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Open Solanis 
Taivas the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Reszo
Waker responds, but his mind is clearly elsewhere.  Taivas need not have adept social skills to discern what has his focus, though, for the amalgation of shadow, flesh, and bone had taken much of her attention as well.  Still, she offers up a small nod in his thanks, not quite sure how to take the compliment correctly.  You see, the shaman thought anyone would have aided Waker similarly, and were it not for her teachings in the fields, she may not have been able to save him.

The stallion would have been better served by a fire wielder or skilled healer.  Instead, he had to settle for her meager skillset and care.

Roscorro joins in the chorus of thanks, but Waker does not.  The boy's voice is loud, like a thunderclap, compared to most at the gathering, filled with youthful confidence and determination.  It draws forth a pale smile to her lips before she turns her attention to the god before them.

She thinks he looks unbalanced, right now, as if taken aback by the response received from the crowd.  Taivas has no way of knowing about his formerly harsh dealings, and so she can only judge him based on this brief interaction.  He seems abrupt, rough, but his heart appears to be in the right place.  She can feel his desperation to save this world she had been forcibly brought into, and that desperation resonates within her own heart.  The Fields had fallen to soldiers and war, her delicate culture usurped and used for violent purposes.  If she had the chance to save the realm of her childhood, she would gladly throw away most everything else.

If she knew of Kisamoa's drastic actions, Taivas may not have even judged him for them.

With a scowl, the god's voice directs everyone to leave.  The shaman bows her head slightly and turns from him, barely catching the small uttered 'thanks' as she does.

Looking back at Waker and then Roscorro, the painted girl attempts to catch their gaze for a brief moment.  "Goodbye for now," she says to them both, even as her legs break into a faster gait and her wings unfold.  She lifts off into the air without looking back for a reply from either.
So seize the day 'Cause you have come so far
Watched a million frowns turn into smiles
Lost all track of time Felt the energy of a million stars
You'll feel love again after the rain
Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
For once the Clydesdale had a purpose. A task to carry out that would not end the moment a parent showed up. He cared deeply for Gwyn and cherished their time together. But he knew that their time together would soon end. She would find her family and he would be left alone. He'd lose his little friend and large piece of his heart. For what parent would want their child to hang out with a monster? She would be happy, that was what mattered. He could live with the loneness, as long as she was safe and content. But now he had something else to do, another person to help. No, a world to help! He could throw himself into this task after Gwyn was safely reunited with her parents.

He had no idea how long it would take to revive this world, but he was eager to do his part. He gave a bow of his head to Kisamoa as the god disappeared with his thanks. He was quite rough around the edges, but he truly cared for this world. So much so that he had asked others for help. Hopefully they could all save the Rift, rogether. He turned his head and offered his own gentle farewell to Taivas. He remained beside Gwyn, his gaze moving to where Kiada had gone. She would be waiting to speak with him now. Lowering his muzzle to Gwyn's ear he said in soft tones. "I have to take care of something. If you want you can wait here, or return to our usual spot. I won't be long." If he let her, he would gently nuzzle the top of her head. His soft lips fondling her forelock before he moved off.


But You Cannot Break My Hope!
I'm Still Undefeated!
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You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though. 
K'yarie the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
Kisamoa bade them leave before uttering his thanks and vanishing into the shadows. The mare watched him leave before looking at her own, precious piece of light. She was not certain that this little thing could save the world, but it wouldn't hurt to give it a go, she supposed. Though she wasn't sure she wanted t ogive up her little piece of hope. Would it leave her if she shared it with another? Kisamoa had not done much to explain how to share with others. Apparently they had to figure that bit out for themselves. She wasn't daunted by the task. It was actually nice to have a goal, something to works towards.

Who knew, maybe they could save their world. It wasn't like it was getting any better. She doubted that they could make it any worse with these luminous spheres following them around. With a quiet flick of her tail she turned. The shadows reached out to her, touching her hooves. They reached up to her like an old friend as she approached them. As quietly as she had come, she left. Melting into the darkness much like Kaos had done moments before. Last to follow was her piece of hope, its silver light vanishing into the darkness.

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Fear not this Night.
You will not go Astray
Though shadoes fall, still the Stars find their way
image credit to Achiha-Azteca.

ooc: K'yarie leaves as quietly as she came. ^^
Ruwin the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
He watched his little sphere as it hovered in the air before him. Would this really save his world. For years he had watched his world slowly degrade as the darkness increased. It had been bad before, but it was getting worse. They had to do something or they would indeed lose their home, and their lives. Then again, he wasn't the most sociable creature. It was probably not the wisest move giving an antisocial grump a piece of hope that needed to be shared. He would try walking around this land with his light and see what happened. He always ended up bumping into one person or another anyways, if they happened to need some light, well.

Hopefully this orb would do its thing and he didn't have to think When Kisamoa left the stallion turned away himself. He walked off, his small orb following behind him. He had no interest in conversing with the other equine that had gathered. They had all received their pieces of hope and instructions. Not much was left to do. So he able off into the jungle seeking his solitude.
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Hiding below my shadow yet dancing above my fears
I grip sorrow's edge as you crumble to fall at my soul's tears
I have not forgotten you,
but sometimes I cannot help feeling numb
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You have my permission to use magic/force against Ru.
Maiming and killing is not allowed. You can always message me if you're not sure about anything/want to plot something out. =D
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Currently championing:
And that was that. You were all, gracelessly, dismissed. You had been called, you had been informed, and now, you were being discarded—or something along those lines. A frown crinkles your forehead, deepens the lines around your eyes. Carefully, you label Kisamoa as confused and watch him retreat. It was like he had no idea what to do with you lot.

There's a lot of half-formed thoughts going about in your head, but Taivas's sudden departure eclipses your attention for a moment. "Bye!" you fling after her, only afterwards realizing that she was gone, yet again, and you still had no idea how to find her in this massive world.

And what's worse—something finally clicks into place in your healer's brain. "Wait!" you cry, to no one in particular, for the meeting is dispersing, and Kisamoa isn't coming back. He's gone, like he was never here at all, only the charred prints and faintly sulfur-scented blood confirming that he had been real. "But what are we saving this land from? What is it dying of?"

You cast about, looking for answers, not sure anyone is still left to offer them, much less know.

[ Waker stands about being a derp looking for answers. ]