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Open Solanis 
Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc

He gives a nod when she offers her thanks to him. Her sudden shifts in mood, the fire the burned in her eyes, most likely frustrated other adults. But the gentle dragon tolerated them with a smile, unperturbed, even amused by her youth. Yes. She could kick and scream before him and he wouldn't so much as bat a lash at it. A long suffering soul that could withstand her fire as easily as a vast ocean. So he waited for her to settled, to consider and ponder. He half expected her to let her emotions carry her straight into a determined refusal. But she paused. In her thinking, an eerie howl split the air. The stallion's ears swiveled towards the noise, his large as scanning the darkness. His weight shifted as he stood. His long hairy tail stirring the leaves as it swished, its spikes glinting in the light of the flower.

His massive head turned as he continued to listen for the sound of the Solanis. The call had been a ways off, but it was no less concerning. The beast within the darkness seemed to be the deciding factor in Gwyn's decision and she finally answered him. He slowly looked away from the darkness, his gray eyes taking her in with a kind glow. He smiled. "Of course. I cannot imagine that he'd want to share you." he replied, with a small dip of his head. He resisted the urge to chuckle. She was trying to act so adult, it was rather cute. He hid his amusement behind thick lashes. "What is your father's name?" He asked. "If I do happen to find him, I'll need to know his name and what he looks like. Otherwise I'll go on by and never be the wiser."

Another, bestial cry caused his gaze to return to the darkness. He frowned at the shadows, his upper fangs poking out of his lips and catching the light of the flames. He angled his body to shield Gwyn from view and any possible attack, without encroaching upon her personal space. "Best be getting some sleep." He went on. "Dawn is not far off. I'll keep watch." He had been asleep earlier, until a little spitfire stumbled upon him. He would have no problem keeping watch while the child caught some sleep, his massive form hiding the filly from view. Within the darkness the eyes watched him. Invisible to Gwyn, but no less menacing. Yes. He would have no problem staying awake.


But You Cannot Break My Hope!
I'm Still Undefeated!
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OOC: Sorry it is so short! I think the next couple of posts would be a great way to end it. ^^
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though.