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» Hap' New Year!
New year, new layout! :O
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Happy New Year, everyone! In honor of a new year and a new start, we've updated the layout. As you can see, things have changed quite dramatically thanks to the info of the survey you guys answered not that long ago :) In addition to that, as we continue to update and work on the layout, if you have any suggestions/concerns please do let us know what you think! You'll see at the beginning, at least, that the banner image is rather empty. That's because as the SWP-inception we have going on, the more tasks your characters complete, the more of the banner is revealed! Link to the start of the mini plot: » New Beginnings

You'll notice that our new avatar size is 960px x 210px. The old 250px x 400px avatars are still used on profiles (and as your "circle avatar" in the sidebar). You can include a personalized quote on your profiles! You'll also notice that we're using a sidebar shoutbox :D It's the classic shoutbox. It is gray so it will work across all themes. Now, I don't recommend using Origins 2.0 because you'll miss out on what happens on the banner :o but if you prefer a darker theme, you can go to the User CP -> Edit Options, and pick the Origins 2.0 theme instead.

If you have any suggestions on links you use a lot and would like to have in Quick Links, let us know!

About the mobile design: it is, hopefully, better. It's not 100% (yet). If you have any feedback on the links available in the mobile menu, please let Neo know!

Aside from that, we really hope that you enjoy the shift the Rift is making. The world in the Rift, however continuous it changes, with the help of your characters is starting to heal itself. This layout and the event at the end will provide that sort of solace for your characters! So if you're uncertain about bringing a character back into the darkness of the Rift, we just want to say that things are changing and perhaps your characters might find it welcoming again :)

We're excited to be here at 2018, and we couldn't have done it without you all! Here's to another great year!

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