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» The Tree of Light
Open Uwaritace 
Aurelia the Hopebringer
Currently championing: None


à la folie; to insanity

In all reality, Aurelia had little to no idea where she was or what she was doing. She had just continued walking upon arriving here. It'd been miles. She was now much more to the west than where she had entered this land from. She'd learned a little about this land, but not a whole lot. All she knew was that it eats magic, may be sentient, and there's some horse known as Kia.. Kisa? Moa? She didn't quite remember the name, but she was sure that if it was really that important, she'd learn it again soon. Among other things that transpired shortly after the switch from Helovia to here, the alteration of her magic was the most unexpected. In a fit of rage, while wandering around, her back hooves had combusted into flame and she'd accidentally burnt a good portion of land, but such events were far from atypical for Aurelia.

When she finally saw a group of horses gathering in the distance, she surged towards them, her heart racing excitedly. From Gods to Death, the reasons for a group to form in the middle of nowhere were always interesting. As she neared the group, a feeling overwhelmed her. It was a warm nurturing feeling that left only one word in her mind in its wake: Uwaritace. At first, the word didn't make sense, but when her golden eyes made contact with the barren tree that seemed to be the focus of the group, it all became clear. Her mind kept repeating the word. Uwaritace.

There were three attention-seeking noble horses at the base of the tree. Their words were interesting and ultimately the reason Aurelia drew closer to the tree. She lowered her head to the ground and let her gold locket slip downwards and overhead onto the floor. The sparkles that dotted her coat slowly faded away as the locket was removed. She could've given other trinkets of hers, perhaps the Bear God crystals that glowed and pulsed in her mane as if they were living or even the Earth God's feather that was tied in her mane, but none of them were so important to Aurelia. The locket was special, and she was sure it would look good hanging from the tree. She offered a quick, vague prayer to the three beings at the base of the tree as she handed over her precious locket.

Some of Aurelia's wishes:
:: [ fire lingers in her hoofprints when she walks/moves. ]
:: [ upon command, her hide becomes engulfed in flames. ]
:: [ blood is liquid gold. ]

or also, Aurelia is pregnant so perhaps something could also be given to the unborn baby? ( she will be registered/birthed soon, I just don't know what to call her yet. :x )
The only thing the foal would really be able to be given right now ( considering she is still inside Aurelia.. ) would be a magic:
:: [ the ability to heat her breath into flames. ]


image by E. Grossgasteiger
{Image: 1zxwow6.jpg}
Currently championing:
Put the flowers in your hair / wrap your tendrils 'round my chest

The past few months had been a blur of darkness and strange neon things—she had retreated within herself, burrowing into the warm folds of paranoia as if it was a lover's embrace. She had hidden herself in places where the darkness would not find her, trying to preserve whatever remained of the light within her soul. The raven had sought solace with her too; they had lived through dark days together, and regardless of the broken state of the bond that once held them, at least they would remain physically close. He was high above her now, flying above the mists in an attempt to ascertain what lay below.

Then she heard the call.

Thingol was long out of sight, so she could not possibly know what the nature of this strange call was. However, Loth knew in the pit of her heart that she must heed it. She had half a mind to call the raven back to her, but decided against it, hoping that he would follow the summoning as well. The roan girl picked up a brisk trot, long black legs devouring the sun-scorched terrain before her. She began to see a trickle of other souls materialize around her, the very same look of wonder glittering in their eyes. It was then that she saw it—an enormous tree, perhaps the largest she had ever seen, scraped the sky. Improbable snowflakes fluttered gracefully in the air, and she realized that her cloven hooves were sinking into snow. A little smile, perhaps the first in a long time, lit up her face, and she slowed to a walk. Perhaps it was time for the girl to forget past grievances and let happiness envelop her for once. From above, a pale form swooped from the skies, landing on the very tip of her pearly horn. There are elephants ahead! Her purple eyes widened—she had not head that voice in what seemed like years! I can hear you! Spurred by joy, the mare threw a jubilant buck, sending the white raven laughing into the snowflake-laden air.

Loth cantered to the tree, sending snow flying onto all that she passed. She did not slow until she approached the three matrons standing regally before the giant tree. The girl stopped, favoring the elephant-like beings with a gracious smile. All those around her were lending offerings to the tree, so why couldn't she? Flowers pushed their vibrant heads through the snow around her, and an idea formed in her head. Make a bouquet to hang on the tree, she told the raven. Thingol picked a substantial amount—snowdrops, calendulas and winter jasmine—tied them off with a piece of vine, and flew to the tree, hanging the offering on a high branch.


✿ create weapons out of flower petals that can cut and pierce (probably has wind involved idk)
✿ irresistibly beautiful to all that behold her, regardless of their culture's standards of beauty
✿ nature favors her presence – birds sing, buds open, the sun seems to shine more warmly

✿ enchanted lozenges that can soothe her throat after she uses her persuading magic
✿ an enchanted flower garland that fits over shoulders with flowers that never wilt or die
✿ flower themed things in general. :D

thank you <333
Taivas the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Reszo
If you'll be my star, I'll be your sky
You can hide underneath me and come out at night
Uwaritace filled her mind's eye, still remaining impossibly large. Taivas felt a special connection to the great mother tree, for she remembers her as one of the few presences in the Rift that did not startle her upon first sight. The burned, scared trunk of the great mother made her heart ache.

Of course, when the call from the base of the tree was relayed, the shaman arrived post-haste.

When her eyes met with the repaired trunk of the tree, they filled instantly with tears. The painted girl lands upon the snow below, starry eyes looking directly passed all who clamored at the feet of the matrons for their call of gifts, and walked, as if possessed, to the base of the great tree. Softly, her wing tips upward to brush the trunk she remembered as charred and nearly lifeless, except for the persistent presence of Uwaritace herself.

Her feather delicately drags on the bark of the mother, and Taivas feels the renewed life radiating from inside the massive and ancient trunk. Blinking away the tears from her eyes, Taivas turns to view the strange creatures gathered around the base. "How did you restore her?" she asks, voice mystified as she looks at the healthy limbs and baubles placed upon them. In the air beside the shaman, the small ball of hope danced and swerved with joy, revealing the inward feelings of the gentle girl far better than her face.

Then, her senses begin to return.

She feels the cold on her partially shed coat.
She hears the crunch of snow under the hooves of those gathered.
She sees the familiar faces lit with hope, a gift from Kisamoa.

She laughs, a small bell of a sound. "Thank you," she says kindly and warm to the large, tusked and armored guardians of the mother.

Reaching around her neck and tugging hard, Taivas roughly and imprecisely removes a small piece of silver from her mane, along with more than a few strands of her soft, flaxen mane. Lifting into the air, she flies toward one of the higher branches of the great tree and places upon a bough the final bead handed down to her from her father, for her passage in life to become a star singer - a fate that was not meant to be met, apparently.

Looking at the floor below, she sees Waker throw a snowball at the brave girl who addressed Kisamoa so calmly in the meeting. She sees Roscorro, still protectively hovering near the little filly she had met at this very tree. Even if she was never to see her family again, at least now she had others who made her heart fill with a strange warmth.

Maybe this was friendship.

She careens back down to the earth, falling a few paces from Waker. With a delicate maneuver, she cowkicks a wave of snow in his direction. In the face which normally remained placid and unchanged as the moon itself, an impish smile forms, followed by the merry twinkle of a laugh.
When I turn jet black, and you show off your light
I live to let you shine

[ ooc - Is amazed about the restorations of the tree.
Places her silver bead from her father on a high bough.
Kicks up some snow at Waker.

Gift ideas for Taivas:
Magic: Calls upon starlight to create magicked shields or barriers.
Enchanted Item: A miniature figurine of Uwaritace which changes its foliage to match the seasons to be woven into her mane.
Item: Leather bag of healing herbs to be strapped about her shoulders.
Really anything star themed or healing themed is good. :D ]
Currently championing:
to the stars who listen
There was a call across the land that had Rexanna and Marembo scrambling for it. It was unlike any of the others she had experienced, wandering aimlessly toward it as if it held the answers to all her questions. She hoped it did, she hoped she’d see familiar faces and the slight idea of happiness flicked into her mind before it dissipated as quickly as it came. She couldn’t get too excited, hoping to find all her children and her mate alongside the voice that called to her – she couldn’t get her hopes up only for them to be demolished. She sighed quietly as she headed in that direction, Marembo offering a gentle caress of her withers as he remained curled up alongside her spine as if he could do his best to help the frustration she felt and the tortured half of her she felt every waking moment.

She trudged on, a blur of cream and gold among the darkness of the Rift despite the heat that poured into her veins and the sweat that laced her body. Upon reaching the sight of a bubble in the distance, she paused – her heart lurching and her breathing heavy and uneven as she scrambled to regain enough strength to make it the short trek. Marembo had resorted to gripping her mane in an attempt to hold on while she ran, galloping through the world to what she hoped would be her salvation – and his too. When they reached the bubble and crossed into it, a soft caress of cold touched her cheek before it reached the rest of her. A sigh escaped her lips as she fought to regain her breaths, the chill and snow in the air falling ever so slightly was welcome relief among the heat of scorch and the adamant run she had done to get here.

But then her eyes beheld the event ahead of her. A tree for decorating, a group of people, and three elephant-like creatures standing in the center of the base of it. A smile tugged on the corners of her lips and her heart began to pulse a thunderous beat. Marembo reached for the little trinket of himself as he said through the bond, “I’ve always liked this one.” He murmured, mostly to himself, but Rexanna’s eyes widened and a lump formed in her throat as she whipped her head back to stare at the polecat. “I hear you Remy!” She passed through the bond, much to the delight of the polecat as he grabbed the charm and offered her a fuzzy grin as he raced to place it on the tree. She watched his every movement, smiling to herself as he returned with that same smile – something she had dearly missed in the time they spent in the Rift.

Kiada is here.” He announced to her, reaching to latch onto her tail and make his place along her withers once again, gesturing the best he could to where Rexanna’s own spotted daughter stood. Her heart beating louder and feistier as she looked to the Matron’s and offered a small prayer of thanks and gratitude before her feet began moving toward the child – no, woman, that was her daughter. A grin reached her lips as she paused beside her daughter, much taller than her now, reaching her muzzle over to press her pale lips to her daughter’s scarred withers. “Kiada.” She said, mostly to herself to make sure it was real before pressing her face against her daughter’s withers harder to make sure that it wasn’t a dream.

and the dreams —
that are answered.
image | coding

Rexanna would like for presents:
A golden scarf she can wrap around herself,
Perhaps a trinket of her children's companions?

Currently championing: Reszo

Mama and I have stuck fairly close together, specially after it seems my twin sister Ceto has not made it through the portal. This heat however was worse than the cold of Drench... Mama was lucky being lighter while I was not only darker in coloration but heavier in build. Daenerys, Mama's bonded has kept me company for much of the last few months while Mama stayed close by.

But as we sought relief from the heat.... Well, we found it in the form of "SNOW!" I exclaim as we enter the bubble that seemed straight out of Drench... But yet wasn't as freezing cold as that horrid season. I bounced around for a few moments before falling back in next to Mama. She seemed to have her eyes set on a gathering until.... Her head jerks to the side and her eyes to Daenerys I can hear you too! I look confused for a moment as Mama bounces around in place for a moment before I understood.... Mama has told me her bond to Dae had been off since we arrived here. It must be fixed! One day, if you ever get the chance to bond you will understand. Her words confirmed what I was already wondering. I smiled and we continued over to the group.

Went we got over there, Dae took Mama's necklace off her antlers and put it on the tree. I followed suit, moving forward but having nothing to offer. I then move back to Mama's side and dip my antlered head in thanks.


Charm is deceptive, and beauty is fleeting;
but a woman who fears the Lord is to be praised. - Proverbs 31:30(NIV)
and more than one!
image || coding

Ideas for Sapphira
- Daenerys trinket
- Matching necklace with her mama
- anything yall can think of!
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
The Tree of Light
There was a permanent grin spread across the greyish skin of the eldest Matron as those came and gathered. The first to approach was Roscorro, offering a charm from his mane in his taloned hands. The creature to the left of the eldest reached with delicate precision and gripped the item from the stallion and placed it on a bough of the tree in a place where he could see it as the decorating began. As he prayed, they all dipped their heads in encouragement.

Next was K'yarie, the smile remaining on the eldest Matron's lips as she watched the sway of the girl as she approached, offering a glowing sphere. The eldest Matron nodded a quiet thanks before trying to direct the ball of light to another part of the tree. Then Ruwin approached, offering one of his precious machine. The Matron's eyes crinkled in happiness at the gift as she reached for it with her trunk and placed it on a lower hanging branch and turned back to the crowd.

Then there was young Otem. She approached after the girls companion took the trinket to the tree to offer it. As she did so, the eldest Matron aimed to press her soft, though battle warn trunk, against the girl's brow if she allowed, before lowering it to grasp the necklace and place it against another tree branch. Then she turned back to the girl with a soft smile. "It will get better. Just keep trying." She offered the girl in a quiet rumble. "Your family is always with you, never forget that." The eldest Matron offered once more before Otem left her for the next.

Calypso appeared, her companion offering to hang the trinket herself - which the Matrons allowed, watching Calypso and her daughter with soft eyes. As she thanked them, the eldest Matron dipped her head in thanks and understanding. Soon after, Kiada appeared with her companion, the bird taking a trinket to decorate the tree as Calypso's companion had. The eldest dipped her head to the girl in quiet thanks and understanding, and perhaps a sparkle of excitement beneath those old eyes as if she couldn't say how the Helovian's would react to working with Kisamoa, but hoping that it would help ease some of the worry the girl felt.

Waker approaches after the distant roar of thunder, only to have his body glow. The Matron offers a grin of understanding and thanks, angling it toward his direction as if it was enough of a gift for her. Then, the small and bold Gwyn approaches. The eldest Matron lowered her head toward the girl as if to appear less intimidating, offering a small loop of hair on a tree branch before approaching Roscorro. It was enough for the Matron, and she offers a small happy smile to the young girl.

The eldest Matron watches as Rikyn appears, stepping toward the tree and offering a ring as well as his deer-like companion. The Matron's also offer him a dip of their heads in gratitude before he began to move on. The next to approach was a golden pegasus, one that looked as though she had seen the world. The Matron smiled, noticing the swell of the belly of life within and dipped her head to the woman of understanding and hope that despite the harshness of the world that everything would go alright. She offered a locked, gilded and beautiful as a decoration addition to the tree. They dipped their heads to her as well as she offered a prayer and moved on.

The next was Lothiriel, cantering to the front of them. An amused smile and twinkle of light creased the eldest Matron as the woman smiled to them. Her bird-like companion scooped up a few of the flowers Lothiriel had created and tying them swiftly, managed to place it hanging on the tree. The eldest Matron watched the bird with quiet pleasantness, before offering a dip of her wrinkled head of thanks of the girl. Soon after, another woman appeared, immensely surprised with the restoration of the tree. A small sad smile found the Matron's lips as she turned her attention to Taivas. "It is magic, and unfortunately won't last long after we leave." A sorrowful sound quipped the ends of her voice, but she offered the girl a smile nevertheless as she said thank you and dipped her head. Then, she offered a small amount of silver and pieces of her mane to place along the tree.

Then, another golden creature approaches the gathering, frantic and sad - but there was hope, melding along the edges of her worry. And as the woman's companion raced to place a small trinket on the tree, the Matron smiled toward Rexanna with happiness and thanks. As the woman offered her prayer and moved to where someone she likely hadn't seen in awhile, the Matron's surveyed the gathering slowly and hopefully, pleasant that it had worked and hoped they would enjoy the gifts they received.


image || coding

Thank you for participating!

We calculated the results with rolls as to whether or not the magic got restored for those that had it, as well as more rolls to see how many gifts you received, then from there we went and rolled which gifts you would receive. There was a chance of getting anything from 1 gift to 3, depending on the rolls.

If you received a normal item, this can be any item that's not enchanted that you think would fit your character. When you decide, just link it in your profile to receiving it here and let us know what you choose in the account updates. If you got an enchanted item, you can decide at any time what you would like it to be, then post in the updates thread to have it added to your account. If you received a temperature relief charm, it will be added to your records. All of these gifts were referenced to your wishlist or profile to decide. :)

Roscorro - normal item, normal item.
K'yarie - magic restored (glowing, star-like orbs float around her, speaking in a language only K'yarie can understand.), trinket of a dragon clutching a heart on a chain.
Ruwin - magic restored (no longer loses consciousness when he's in a machine), enchanted bottomless satchel, enchanted item.
Otem - little charms for mane.
Calypso - enchanted item.
Kiada - polecat and elephant charms to add to her necklace.
Waker - charm beads for mane that sparkle like starlight.
Gwyn - blue cashmere scarf.
Rikyn - enchanted item (bronze armor), temperature relief charm enchanted so it is a cold snowflake in scorch, a dryer in drench, and a warm ember in freeze.
Aurelia - snake trinket on a chain, normal item, normal item.
Lothiriel - flower trinkets that tie into her mane.
Taivas - temperature relief charm, enchanted so it is a cold snowflake in scorch, a dryer in drench, and a warm ember in freeze.
Rexanna - gold scarf.
Sapphira - enchanted item, matching necklace to Calypso (silver chain worn with gems), temperature relief charm, enchanted so it is a cold snowflake in scorch, a dryer in drench, and a warm ember in freeze.

Feel free to continue posting in no order. Anyone new that attends will be eligible for a roll for gifts until the 2nd of January!
» Presence of the Rift «

Zoeya the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
Something was tugging on at her tail. She grumbled in her sleep trying to pull her chocolate colored tail away. A deep aggravated growl startled her full awake. She jumped to her hooves fear pulsing through her as she stared around wide eyed. Ajax was staring up at her his eyes shinning intently up at her. Chest heaving she tried to reign in her nerves before speaking. "What the hell Ajax?!" He just looked at her for another moment before turning and walking away. She stared after her companion tempted to just go back to sleep. Snorting in aggravation she followed after his waving red tail.

As they walked Zoeya's irritation faded to curiosity. White dipped lips picked up the pace to walk beside her griffin and she reached her wing to brush it against his side. He cooed softly blinking up at her apologetically before turning back to the trail. She smiled and hummed softly to herself as she pranced at his side. After a while longer she realized she was in a land she had yet to visit and she could hear voices ringing to her. They cleared a row of trees and stopped eyeing the crowd of equines and three very large and scary creatures. Her heart twisted as she flicked her eyes down to Ajax. 'Oh no, why does it have to be a crowd?' To her surprise and delight a voice filled her mind. Her horned head snapped down to look at Ajax.'You heard me, chill.' Laughter bubbled from her as she gazed down at her companion. Relived she followed him as he lead the way closer.

They paused on the outskirts of those gathered. She watched as gifts were passed out and others spoke. She wondered if it was because of these creatures that she was now allowed to speak to Ajax. 'What do you think?' He turned and gazed at her before rolling his eyes, 'Of course they are the reason. Look at them, can't you feel their power?' She turned her brown gaze up towards the creatures and focused just on them. She realized that he was right. 'Of course I am.' A soft snort of laughter escaped her as she glanced nervously at those beside her.

Words ;; 375 Feel free to interact with her!
Able to transform into a bird made of lightning
Golden trinkets, something for healing, surprises xD
image credits
- table by Niki -
Currently championing:
Word/Tags ;; 204
Magic:: Can summon black barbed wire that lashes out like a whip
ability to make it rain blood that burns on contact
other wise I have no idea surprise me xD

He stood in the shadows watching everyone silently with golden and scarlet eyes narrowed. Black dragon scales and spikes had sprouted over his whole back since he had come to the rift. Now he didn't even really need his dragon cloak; he had his own set of scales. He smirked to himself as he watched others clustered around the three strange creatures. They were all so happy and excited chattering like horny birds. He rolled his eyes, 'So happy and carefree, well just wait till I'm older.' One day he would be a lord they all feared, even if he didn't technically rule them.

He thought about creeping away and was just about to when he saw gifts being passed out. His ears pricked and eyes flashed greedily. Now this was something he could get excited about. His lengthening tail swished excitedly as he made his way forward. Ignoring any odd looks he might get he pushed his way towards the front and stared boldly up at the tusked creatures. What would they give him? 'It better be something good.' He watched the things, ignoring everyone else. Now if someone were to speak to him, Abigor would surely look at them and might reply.
image credits
- table by Niki -
{Image: TCmgImN.png}
Kyros the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Reszo
He had been wondering lost in his own lonely world. Now a days he found himself walking in a fog, living but not thriving. It wasn't until he was almost on top of the gathering that he snapped out of his own mind. A startled snort flew from his muzzle as he skidded to a halt before running into two golden mares. "I'm very sorry!" He bowed his head deeply to the two ladies. In his swiftness to lower his head one of his teal feathers fluttered down to the ground. His silver eyes widened with dismay, "Oh no.." He fought tears as he thought of his lost father before picking the feather back up and carefully tucking it back into his mane.

He turned his gaze back to the mares in front of him, "Once again, I'm sorry." He gazed up at the pretty women before turning to look around him. He notice Otem standing farther away and he flicked an ear at her. Then his silver orbs fell upon three very odd creatures. His eyes widened with surprise and his chocolaty tail swished rapidly behind him. "What are they?" He whispered more to himself than anyone else. He watched as they passed out gifts and he smiled at the others, not bothered that he hadn't been given anything. He turned back to the two mares smiling warmly at their gifts. "Those are beautiful. Your scarf matches your coat perfectly." He grinned warmly as he eyed the soft looking fabric.
Words;; 251 @Rexanna
Dim silver light (like the moon) glows from inside his chest and ribs shining outwards.
Golden items like a wolf or sun shape, offensive item. Not armor please, he already has that lol
image credits
- table by Niki -
{Image: GXaleou.png}{Image: 7fHJvV8.png} 
Rixen the Vine King
Currently championing: Vjanta

It was a hot Scorch day, and so I had taken to the trees to hide in the coolness of their shade. Beneath the leafy canopy, the forest grew densely, with all manner of vibrant-colored plant growing in every direction. Pushing my way through a particularly large cluster of shrubs, I continued on my way down a sort of path that had formed between the trees. I had been walking through the forest when I heard the sound of voices. Curious as to where they were coming from, I did my best to follow the sounds, swivelling my silver-tipped ears in order to determine what direction I should be heading in.

The foliage cleared away to reveal a group of horses gathered around a large tree, decorating it with many objects. At the base of the tree, several creatures who towered above even the tallest horse stood, handing out gifts. I only recognized a few of the faces before me, Otem, Kiada, Aurelia, and the rest were not familiar to me. Where in the Rift had so many different and curious creatures come from just to strew all of their personal belongings about this ordinary tree, I thought. I didn’t know what was going on, exactly, but I decided to contribute. Creeping from the shelter of the bushes, I stepped into the sunny clearing. I was a stranger among strangers, and for once I kept it that way. Without a word, I approached the tree, thinking of what I had to contribute. I had only one possession: my golden helmet. I wasn’t eager to part with it, but it was all I had. Besides, the tree would look nice with a little more gold on it.

Tipping my head, and shaking it a little, I allowed the helmet to slip off onto the forest floor. I plucked it up in my teeth, approaching the tree slowly. When I reached the Matrons, I smiled as best I could. "May I?" I asked through the helmet. They nodded to me in approval and I reached up to place the helmet on a thick branch. Stepping back, I bowed my antlers to offer a silent prayer. When finished, I took a moment to admire the entire tree and all of our collective trinkets that decorated its branches, which gleamed gold and silver in the sunlight.


they heard me singing and they told me to stop
quit these pretentious things and just punch the clock

image credits || coding credits

Some things Rixen would like:
:: [ can create, shape, and manipulate crystals and crystalline materials, this being limited to manipulating only from already existing sources ] 
:: [ can cause grass grow, move/attack or even rise from the soil and "walk" ]
:: [ trinkets ]
:: [ piece of golden armor ]
{Image: untitled_drawing_by_indelyde-dceus9t.png}