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Herd Suggestion
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Instead of  the term "herd(s)", what about Clans, or Tribes, or even Houses? ok maybe not houses watching too much Game of Thrones Like the name can change with a change in power, even? 

A different term would bring a new feel, I think! Less organized, civilized Helovian, and more wild, unpredictable, and always changing Riftian!

Just my thoughts! :)
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Colony, maybe? :D But yes, like the idea of using a different term for a change
Currently championing:
Ohhh Colony is a good one! Especially since Helovians are trying to form their place in the Rift.

(Also, I mean no sort of cultural disrespect by the terms tribe or clan or what have you!)
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OH, also!

I was wondering if there could be a board to post "Native Rift Factions" or something of the sort. I'm not sure quite what the term is that I'm looking for. But basically, everyone's native Riftian has a history, and it would be great if there could be a place to compile "public Native Rift" information, so people joining native Riftians can reference and draw from a source if they would like to! Like cultural customs, places, living groups, orders, etc. And so current Riftians can acknowledge each other's history and it means something to each other, whether it's just a vague idea, or more indepth experience with the history of another character.

I'm not sure if that makes sense! Let me know if I need to clarify a bit more. :)
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I'm sure you could use the 'worlds' board under character resources for that :) Even if your character comes from a specific culture/country that existed within the Rift before it was all destroyed, it could still be posted there
Currently championing:
@presley Yep! That's what the Worlds board is for! We can create separate "Rift" prefixes for it, if you think that would be helpful to differentiate them from other World Lore?

Also, thanks for the input about terminology for herds/'no-longer-called-herds" :P
if you don't know where to start,
go back to the beginning.
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I prefer herd as a uniform and horse themed terminology. If the herd wants to refer to themselves a different way that seems fine but I think officially herds is the best name to keep it simple.
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I have this unfinished concept of an RP site and this is what I came up with regarding herds. (This way you get both Herds and smaller group called something else)
Ignore the SP thing.
Common equine = equine
Equine = all equids

Herds and Outcast bands
There are three herds in Alkira. They live in three different regions of the land and then there are a few areas that can be claimed by Outcast bands.
Every herd may have one to four leaders. The Outcast bands are allowed two leaders at the most. All other ranks within a herd or a band are decided upon by the leader(s). There is no rank magic connected with any rank except for the leaders so if a leader want an especially skilled ambassador with a gilded tongue or a healer, they must find an equine with that particular magic and recruit him/her. However, every type of military rank grants the holder 5 SP (Skill Points).
There are no restrictions on how many ranked characters a herd or a band is allowed, but there can’t be more leaders than other members in the herd or band (1 to 0 ratio is allowed).
One forum in each herd area is accessible only by the members of that particular herd. In this forum there is an OOC sub forum for OOC discussions, but you can also call IC meetings between the leaders or the leaders and the other herd members.
The three herds are:

The Arana Herd: Brindle Dog Hills
The Ilinga Herd: Redwolf
The Tau Herd: Wolverine Lake

The Outcast bands do not have to form before claiming an area. If the area is free you can just post a claiming thread and tag admin and you will become leader of that area and you can start recruiting members or fight off anybody who comes to your home. An Outcast band is allowed to contain only one character, but expect to be constantly bothered by other who may want your area.
There are three claimable areas in Alkira that are species specific. If your character is not of that species you may not post in them because it is impossible to reach those areas if the equine is of the wrong species.
The claimable areas are:

Kamu’s Rocks: Pegasi
Stardust’s Fields: Unicorns
Urskog’s Wildwoods: Common Equines
The Skytop Grasslands
Chrystal Fall Junction
Loch Mote

All Outcast Bands must have a name and the leaders(s) must post a thread in their forum (admin will make it sticky) where the member list is kept and where the rules of the band is stated. If a band invades another area in order to expand their territory the “new” band will have the prefix of a short version of the name of the new area. Example: The band Hell’s Fire controls Stardust’s Fields and then they take over Chrystal Fall Junction. A new band will be formed called Hell’s Fire CFJ. At least one leader must be appointed for the new area and he/she may choose to follow the orders of the original leader(s) or try to break free.
Think of it as a criminal gang of sots; where there is an original group that expands and creates sub-groups in other cities.

The members of an Outcast band can be strays or part of a herd since the bands are not official in the same sense as the herds. This allows spies to gain entrance in herds and bands.

Updated =3