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polished by the sea
Open Ultima 
Currently championing: Reszo

Requiem had never seen anything like this before and was thoroughly fascinated by it. At first when she had seen the cave opening she had hesitated, uncertain about what might lurk inside -- there were so many things in the Rift that were dangerous and she was little more than a child. But then her thoughts drifted to the adventure she'd had with with her newfound friends. She had fought carrels, ursocs, and even the MITN. She had driven a glass spike into its belly. If she could do that then she could handle anything that might lurk in the cave.

With that thought in mind she walked into the cave, slowly following it as it twisted and turned and descended beneath the ocean. What she found to be most fascinating was the that the cave walls were clear enough for her to see past them. Requiem stood for the longest time watching the sealife swim past. Small and large fishes, shark-like creatures, tiny sea horses, and whales.

She had to force herself to turn away from the cave wall so she could continue following the cave system. She was sure that the cave had to end at some point, most caves were a dead end and you had to turn around and go back out the same way you came in. This one, however, was different. It kept going and going with no end in sight. 

Eventually the path sloped gradually upward and Requiem could see daylight. Her ears tilted forward and she continued until she stepped out of the cave and onto a shoreline filled with colorful seaglass. Her eyes widened as she looked around, baffled and perplexed that something so beautiful could be so easily hidden. "Wow." She breathed, because what else could she say?




@Connor (and anyone)