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Private Ultima 
Currently championing:
It was cold. Too cold.

Akumi trudged through the snow that made everything hard to recognize. Everything looked the same. Colorless, lifeless, empty. She was looking for anything recognizable or anyone but this was to no avail. Her lost wanderings went on for hours until she saw a familiar cave of rock. This became her new destination. Could this really be the Ultima? She thought to herself. The snow and ice began to cease and it became slightly warmer. Akumi was not built for the cold and was essentially freezing. The walls turned to glass and she instantly knew where she was. The crystal walled cave slowly went under the water where her familiar sea creatures lived. She shook off the snow that remained on her glowing back and it fell to the rocky floor, making it wet. It was getting warmer as she went further because this place was sealed off from all the harsh weather and kept a relatively stable temperature. Before she reached the end she stopped to gather her strength. She had been stomping through snow and ice for hours and she was finally exhausted. Many times she had to take off as her black coat contrasted the snow and made her an easy target for enemies. Her green eyes watched the fish tiredly while she cocked a foot to relax.

OOC: force or touch permitted as long as it does not permanently hurt her.
( sorry its not my best haha I'mm terrible at starting threads )