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blind reflections
Private Glowworm Woods 
Explorer Kiada
Currently championing: Vjanta
do not think you are safe because you love her

Well, this was new. Kiada had barely found the time to do anything other than remain in the herd, but she felt the pulse of power and the throbbing in her head of Hope’s declaration. They needed to champion a god, and she had spent so long trying to figure out which one. She came to the realization that she didn’t know any of the gods personally, having been born after their demise; yet it felt like such a weight to bear. It took her days to decide, weighing the pros and cons of each one, until finally she settled on the Tigress Goddess.

And with that in mind, she chose to explore those new lands revealed by the brilliant, glowing deity. Her and Khairi set off, and after quite a bit of travelling (albeit, less than she had originally planned for) they found themselves in these woods. It was unlike the other forest locations of this land, and part of it panged close to her heart for her days in Halyven. With the happiness and the brilliance of the glowing ferns. Yet still, she kept an eye out for danger. This land was treacherous at best, she wouldn’t be caught unaware. She came with little in ways of armor, instead opting for the Reszo knife tucked neatly in her mane and her magic always at the tip of her tongue to be wielded.

She searched the forest, now alone for the time being – Khairi having spotted a rabbit he hoped to make his lunch. So she continued to search, for nothing in particular, but out of curiosity. Her golden body speckled with the light that radiated from the treetops, diffusing in the amount of frost that still clung to it all. But she kept moving, not to get trapped but to continue to generate warmth, waiting for something interesting to peak her attention.


do not think she will not stain her mouth red
with your blood too —


@Dagon <3