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comments, ideas & one request
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1. I love the stealth system.  It may, of course, be something that proves in need of some future tweaking.  However, as one who has always felt that riddle systems are boring, I find the basic idea of this system to be a very refreshing alternative.  

2. I really, really like the RF system and specifically the fact that it provides an incentive to fully complete threads.  Again, it may turn out to need future tweaks BUT I personally think that given a little time it will actually prove easier to get what you want for your character under this system than it was at Helovia.

3.  I am not entirely clear on how the herds are going to work but from what I did get out of reading the rules it sounds like it is going to be fun.


5. The work put in on the lore/fauna/flora aspects is amazing, as is the effort to pull members in to help with those areas.  


6.  It would be cool to see the highly active characters rewarded for post count somehow, and this is coming from a player who is highly unlikely to ever be in that top tier.  Maybe a monthly? (or game-seasonal?) posting contest that would have some kind of non-RF prize?      

7. This one is probably too much work to implement but I'll toss it out here anyway.  It seems like it could be fun to have prowess systems for healing/crafting/politics/lore in addition to stealing and fighting.

8. Here is a rough and not very well examined idea for potential future stealth tweaks to be filed for later.  I can see the possibility of there being established characters having everything in safe slots and newer characters becoming more frequent targets.  So, maybe safe-slot items could still have stealth attempts made against them, they just can't be walked off with after.  That way people wanting to improve their prowess could still have a way to do it without feeling like they are picking on new folks.  Not to suggest that newer (or honestly any) characters ought to be completely safe from thieves.  If you choose to have items you are vulnerable and that is how it should be to my mind.  Still, it would be unfortunate if newer characters, or players who are just interested in playing and not too concerned about advancing in level, ended up as default targets. Also, on the other side of that it could turn out that lots of people choose to only have as many items as they have safe slots which would be annoying for the thieves as well as create an entirely different, small target group.        
9. One more for potential future tweaks.  Maybe the stealing of characters could be restricted to the riddle system when it arrives? Which may very well be where you were planning to go with it anyway.


10.  Would it be possible to add a "credits" field to the profiles?  Most people here are pretty good about that, but having a specific field for it could serve as a friendly reminder to those who might forget.
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Thanks for the feedback and the positive comments! :D <3

6) We've toyed around with the idea for (and already have) rewarded high post counts and activity with IC prizes ;)
7) That's a very cool idea! It would require a lot of work and figuring out to implement, so it may happen way in the future. But I definitely love the idea
8) Earning as much RF as it will take to keep 'all' items safe is supposed to be difficult, and thus those characters should be difficult to steal from. However, that's not to say we won't be adjusting safe slots, what they mean, or how to earn more of them as the system is used! The idea of being able to steal but not keep/"walk away with" items in safe slots is interesting! However, if this is the case, then what's the point of being able to steal it at all? We'll have to keep an eye out to see how this system affects (or abuses) newbies, certainly. Also, if characters wanting to improve Prowess don't want to 'pick on' new folks, then they can just give the item back immediately after the stealth ;)
9) Hmm, I'm not inclined to limit character-stealing to just riddles. It would devalue the thread option. HOWEVER, I'm only 50% of the decision making team, so I'll bring it up to Neo :]
10) Thats a good idea, I'll bring it up to Neo as well. She's the coding guru

Thanks for the suggestions!
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6) Oh, cool! I hadn't seen but I've only been poking around for a week or two.
7) Yeah, it would. If I come up with any ideas of how to make it easier, I'll be sure to pass them along. :)
8) That is true, they can always just return the thing.  I guess my suggestion would only help if it did happen that the overall pool of unprotected items ends up much smaller than the protected items.
9) Honestly, if I were faced with the opportunity to vote on it I'd vote no myself.  I was mostly thinking that people may be bothered more by their character being stolen in a chance situation than by an item being stolen that way and in a riddle situation, the ability to stop it is more in their control.
10) Thank you!

Thanks for responding/considering.
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I'll take being stolen myself over having my items stolen any day. xD /useless input

Credits field is on my to-do list and super simple for me to add, I've been out of town and am playing catch up now though so it might take a day or two until I get around to it. ^^
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Thanks Neo!