terrorists, so I told her to her face what I thought of her because honesty is the best policy. So the psycho followed me home, popped out of one of the horse stalls, I nearly DIED from a heart attack. Then she said some stuff and pointed her un-manicured old finger at me. This light surrounded one of the horses and me and here I am." I scrunched up my lips with disgust at the memory of her. "I should have called the police because they deal with the homeless, it's a real issue these days. It's not my fault they blew all their dough on drugs and gambling, so I shouldn't have to put up with them. Gross."

He says something a bit interesting at the end. He doesn't know why he's here too? Why would my dream say that, he obviously lives here.

Anyway I'm still here, and I'm pretty sure I got the moral right, so that mustn't have been the key. Maybe there's something to this Oz comparison after all?
"There's no place like home," I begin to mutter under my breath and slide my legs closer together so that I can click my hooves together. They aren't ruby, or even red, but they definitely have got to be magical because I once had toes...

What. The. FUCK!?
Currently championing:

Most of what she was saying sounded like the ravings of a lunatic, but never before had the demon seen one in such pretty packaging. More to the point, it was only her words that seemed mad. Despite the fact that she seemed ready to jump out of her skin at any moment, she struck him as being more or less normal. There was no foam leaving her lips, no warts or patches of scaley-skin or any other indications that she was infected with something.

As she blithered on, Ari nodded his head. His pale green eyes were full of sincerity as he did his utmost to appear totally enthralled in her tale of woe. Meanwhile he was thinking how much he would have liked to ravage her in the pits of hell, but unlike most men, he was actually fairly adept at multi-tasking. "Gambling, I see." He added once she took a breath, his voice ever-so grave despite the fact he hadn't a clue what she was talking about.

As she shifts her posture, the demon stretches up to his full height, looking down upon her with an interesting mixture of appetite and approbation.

"Well. On that account I think we can agree." He chimed, his voice begrudgingly thinking of hell. Arioch allowed himself just a moment of longing before snapping himself out of it. "My name is Arioch." The demon offered, curling a leathery wing towards his chest and pantomiming a chivalrous bow. "And what shall I call you, other than lovely?"


in places deep with roots entwined
i live among you, well disguised
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Currently championing:

I'm intent on my faux tapdancing, but I've still got an ear turned towards my leather-clad subconscious. "Is this not your home?" I wonder, pausing to peer between my legs at my heels with a frown. It doesn't seem to be working... maybe I needed all four to hit since technically all are my legs?? I attempt it, nearly toppling over, and finish with a frustrated sigh.
"Fuck it, I'm not Dorothy after all," I admit with a grumble and a pout. I really thought that one would work.

Jimminy cricket speaks up again and I glance over at him, my eyebrow muscles diving upwards along with my smile. "Boy you lay it on thick, don't you... Arioch," I laugh softly before gently testing out his foreign name. "Not that I'm complaining," I murmur, tossing my head so that my hair fluffs up around my face. At this point his attractiveness (or rather lack thereof) isn't what's important - that he recognizes mine, even in this form, is enough to bring some normalcy and respite back to this very tiring dream. "I'm Mandy," I wink in perfect tempo with the syllables of my name, another talent I've acquired with practice and a full-length mirror.

I guess if he's my subconscious I'm technically flirting with myself, right?
Eh, not the first time tbh.

I gasp suddenly, stiffening as I jerk my head up higher. My eyes widen and eagerly I blurt out, "CAN YOU KILL ME!?" I'm pretty sure it's a thing that you can't die in your dreams and the shock of it wakes you up. Falling tends to do that too, so I also turn away and squint through the woods for a tall peak.

What. The. FUCK!?