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RF for post count?
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On a previous site I was on that used a point system like our RF, you were rewarded for hitting certain post counts. I think this would be a pretty cool idea here, as at the moment you could have a super active character who has hundreds of posts but doesn't have much RF because the people they thread with keep dropping the threads. At least this way, they'd definitely earn RF for their activity without having to rely on other people remaining interested in their threads :D

Maybe you get 1 RF for 10 posts, 2 RF for 25 posts, 3 RF for 50 posts, 4 RF for 75 posts, 7 RF for 100 posts and then another 7 RF every time you make another 100 posts? :) So you wouldn't get another 1 for 110 posts, but you'd get another 7 at 200 posts.

Just think it'd be a great way to reward activity in addition to the current thing about finishing threads :D
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I really love this idea! Because snow is right sometimes people drop threads, and that will make earning RF difficult. This way active members will get rewarded for not just finishing threads, but posting and being active !
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I like this idea too! =3
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Love this idea!
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Hey! Thanks for the suggestion :)

When Neo and I were creating the RF system, we discussed allotting RF towards post count for the some of the similar reasons you guys have suggested it here! However, we decided against it as it would essential be almost a 'double jeopardy' for threads. Post count already earns RF via threads that are finished. Hopefully this makes sense.

Additionally, RF is not meant to be a 'punishment and reward' system. It is an incentive to finish threads and drive dynamic plots forward for active characters!

That being said, we are open to the idea. However, we'd are going to wait and see how the current set-up for RF pans out. (There will also be other aspects to RF coming!)
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Just an idea, but what if we combined them? Do the forms like Smitty and Neo already have for "extra" and along the lines of what Snow said? A lot of my threads end up petering out(for several reasons) and only being able to get it by finishing thread scan make it super hard to ever get any RF. I'm not knocking what ya'll have going by any means, just throwing it out there <3
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In the past on Helovia, there has been no incentive to finish threads. And now there is! :] For now, we're sticking to the plan and seeing how it pans out.
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