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lost in skies of powdered gold
RP Wanted The Portal 
Currently championing: None
Darkness. Pain. The hybrid sapling had fallen into a mouth of shadows, having landed hard on her side as if having been spat out. Pain crawled in her left appendix, although it was no piercing ache so she apperceived that it was not crippled by the tumble. Rain instantaneously wetted the smooth coat of the filly and slowly, she began to roll over to her stomach to stretch her gossamer wing to its full extent. No, not hurt. Only bruised, thankfully.

As her heart took a powerful skip over a beat, the filly grimaced and gazed upon the world she'd been thrown into for the first time. Red gems took in only darkness, eyes glowing and staring from all around. A sense of not being safe crept across the girl's mind and she rose up, sleek legs carrying her with a slight shake in the knees. A pendant around her neck clinked against itself and she let out a deep breath.

"Shi.." Ayla instantly relaxed and folded the silky wings close to her golden bodice. Her soul, her guardian, was still with her. Glowing orbs were still watching however and she glared back. "What are you?"


a word fitly spoken is like
apples of gold in settings of silver
ooc // trying 3rd person again woo
wordcount // 196
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image || coding

Transform/Defensive? :: When severely injured, she may regenerate. This causes her appearance and personality to change, except for her build/height/eye colour which all remains the same. When reaching her fourth regeneration, there is no option to heal by magical ways.
Immortality :: From the age of 5, she becomes immortal. If killed in her fifth form (The Angel), she's forever passed away.

Enchanted Items:
Bird Pendant || Thin, silver chain with a pendant shaped like a bird. Changes type of bird displayed with every regeneration Ayla goes through. Comes to life when she is in danger to protect her. {1st: Pigeon | 2nd: Swan | 3rd: Seagull | 4th: Phoenix | 5th: Dove}

Request: Would be coolio if you did something weird to Shiri (the bird in the pendant), but pls everything as safe as possible <3
{Image: ayla_pixel1_by_inapatricia-dbixgbt.png}
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
Darkness swells, ever hungry. It finds no meal (yet) in the young mare. But her pendant…The neon glows bright around the silver bird. It give them a small snack, and they leave it glowing white-hot as they shrink away.
the Rift


Immortality: After age 5, body will regenerate into new appearance/personality (except build/height/eyes). Can be truly killed in 5th regeneration. *

Defensive: Silver bird pendant that changes with Ayla's regenerations (Pigeon, Swan, Seagull, Phoenix, Dove). Will come to life only at night to pester owner and prevent sleep.

*These magics were combined into one.
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