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In a World so Cold
RP Wanted The Portal 
Currently championing:
Her life began simple, fell hard but got back up again on soft ground. Though she was not born in Helovia, she became a part of them and the many others that she shared that home with. It was peaceful; until Kaos of course. The ground beneath her that seemed so stable was once again ripped out from under her. But this time it was different. It wasnt a tragedy or a loss that took her by surprise; it was her entire world being ripped apart and all the people in it being sucked away.

    The portal pulled and tugged at her skin, her mane, her tail. She had almost lost the feather given to her by someone so important to her. She felt forces tug inside of her. Her dark skin felt as if it was ripping apart. Her horn was twisted and pulled this way and that by the rifts unnatural forces. Everything became so bright then suddenly came into focus. This place was dark and scary. Unlike anything Akumi had ever seen before. Everything before her eyes was dark and torn apart; embodiments of death. She walked slowly and carefullly with hesitation, her eyes surveying every corner around her. "H-hello..?" She called out shyly. "Is there anyone out here?" She called out, hoping to hear an old friends voice but any voice would do.

@Ingrid (optional) otherwise anyone may reply

{*] none (would like to possibly gain a magic in the transformation? But I\'m unsure if its possible)\n\nEnchanted items\n{*} none\n\nRift-god / Kaos items\n{*} none\n\nAmulets : none\n\nCompanion/s : \n[*} none

Mutations: I would like to have lightning strike/stretch mark-like lines on her back that are red and glow a little. Her spiral horn may also be curved and a little distorted. Eyes become cat-like with slits and her red scale-like dots around her body become actual scales. (If this is too much then whatever you will accept will be fine)

Species change : none, still unicorn ^-^

Requests: Infused with Magic during transfer? Also feel free to surprise me with anything else you want to do/add to her.
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
The shadows surge around this new body. Another meal?! Alas, but no. The neon light fades slightly from you, seeking magic to sate its hunger.
the Rift

{TRANSFER NOTES : AKUMI ]\n\nMagics:\nVanity magic: A lightning marking on back that glows red. \n\nThe marking is approved! You may Trial for the mutations of scales and feline eyes :}
» Presence of the Rift «

Currently championing:

Reference Credit

Ingrid's stomach gave a growl. She hadn't stopped walking for hours now, not to eat, not to rest, not even to scratch an itch. Stopping would inevitably mean getting a moment to think, and she was scared of where her thoughts could lead her. It was cold, and the rain had started up again. The plants in the forest grew thick, and they whipped against her chest and brushed her sides as she walked. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw a flash of red.

That's weird... Fucking rift. Fucking red plants. Nothing is right, nothing is the color it's supposed to be. Fuck it all.

She turned her head towards it, but didn't slow. That's when she caught sight of a familiar-looking red and black mare calling out. Ingrid doubled back at a faster pace, feeling a twinge of hope for the first time in what seemed like forever. "Shit. Akumi? Akumi, is that you?" Ingrid asked, not daring to believe her eyes. She thought the rift must be tricking her. She hadn't seen her friend go through the portal. Ingrid had been counting her with the dead this whole time.

"I'm here, I'm right fucking here!"

Currently championing:
Akumi lowered her head to the ground after she called out. Surely no one could hear her during all this chaos. (Or should I say Kaos?) Suddenly her call was answered by a familiar voice she never thought she would hear again. Ingrid. She turned fast on her back legs as she galloped to her oldest and second friend she'd ever met. The first had been Sacre. He had brought her into Helovia and welcomed her into his own home and oh how that came to a bitter end...

She flung mud to the skies as she started towards Ingrid. She was headed full force for her but the mud was slick, she probably wouldn't be able to stop. Nonetheless she continued, overjoyed at the hope that then consumed her very heart and soul.

@Ingrid (Feel free to PP/Force her to do whatever) :P