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quiet determination.
Open Uwaritace  Linukoto information session
Taivas the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Reszo
Place a name upon the night, one to set your heart alight
And to make the darkness bright
Paint the sky with stars.
She stood, a solitary pillar amid a forest of smaller souls.  Uwaritace's body caked with ice and looming, a constant reminder to Taivas of the task upon her.  In order to breathe life back into the mother tree, she would need for lay down her own roots, gain her own strength within the Rift.

The roaming shaman knew not where to start.  Truly, she never learned how to stabilize the connections she had made.  Roscorro had taken his own path, Waker, too.  The rest of her acquaintances, who knew what became of them?  Like ephemeral smoke, they drifted from her life with the slightest breeze of change. How could she grasp the faith and trust of those with feeble words and actions?

She wondered how her father inspired others to follow him, the elder Skysinger.  Even her mother, soft-spoken and gentle, held a courageous light that attracted others.  Taivas held some of their luminous energy, but it was dwarfed in comparison.  Her expressions and words were muted.  Her thoughts never quite easy to communicate.

The one thing she was passionate about was learning.
Briefly, looking at the massive ghost of Uwaritace, she wondered if anyone else felt the same.

Gracefully, the shaman twirled through the sky toward the tallest branch of the elder tree.  Her eyes looked out upon the soft, pale expanse of winter.  The Rift was resting in the deep slumber of Freeze, with winds whipping about her so high in the sky.  It would ultimately be toward her benefit.

"Truth seekers, healers, and scholars of the Rift," she bellowed, her voice surprising even herself by its ferocity, "gather to me at the base of Uwaritace.  We have a task to undertake."

Slowly, she glided to the bottom, resting her hooves upon a massive root digging deep into the soil.  Patiently, Taivas waited.
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[ ooc - Information session for Linukoto!  Everyone is welcome to post, even if you have no intention to join.  I will be replying on Sunday, so take your time.  :)

Tagging those who expressed interest:
Currently championing: Caevoc


He arrives, drawn by the call.

A bellowing beckon caught his audio processor and replayed in his ears, but it was a foreign voice. Unknown. Connor could not place it. Much is the same in this odd world he found himself in now. It was different. Strange. Nothing like the civilian bustle and constant, fast-paced action of before.

So far, in this place, this place that he still did not know the name of, Connor found no use. He was given no directive, no mission to complete. His previous designation was clear, a constant reminder to find all deviants and apprehend them, stop them, no matter the cost, yet he was beginning to wonder if this world even had any deviants. The terabytes upon terabytes of knowledge stored within his memory core proved to be useless. His functions, protocols, superior programming, and various forms of analysis were wasted in this world of lacking function and missing orders.

He had no handler. No form of self-regulating. Whenever he would slip into a few brief moments of stasis, his mind palace was always empty. He was, in short, completely alone.

Nothing was right, and Connor could not help but notice an irregularity within his program. Something was amiss. Different, in a way that had no correlation to this strange world of snow and ice. If he could place a name to the irregularity, he would call it ’unease’. An emotion reserved to those of flesh and blood, not of metal and biocomponents.

So, when the call whirled across the breeze and caught his ear, he followed. His eyes are on the large, furling tree that appeared through the mists. His gaze roams, analyzing, cataloguing every detail and memorizing it with crystal clarity. Interesting. LED whirring a steady, constant yellow, blinking and flickering as it processed the sparse information provided.

The tree is dead. He can tell. He estimates that the tree had been dead for a very long time, seemingly incinerated from the inside-out, yet... His scans come back inconclusive, just like every other time he ran a diagnosis. Then, the artificial bay’s eyes shift, deep brown resting on the figure that stood in waiting upon a low branch with that same expression of vacant tranquility. He could only assume that it was she that had summoned them, shouting into the darkness to any who would listen.

A furtive glance was all Connor spared in either direction, and drawing himself up to his full height, he stood within the shadow of the massive tree and waited in silence.

Without a primary directive, without a handler or any form of self-regulating, all Connor could do was perform how he had been created; to adapt and learn.

Currently championing: None
Her summons is not for you.

You know this, because you are neither scholar nor healer nor anything else the clear-voiced mare asks to see. You are decidedly something else — a shadow crossing now below the sky, arriving anyway on this gathering of — what? Peacekeepers?


But you don't arrive to fight, right now. The anger so bright in your veins has burned itself to a low smolder, and curiosity draws you more than anything. It's almost funny, actually: If this were Helovia, if your parents were still with you, if everything had gone differently....

But it hasn't.

You descend on silver-tipped wings, your landing (as always) a little too hard. The moonfeathers fade once your hooves touch the soil, and silently you stand there at the edge of the meeting. Dark eyes pass briefly over the strange bay pegasus also present, and recognition pushes a dismissive snort from your lungs, but ultimately, your face turns toward the mare. She must be the leader, whatever that means. You'll hear out what she has to say, at least. She does not appear obviously Riftian, and you have nothing better to do today.

light shines brighter in the dark