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Eyes in the Dark
RP Wanted The Portal 
Ruwin the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
Dusk settled over the twisted trees like a blanket. A carpet designed to futilely try and mask the sickly, ominous landscape in shadow. But it only served to increase its dismal atmosphere. Smoke and mist drifted through the ailing trees. Wafting in unnatural ways as it touched each feeble, gnarled branch with its moist breath. The air was still cold, influenced by the previous season. If one could call it that. The Rift did not have seasons. It simply rotated between unbearable, intolerable, and down right determined to kill you. The world was rotating out of its most bitter 'determined to kill you' stage to a new stage of hellish torment. This brought a warmer hint to the air. Soon the air would become far too hot to breath. But as the two demonic 'seasons' changed guard, the temperature was somewhat enjoyable.

On this pleasantly temperate, though dreary hour, a lone figure walked through the forest. Between the time of day and night, where light and shadow dance in a beautiful, violent tango, the stallion moved. His footfalls eerily silent. The Rocky Mountain Horse wove his way through the trees. Careful not to bring himself into the more heavily wooded areas, so as not to hinder his mechanical wings that lay folded at each side. The bronze glittered in the light of the dying sun that managed to pierce through the mist and smoke, lighting upon the lone traveler. The light danced upon his faded cream pelt, slightly disheveled but healthy. The Watcher stopped and turned his head, listening to the sounds of the forest. Or a lack there of. Eyes gazed out at him from within the shadows that grew with the dying sun. The detached orbs  hungrily raking over his body. The Riftian returned their gaze coolly. If those eyes did choose to attack him, he knew that he would very well die. His wings, though once able to carry its master, that he had inherited them from, in flight. Were all but useless to their new owner. It had taken him three years to simply control them in a glide. As jarring and rough as that may be. He needed to acquire more knowledge and power in order to unlock their true potential. Though they would never be able to bring him as high into the heavens as a true Pegasus, they would be were far more useful than they were now.

An escape towards the heavens should the rift choose to attack its own, which it often did, was impossible. And though he could swing the metal appendages like a weapon, those eyes possessed no bodies. Though he wondered if they would have to take on a physical form in order to attack him. It was as much a possibility as anything. Within this world, you could never be sure. What ever the case, he made sure to pay close attention to those eyes. Regarding them with a calm look. Even with the threat of danger within these woods, the stallion remained unperturbed. It wasn't like he could do anything about it. The Rift did what ever it wanted. He had no power to argue that point. What use was there getting riled up over it? Besides, they were not the ones following him. Someone more substantial was shadowing him through this dark place.

Sun glinted on metal once more as two, spider-like machines detached themselves from their places on the metal and leather harness securing the wings to the stallion. About the size of a bird eating spider, these mechanical beings climbed their way up their creator with deft precision. They responded quietly to their creator's command The first climbed up his mane, nestling just behind his ears. While the second moved down his spine towards his crop, before settling into place as a rear guard. If needed, the lone traveler could use them to see around himself without needing to move his head. Such actions could tip off a stalker that he had become aware of their presence. Seeming to grow bored of the watching orbs, Ruwin moved on.

The Watcher had come to the forest to inspect the portal that had been torn into the world. Curious about it and the equine that emerged from its depths. The survivors of a world consumed by his own. He knew not how they would react to a native of the land that devoured theirs and destroyed their lives. As uncertain as his home was, it was far more stable than before. But still dangerous. With the emergence of more magic and these beings, it had become rather wild in a whole new way. With these dangers in mind, it was only natural that he was suspicious of the unknown being following him. They made no effort to hide their approach, even picking up their pace to catch up with him. He slowed his own walk, tapping into the spider that rested on his rump. It came to life, gears whirring, balancing easily on the moving stallion as it gazed out into the growing darkness. As the night grew, so did a familiar, purple light.

Ruwing relaxed, knowing who was now approaching. Though he was not all that thrilled by her appearance. His normal pace resumed, even quickened slightly. He had no desire to become entangled by the mare who emerged from the forest.

>> Crafting magic: Able to create enchanted machines and give them commands for them to follow. If they are destroyed while he is controlling them, he receives a sharp pain it his head. The level of pain is determined by how connected he is with that current machine.  (I want this to be his protected magic as a member of the Riftian s. No swallowing, Rift!)

>>Knowledge magic: He can experience senses through the machines!

>>Vanity magic: Steampunk/mechanical wings that are able to be used for unsteady gliding.

>> Unenchanted items: leather leg bands with gold designs inlaid into them. 2 circular earrings in left ear.

K'yarie the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
The shadows called to their queen as she moved gracefully through the diseased forest. As the sun fell they reached out towards her, caressing her with their dark touch. As the day was swallowed by night, the midnight colored mare transformed. The beautiful creature became an ethereal being. The faint galaxy that swirled across her pelt like a ghost, came to life. The cosmos shone brightly in the blackness of her body. Swirling and shifting as if they were space itself. Her dark, luscious mane and tail dissolved into purple gaseous galaxies. Floating a flitting in the air like the flames of a burning, purple sun. The glow was soft and luminous, like that of her purple eyes. Only the white marking upon her face remained in its solid form. Untouched by the vast scene that shifted across her body.

Her gate was poised and elegant. The walk of a queen descending to greet her subjects. Though the woman had no kingdom. The smoke Wand mist danced around her, disturbed by her motion. The shadows hummed. Eyes, the very same that balefully gazed upon Watcher, now followed her as she walked in his footsteps. She had spotted the familiar loner entering the forest and had followed out of curiosity. It was not often she saw the quiet male. Might as well have a little fun this evening. Chances like these did not present themselves often.

Picking up her pace she rounded an outcropping of densely packed trees and spotted the stallion. One of his odd mechanisms sat atop his rump. She smiled. No doubt he was using it to spy on who ever was following him. It seemed that her assumption was right, fore his pace had increased slightly when she came into view. Oh, it seemed he did not want to socialize with her. To bad. It was easy to catch up to the stoic male. He was not the type to up and run away just because someone was around that he didn't care to be near. His emotions might be nearly impossible to read, but he as a whole was quite predictable.

When she pulled up next to him he would have to look up towards her. The stallion, though large for his own breed, was a full hand shorter than her. She wondered if it bothered him at all? His face revealed nothing. She smiled sweetly at him, coming so close to them that their skin briefly touched, she brushed her muzzle to his ear. "Hello, my dear Watcher." She purred. Like most in The Rift, she did not know his real name. Merely calling him by the name others had given him. "It has been far too long. I've missed you."

>>Magic: Able to travel within shadows. Can melt into her own shadow and enter this dark world. She can travel up to a mile in distance, though she can only make 4 leaps at such a distance before her magic is exhausted. Smaller leaps are easier and she can do more depending in the distance. Leaping only half a mile ups the jump count to 8. A few feet is miniscule and she can make around 20 of these leaps before her fuel runs out. ( She be a Rift baby!)

>>Vanity Magic: Glowing orbs, like gaseous stars that change their subtle hues, float around her. Lighting her way at night. They glow brighter when danger is near. It is said that those who have a connection to the realm of spirits can hear faint whispers, in an ancient tongue, coming from the orbs. Only K'yarie can understand what they speak. When not in use they disappear into the starry sky that is her body. The largest and oldest of these floating stars posses names and seem to possess personalities.

OOC: All are welcome! Please come greet my babies!
Currently championing:
I wished impossible things on blue stars that never came true
The days of winter seemed to pass in uniformity, not well defined, save for the pathetically pale light of the sun.  I did not know when the Rift would choose to stop attempting to freeze me to death in the night, and I feared the spring would never come.

It never did.

Instead, the ice and snow dissipated almost overnight, with the sun above rising more powerfully and consistently than I remember.  The heat it gave off disturbed me, and even though the breath of winter remained in the air, I could foresee the future season being... miserable.

I thought of trying to leave this fractured world behind; try to slip through the wormhole back to my former life and servitude or gamble on taking another path entirely.  How much worse could existence really get?

Yet, even as I stood among the trees and watchful eyes of the Portal, I cannot commit to waltzing out of my current life and into a new one.

Rebirth into this life had been painful enough.  Severing all ties to my former home had been easy, as it was an accident, but now, I am reluctant to leave this disturbed and violent world behind.

Odd.  Yes, it is very odd.

Maybe the Rift chose me for a purpose.  I think this is unlikely, for I am unwilling to admit just how broken and fractured the world has made me.  I no longer feel the wing running through my feathers, as though the limbs were still attached to my body.  I no longer see my mother's face on every stranger.  I no longer hear  my father's commands in the dark.  I no longer see the flies and worms crawling out of Cyphre's eye sockets.  Where have they gone - the missing pieces of myself?  When did they disappear?

I cannot recall.

So, maybe the Rift chose me due to my broken spirit; the soul, once whole and pure, has since been tainted by the trials of my life.  Perhaps, the land chose me because it saw itself within my heart.  Who better to restore a broken world than broken souls?

My musings come to an abrupt end as I hear a coy voice in the dark.

My steps halt immediately, my ears tilt toward the sound.  Slowly, my head cranes around until my teal eyes catch on figures in the dying light.

A stallion with metal wings strapped upon his body; I feel envy rise in my chest.  Beside him, a mare that looks to be made of the night sky.  Ah, so she was speaking to the cyborg.

She called him Watcher, which I think odd for a name; more suited to a title or position, which I find even more odd.  I had not encountered a single herd or band since my arrival.

Cautiously, I take steps toward the pair in the night. I halt where I can still see both of their figures clearly, making sure to keep an escape handy.  The two obviously know each other, so picking a fight is unwise.  Unlike with Roscorro, I fear my chances of victory are slim.

"Good evening."
Ruwin the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
The celestial mare did not take his hint. Instead of backing off upon his subtle increase in speed, she sped up to match his pace. The stoic male allowed a frown to tug at his lips a second before K'yarie slid up alongside him. She was never one to leave him alone easily once she had spotted him. He did not flinch when she came suddenly, uncomfortably close. He merely shifted his metal wings so as not to catch her on it. He was used to her antics after running into her in his travels many times over the span of three years. Her breath was hot against his ear. Oh how she loved to toy with him. Her silken voice dripped with alluring tones. His ears twitched, ignoring what that voice implied while his face revealed nothing. He continued to give her a sidelong look, his eyes and face revealing nothing.

As she came closer to him he waited, letting her remain close before suddenly moving away. The motion was not quick, nor did he move far. Only far enough to show that he did not intend to encourage her frivolous actions. He was never one to be rude or hostile to a mare. Regarding them with a polite respect. As such he would not simply jerk away and let her fall to the ground, should she put to much weight on him. Only then did he answer her. "K'yarie." He said, his deep voice carrying through the fog. It was all he said. Never one to speak more than needed he used his actions to portray how he felt. He had angled an ear her way to acknowledge her presence. His body was none hostile, though he was obviously not interested in fueling this game the mare so loved to play. It would be a waste of energy to try and ditch her. Her powers could allow her to get ahead of him easily enough. To run would also mean she had invoked some form of reaction from him. Her game would be won and he had no desire to give her that satisfaction.

She was but a minor annoyance, always seeking to place him in uncomfortable positions to try and get a rise out of him. It was nothing he could not handle. Usually. He didn't care for this game. But he had learned that his words did little to drive her away. Somehow, in their odd way, the two had formed a strange relationship. Perhaps not friendship, but at least they never meant the other ill. His tail flicked as he plodded on. At the sound of another voice, the stallion's head turned. His movement relaxed and unhurried. Crystal blue eyes picked the other's form out from the darkness. He regarded the other with a cool gaze. Face as emotionless as before. He did not recognize the other. Not a new sensation to the stallion. The land was large and with the portal being opened it meant more equine were entering the land. He added this new person's face to his memory. Filing it away like he did with everything he saw. His head gave small nod of greeting towards the stranger. "Evening." Was all he said. He had little need to ask any questions. As few as they were. He knew his mischievous companion would do plenty of talking for the both of them and had no desire to waste breath on it all.
K'yarie the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
He moved away. The motion was slight, but enough to tell her that he was still not going to fall for her antics. He never did. She smiled, then her face took on a playful pout. "Oh Watcher. You are so mean." She said plaintively. "After all this time apart, I'd think you'd be more happy to see me. It's guys like you that make a girl feel unappreciated." She followed him as he stepped away, getting even closer until she was pushing her shoulder into his chest. Her muzzle softly brushed up his neck to gentle nibble at his ear. "Didn't you miss me at all?" She knew that she had little to fear of the stallion. Though he was hard to crack, he was not inclined to lash out in violence. No matter how hard she seemed to push him. He always rebuffed her with silent, but painfully loud actions.

Pulling away, changing direction. He even told her before to 'cease with these silly games.' That was the most she had ever gotten out of him. But still he always looked at her with that face. Emotionless. Like a stone statue. Never did that change. Never did his tone never increased or faltered when he spoke. Betraying any inner emotions that told her that she had managed to make him flustered. No, nothing seemed to work on him. He was like a brick. A challenge. And she loved it. She did nit possess any real feelings for the stallion. No. Honestly they did not even call one another friends. Convenient allies, perhaps. But never friends. She wondered if the male even cared to find anyone. Maybe he was incapable of such emotions as love or attachment. It would be interesting to see if the stallion would ever find someone, or anything he felt anything for.

Her own tail flicked, briefly smacking into the stallion's hindquarters in a playful gesture. She opened her mouth to say something else when the voice of another interrupted. Oh! They had been caught in their little game. How embarrassing. She stepped gracefully away from Watcher, eyes studying him closely. He gave no sign that he was upset at being caught in such a compromising position. He was the same calm self as he returned the other's greeting. She herself held no shame. It was this new comer that had interrupted them. Her head cocked in an inquisitive e manner, her lips curling into a small inviting smile. "It is a good evening indeed." She purred. Her own glowing gaze resting upon this other stallion. He was a handsome boy, wasn't he? And careful. She noted that he had not come close, allowing himself a safe route of escape should they prove hostile.

She did not advance upon the new stallion like she had done with Watcher. He was a newcomer to this game. She would tread differently around the unfamiliar character. Most stallion would interpret and react to her actions far differently than Watcher. Their relationship was special. Born from three years of running across each other's path. Her body swayed elegantly, her mane and tail flowing from her, stars glittering within their neon waves as she took a step towards the golden boy. Her posture remained open and friendly. Shadows around her seemed to become crisper, darker as she drew nearer to them. "And who might we have the pleasure of meeting, on this pleasant night?" She was disappointed that her games with Watcher had to end so soon. But the prospect of meeting a new person was enough to satiate her.

Currently championing:
I wished impossible things on blue stars that never came true
I think little of the interaction between the two.

You see, for the majority of my life, I had not been allowed to live freely with my kin. I did not know of flirtatious women, their insidious tongues or desires. I knew not what appropriate contact was. Most of all, I knew nothing of what inappropriate contact would be.

I was the General's bastard son, never even mentioned until Cyphre's head was express delivered to our kingdom and thrust my face into the public. I was grown then, already developed into a whole being; because of my sheltered upbringing, social cues still made little sense to me. I became rather shrewd at discerning the motivations of others, but never when it came to matters of the heart. I suppose, being betrayed by your own flesh and blood will do that to you.


So, when something resembling embarrassment floods the mare into jumping from the side of her companion, I do not understand it. I make no attempt to understand. I care little for whether or not the two have fornicated, for it's none of my damn business, frankly. The only relationship between the two that mattered was that they were more likely to ally with each other than me, so I had best be respectful in the coming moments.

The stallion seems bored, to be honest, and flatly uninterested in K'yarie, as he calls her with a dry voice and even drier expression. However, the mare seems unperturbed by his nature, smiling and purring and fawning on him still. I might find her game childish, if I even understood it was a game she was playing.

Nevertheless, he returns my greeting, albeit abrupt and gruff in his reply. I expected little more, given his response to the lively mare at his side. I briefly wonder if anything sparked his interest.

Her glowing eyes fall upon my sunkissed figure, hungrier than the Rift itself. I wonder what kind of creature she is - a femme fatale or something more amiable.

As she moves closer to me, I remain still, jeweled eyes watching her with careful precision. She only takes a step, and her posture suggests that she means me no harm. Still, in my mind, I see her more as a devilish woman or imp than friend. "I am Raein, miss," I respond to her question without hesitation. I offer no other hint of my history, not my position in the army back in space and time, not my family's name, nor my position in this world - as if I had any.

I notice how the shadows seems to come to life as she moves, reaching out toward the swirling galaxies on her pelt. I am frankly quite amazed by her coloring, never having seen a coat change and dance as if it held its own life before. However, my expression remains neutral; I have a sinking suspicion I do not want her to think I am curious.

I always trust my hunches.
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
It wraps around them—dark and not at all soothing, but likely, all they know anyway. Long gone were the days in which the Rift was thriving and healthy, when the grass was emerald green and the shadows not blooming, impossibly, with color. Centuries of grief and greed and corruption had passed, in which the Rift itself had twisted and contorted.

But, it is likely the only Rift they know. It is a snake swallowing its own tail as the noose tightens.
the Rift
life between worlds


Crafting: Able to create enchanted machines capable of following basic commands. If a machine is destroyed while under his control, he gets a headache and his tattoos temporarily change color and starts glowing.
Knowledge: Can transfer his consciousness from his own body to any of his machines. {This is a complete swap. His body pretty much goes unconscious while he\'s off in a machine!}

Unenchanted Items:
Steampunk/mechanical wings. (They would've been an enchanted vanity item, not a magic, but sadly, they rolled to lose their enchantment :c so for now they're just decoration.)
Leather leg bands with gold designs inlaid into them
2 circular earrings

Ruwin's magics were mutated, both of them.


Defensive: Able to travel within shadows.

Vanity Magic:
Glowing, star-like orbs float around her. They speak loud, obnoxious gibberish and occasionally turn bright green, accompanied by loud bangs.
» Presence of the Rift «

Ruwin the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
He never showed her any emotion. Any sign that she had indeed bothered him. But as she pressed harder he began to feel flustered. He was never one to push or harm a mare. Always respectful of the opposite sex, even when they were as frustratingly pushy as this one. Her actions were all in jest. He knew that every word, every move was aimed to get some form of reaction from him. She held no true affections for him. Yet he was the only one he ever saw her treat in such a manner. So upfront. So touchy feely as she threw herself onto him. He burned within at the embarrassment and childishness of it all. But outwardly, nothing changed. He ducked his head when she nibbled at his ear. A frown briefly touching his face when he was sure she could not see it. Had she not taken notice of the stranger and stepped away when she did he would have moved further away, forcing her to right herself or fall flat on her face. He did not care, she was irritating.

Instead he remained where he stood as the mare addressed the stranger. Her tones were playful and silken, as they always were. But much more reserved. She would not pester or toy with this stallion like she did with him. In a way he was grateful to the other for butting in. It saved him from further torment. The other was a drab coat, as the native would call him. Possessing no curious mutations bestowed upon them by the rift. Of course, he was quite plain compared to many who had resided within these lands for so long. He counted himself rather lucky. He had no desire to end up like miss sparkly pelt over there. As K'yarie spoke Watcher felt the cold touch of the Rift. It was not a new sensation and he had grown quite numb its touch. Yet something did feel subtly different. It felt more hungry and it made him wary. But such misgivings remained hidden deep within himself. His ears perked forward when the stallion gave them his name. The Watcher always felt rather funny about giving out one's true name. For him, names had power and he had never been keen on simply sharing his with others. Yet very few shared his beliefs about the importance of a name and threw their own around without a second thought. It was why he did not offer his own name when the other introduced himself. He cared little if the other thought him rude. He only cared to be on his way. talk talk talk talk
Hiding below my shadow yet dancing above my fears
I grip sorrow's edge as you crumble to fall at my soul's tears
I have not forgotten you,
but sometimes I cannot help feeling numb
image credit to jason-samfield @
K'yarie the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
Watcher had been right when it came to her treatment of him. She did single him out and fawn over him in a way she never did with others. She flirted and teased other stallions, but never was she so  forward or touchy with them. He was special in that way. Simply because she knew that he understood her and her actions. They meant nothing. It was but a harmless game that she liked to play on him. This was why she did not flirt so openly with the plain-coated Raein. No, despite the playful little smile on her lips, her demeanor was pleasant and curious.

When she was given the other's name her smile grew in delight. He was quite a lot like Watcher. He spoke little, and absorbed everything. Those intelligent eyes never seemed to stop. She was sure that behind that placid expression, he was calculating every move and possible outcome. Just like her unwilling companion was no doubt doing. It was how all three of them were standing here now. She too had taken into account the possibilities that now lay before her. She knew that the other would not attack, presuming that Watcher would leap to her aid. She wondered if that assumption was true. Though they had used one another in the passed to overcome obstacles, she was never entirely sure if the stallion would actually up and abandon her in the end. It wasn't like they held any form of loyalty. It just made sense to work together to face the dangers of the rift than fight against one another. Though they had not encountered one another in some time. It had been a while since they been dragged into a situation that forced their cooperation. But she wouldn't reveal that to Raein. Best let him think that they had one another's back. It kept things civil.

Unaware that he had heard Watcher speak her name, she introduces herself. "My name K'yarie. And this, stick in the mud, is known as Watcher." She gestures towards the buckskin native. "I do not recall seeing you before. Are you a native, or do you hail from one of the lands pulled into this world?" One could never tell these days. With the recent devouring of Helovia there were a lot of new faces wondering within her home. It was not the first world that had been devoured by her own. But it was the first who's gods killed her own resulting in the birth of Kaos. And unlike any time she could remember, there were far more equine entering their lands than before. The sunstealers, or godkillers, as many natives called them. She wondered if this gentleman hailed from those lands. Most equine born within the rift were far more exotic looking than Raein. Though there were a few exceptions. She had just been teasing one moments ago.

talk talk talk talk
The moon bathes her in love
the stars kiss her skin
and the shadows bow at her feet.
As the sun looks on with jealousy.
image credit to Azteca @

Currently championing:
I wished impossible things on blue stars that never came true
Her smiles makes me feel nervous, and not the type of nerves wracking the spine of a schoolboy.

No, this is something completely different.  Her lips curve upward and remind me of the swerved horns of a devil, even pointed at the corners.  Her eyes are bright and lively yet calculating and cold.  I find I do not trust this stranger beyond my normal limits of reservation.  The dry voice and tone of Watcher began to make more sense in my mind.

Still, the harpy does not seem evil by any means as of yet.  I think her maybe more of a mischevious ghost flittering around your existence unwelcome, in the case of her companion and his attitude.

The dame takes the initiative to introduce both of them, though I had already acquired their names through patient listening moments before.  I nod, allowing her to know that I understood.  However, she is not done.  Her words seek to pry into my existence more, ascertain just where I hail from.

I pause for a brief moment and consider what her motives could be.  I had never met a native or long term inhabitant of the Rift, as she implies from her statement that she did not recognize me.  I wondered if these citizens of the ravenous world shared its personality; K'yarie, in the very least, seemed to be an ambitious sort of glutton.  She would absorb and take anything you offered her, only to attempt to delve further into you.

Like a mirror to this world.

"I fell through time and space recently," I say, my voice betraying no hint of regret to my current situation, no relief either.  I myself was still quite uncertain how I felt about being forcibly relocated to the Rift.  "As far as I know, nothing else of my world was brought here."

I offer nothing of the origins of my world, for I have no desire to delve into the unpleasant explantion of my former circumstances.  As of now, I am a homeless rogue deciding my own life and fortune.  That is good enough for me.

"And you?"

[ ooc - Sorry for the delay <3  @Ruwin