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Open Aldrnari Expanse 
Currently championing:
Why do people have children? Is it really the gears in our evolutionary clock pushing two beings together and screaming procreate? Is there a deeper meaning; a deeper connection that drives two people together like colliding planets in the ever-expanding darkness that is the universe? Are there invisible strings, constantly shortening and expanding, tied from one horse's heart to another horse's heart, pulling them closer and closer until they meet in a moment called fate? Are strings ever severed, knotted, mangled, in some unredeemable way? Or is it all just coincidence- lottery numbers pulled from infinity?  Are some of us destined to be alone?

Born in a time when the population total in the Rift was crescendoing at a rapid pace, it was no surprise my mother found someone to fuck. She had always loved to do that- to fuck. I was simply the consequence of her negligent actions, her lack of caution, and her wild, untamable spirit. My mother had abandoned me as she had with all of her other children, which was no surprise to me. At my feeble, young age, I understood this is how she functioned. Her life was not about normality and formality, but instead, it was about following your heart, no matter how many times your head and gut screams "no".

I felt destined to be alone- eternally fantasizing that at least one other horse would mesh with me- the other component to my two-piece puzzle. Eagerly I would imagine falling in love, being in love, being loved. The thought of the indisputable sparkle of true romance always attracted me. The captivating notion that another's body would curve where mine curved, each dip and bulge of their body fitting flawlessly with mine, had always been a prevalent and wildly appealing thought. But in the now, I was alone- solely a consequence of my mother's foolishness. I could only comprehend the feeling of rejection as I had not been shown much else. Was I fated to be alone?

As my whiskered snout descends to the outlandish blades of grass below, minute patches of snow dotting the scene, my mind is engulfed with the remembrances of my mother and the forlorn, aching feeling that coincides with them. Despite my antlered crown appearing daunting and proud, I feel so, so, meager- the world could pulverize me, grind me up, and spit me right back out in a mere second (and that thought alone makes me hold my wings tighter to my flank in fear).

the search for more

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Ruwin the Hopebringer
Currently championing:
Ruwin was no stranger to being alone. However, he had chosen it. Had destroyed the world where he had had everything. Now he had nothing and the only horses he could somewhat call friends had vanished entirely. But he was used to that. People came and went in his life, never sticking around for long. It was disappointing, but not surprising. He didn't deserve to have lasting bonds, nor did he seek to create any because of it.

Life was fickle, horses were even fickler. Only his machines remained by his side. Constant and never changing. In a world where EVERYTHING changed, it was one of the few constants he had to rely upon. At least, until the rift decided to change that on him. He couldn't even look to the constant of time, fore not all would die as he would. Some would live on, immortal until their weakness was discovered. Well, perhaps then he could look to that as a constant. Death would find you, it was only a matter of time.

Perhaps one thing he could expect was running into the daughter of the mare that had managed to step into the somewhat-friend zone. Fate surely had a funny way of toying with him. Just as he was getting used to not seeing her again, she showed up. Or this time it was her daughter. The one who bore the name of his mother. "Aei'ith." He said, his voice cool and calm upon the air as he observed her with a stoic expression.

talk talk talk talk
I used to recognize myself

Funny how reflections change
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You have my permission to use magic/force against Ru.
Maiming and killing is not allowed. You can always message me if you're not sure about anything/want to plot something out. =D
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