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» damned if I do
Open Mangrove Tidepools 
Currently championing:
It was gone.

All that remained of the Scint River was a thin, black scar, snaking from north to south somewhere in the transition from the Tidepools to the Cliffs. It smelled acrid and alien, that black line, a tiny sliver of void clinging to his world. All that remained of the ghost madness was memory.

And all he'd wanted was to do something good...

But Kisamoa did not believe in inherent goodness. He, briefly, had believed in remorse, compassion even, and in making things right. He believed in the fair trade of services and emotions, of bargains made between supply and demand.

He did not believe in holy paladins, in altruism, in anything but greed—the advancing of the self. Whether they knew it or not, it seemed to be what they all strove for: joy and prosperity for themselves.

He had gone where he shouldn't. He had stepped into affairs he did not understand. He had tried to be kind, when he was bred for cruelty—an amalgam of stubbornness and vengeance. Why had he thought to help..? Why did he let them get to him—Castiella and Kiada? Why did he care?

Slowly, he shook his head. Red tipped the long, coarse hairs of his scruff, and on his back, a tiger pelt's cloak and a second spine were fused together. Black fangs glowed green in his mouth. Iridescent scales glittered here and there upon his body, the seams oozing black blood. Next to him, a shadow-demon stood, restlessly twirling a sword mane from bone.

Look what you made me do. His eyes narrowed, and his body went from deathly stillness to the fury of a sea, whipping around to face those he had shepherded from certain death into an unveiled East.

"This is all your fault!" he roared at them, before striding away with impossibly long strides, disappearing into the distance, to brood.
beauty in darkness
kaos in light

This is a direct continuation of » every broken promise, where the Scint River was torn from the Rift and flung into the void.

Tiger God Hide Armor (shape of a cloak)
Tiger God Bone Sword (wielded by a shadow demon)
Crocodile God Spine Bow (masquerading as a spine on Kis)
Wolf God Fangs (glowing in his mouth)
.. and kaos opened up its eyes
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
A rumble— or was it a deep, growling hiss?—shook the knotted mangrove roots. At first, it could easily be mistaken for the furious, stomping retreat of Kismoa.

…except that it wasn’t. It lingered, waxing and waning in its volume and ferocity. But it never ceased; and as it continued (on and on and on) it’s vibration began to morph the water. Edges of tangled roots blended with rippling, salty waters. Bright pinpoints of fish beneath the surface blurred into each other, making the mangrove swamp a sea of blotched color.

The horizon of the sea, separated from those gathered by rocky tide pools, began to… pulse? It pulsed nearer, farther; each tick of some unseen, beating, and hissing heart bowing the distant blue line to and fro.

The rippling waters seems to move over ridges for a moment—or was that simply another trick of the vibrating air? A glowing, scalding green eye blinked; a reptilian pupil of deepest black widening and then constricting as the memory of the murdered god was exposed to the wan, cold light of the Rift’s early Freeze.

Then, a slap of a massive tail cloaked in the russet browns and dark greens of the mangroves sent a spray that swallowed the darkness which encroached on the heels of those escaping the Scint River. The last vestiges of the god’s power warding off the blackness of the void between worlds that threatened his eastern domain in the wake of Kisamoa’s recklessness.

And then… the god, barely seen in his cloak of camouflage, settled into naught but a mere head, spine, and tail at the waterline.
the Rift
» Presence of the Rift «

Otem the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
in my thoughts i have seen
rings of smoke through the trees,
& the voices of those who stand looking.

To be clear, Otem had no idea what it was she was seeing.

Everything came in flashes: her breath, her pulse, and the impossibility of what was happening around her.

flash.. Kisamoa, she heard herself yell, and then suddenly he was there. Only he wasn't. He was articulated by pieces that didn't seem to quite fit, and blood which couldn't be his was dribbling down his chin. The idea of Kisamoa wounded in this way braced itself against Otem's understanding of the diety, and her head suddenly exploded with pain that-

flash... The river was gone. But how could it be gone? Otem felt as though she could hear Isopia's voice telling her that if matter could not be destroyed or created, only changed, that the river must have gone somewhere. A flicker of a smile ghosted Otem's lips as a pang of grief constricted her heart. So alike Isopia's voice it was..but of course it couldn't ... and purple and

flash..a giant snake who hissed so loudly that..

flash "This is all your fault!" Somehow Otem was standing on long trembling limbs. Her body felt cold as if it was just remembering that Frostfall (was that what it was called here?) was upon them, and a good deal of shivering was required. The filly wrapped her wings around her body (for comfort? or warmth?) and looked around, bi-coloured eyes wide and pleading. She couldn't have known last time that Kisamoa would hear her cries, just as she couldn't know it now. But still, her lips remained closed as her ears strained in all directions for anything which sounded familiar.

"What have we done?"  Otem whispered to the owlet perched on her whither, her voice small and torn and tinged with hope.


You may always use magic/force on/against Otem.
Explorer Kiada
Currently championing: Vjanta

Kiada reached the edge of the earth, feeling the hardened ground beneath her hooves and felt relief from the Scint River she had just emerged from. But tension settled in her bones, of the nonexistent water that continued to flow down her throat, and the barrages of coughing fits that she found herself in. With every cough, it tore her throat more and more raw with no feeling of respite in the drowning sensation she had.

This must be her issue from going in places she shouldn’t. Finally, she stood in annoyance and almost desperation to get the feeling to go, yet she couldn’t. Every time she tried to inhale, she felt the gurgling and bubbling deep within her lungs, and she tried to push it aside. She slowly began to realize that despite this horrible feeling that she was drowning, that she hadn’t collapsed yet and that she was still managing to get air in her lungs, no matter how uncomfortable it came to be. Survival was key, and her instinct told her to continue to breathe.

She found herself beside a young filly she hadn’t met yet. Khairi landed among her withers as she moved slowly up to the girl who was trying to comfort herself. The harpy didn't hear the whisper that Otem had spoken to her owlet, but she could sense the sheer unrest that seemed to envelope the land, especially as Kisamoa screamed in the background that it was their fault, and a loud hiss tore through the land in an annoying hum that Kiada couldn’t quite place the origin point of. Her icy eyes glanced down to the girl for a moment, offering her as much of a smile as she could despite her condition, in an attempt to comfort her. “It’ll be okay. He’ll get over it and fix it.” She added in, pausing in random parts of her sentence where she had inhaled and tried not to cough.

I’m Kiada, and this is Khairi. Do you need help?” She questioned, as Khairi crooned a worried hello to the girl and her own bird companion.

i think you will set yourself afire,
before you realize that even you cannot conquer the sun.

Mentions @Otem <3

Currently championing:
I’m nuts, baby, I’m mad, The craziest friend that you’ve ever HAD
You think I’m psycho, you think I’m GONE

The young girl just slowly watched everything fall apart. What was happening? Why, Blood splattered eyes widened the river was gone, it did not dare to rise any more. What was going on? why could the girl not understand any of this? For once she did not giggle and she did not grumble under her breath. She just sat there and watched chaos unfold on everything. The world was not ending, but why did it feel like this was happening all over again? Why did this feel like the fall of Helovia? Everything was just WRONG.

There was a yell that caused the girl to jerk her head Kaos was screaming at them, but why? Why was he angry. The little fallen angel did nothing but what he asked of her. She only followed his every command, his every beckon and call she was there. Why was he acting like this!? This was not the man she grew to know. there was something else going on, but then again why did she care?

Slowly she moved where she found to where there was a familiar face. Otem was there and another girl. She seemed oddly familiar, but Cas could not place the name to the face. Her white masked skull looked over to the two women. "What... What happened, and what is THAT? " her skull pointed towards the reptile beast lurking in the water. What the fuck was happening?? "No, this is all wrong... all of it" Her voice was softer and held a slight meek tone in it as she looked to the faces of the other two girls.

"talk talk talk"

table code by tamme
Violence may be used at any time, but Castiella is volatile 
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