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lesson number one
Private Halcyon Flats 
Currently championing: Reszo

Perhaps Requiem could have taught herself how to fly, but there was an innate fear of it in the girl. The fear of failure. The fear of injury. The fear of the wide expanse of the sky itself. WIth her hooves planted firmly on the ground she had more control over her body. In the sky she imagined the wind would try and dictate where she would fly and how fast. Of course she had no one to explain anything about flight to her, so she could be totally wrong in her assumptions.

But she knew she needed to learn.

It was frustrating for her to know that she needed to learn something and have no one to teach her. Before she hadn't even though about learning, had never had any reason to or anything to even suggest that she needed to. It wasn't until she, Korri, Aedion, and Tiavas were all teamed together that it was brought up. All of them could fly and she was the only one that couldn't and because of her they'd had to walk to their destination and she'd felt guilty about it.

It was because of them that she'd decided that she needed to learn. 

The Halcyon Flats seemed like a logical place for her to start. The wide expanse of open land would give her lots of room for running and jumping .... and in the off chance that she actually became airborn there was plenty of room for her to land without running into a tree. She was getting ahead of herself, though and she knew it.

Requiem sighed and extended her wings, turned her head to look at each one, inspecting the gold tinged feathers. They all appeared undamaged for the most part -- something she thought would be important. With her inspection complete she began to raise and lower her wings, copying what she had seen birds to when they flew. The movement was ... odd and a little uncomfortable. She didn't know how anyone ever got accustomed enough to the way it felt to actually fly.