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Open Glaring Geysirs 
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Success. Well kind of. He had managed to get past the portal, find himself an establishment, and got his wound taken care of. There were plenty of missteps along the way and it became quickly apparent to Misael that this place of toxic veins and intentions was not to be fucked with. He would have to always keep his guard up if he wanted to remake himself in this this....whatever kind of realm he had ended up in. Misael's mind tries to push down the agony of watching Lazarus's black cat form fade away as the rift stole him up and away from his bonded. He tries to push away the pain in his chest as the magical flame within his soul was snuffed away by the this force, by the evil yellow eyes. He knew a different kind of darkness rested within evil golden orbs and Misael will stop at nothing until his ebonite lion is back by his side. That was what his companionship meant to him and without Laz, Mis felt bare, empty, weak.

You will prevail.

Jumping back into reality, heat rises in hot waves, seeping into his skin and warming his hooves. His coat does not shine, lacking all luster. Dried and fresh sweat soak his body and small, healing cuts along with the gash on his hindquarters still sting with the salty sweat that drips into his wounds. His hair was only slightly less untangled then it was when he first arrived here in the rift. Dried blood and sweaty skin. What a beautiful sight. His golden eyes blazed across the desert of cracked soil and flying water. He could feel the raging power of heat and water, it did not deter him but rather brought him closer, watching the geysers spit out their venom and soak up the soil as its victim.

Traveling deeper into this arid land, Misael found himself beside a small lake and peering at his own body and the warm water, he found himself slowly emerging his aching, tired muscles into the mineral-rich water. It was instantly blissful as the water lapped up to his sides and the weight of his massive height was taken off his hooves and given to the water. His tresses floated around him and his blood stained the clear waters as the sweat, dirt, and grime drifted off his midnight azure skin. The water was perfectly warm and a great sigh left the man as his ears floated back and his eyes closed, allowing himself to soak in the sweetness of this moment. No demons could reach him here.

OCC: open for anyone!

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Not requiring to sleep, eat, drink, or rest allowed Connor to explore and truly understand his new environment. It was so much more than he knew, so different from the life he had been irreversibly thrown from. He still could not recall how he had come to this land. No matter how often he slipped into stasis, how often he dug through his hundreds of hours of memory storage, the missing forty-two-point-five hours from his memory core could not be retrieved.

The files were corrupted. Beyond his grasp. But from what? And how?

He didn’t know. Connor didn’t like not knowing.

It was his main function. His reason for creation. To know, to understand, to record, analyze, and deduce was his primary function. To succeed. Yet here he was, struggling with something as simple as a data retrieval… If he were a living being, he would be displaying classical signs of frustration. As it were, he simply pursed his lips and continued on, steps light yet sure as he crossed the cracked, dried land.

He did not wander too far from this arid, warmer atmosphere. Not yet. This place was where was best for him while he struggled to understand more about his new surroundings. Prolonged exposure to the negative freezing temperatures could result in catastrophic shutdown if left unmonitored. His thirium could freeze due to prolonged exposure, and in result, his vital biocomponents would slow until the inevitable shutdown. It was a risk that he simply could not take, not before locating some kind of function for repairs.

So, Connor spends his time wandering. Cataloguing. Attempting to understand.

It was hard. Without connections to his main network, it was impossible to uncover vital data. Without anyone to talk to, he could not consult anyone for answers. It was…

It was…


New Primary Directive: Find partner.

The words popped up in the top corner of his HUD, and Connor frowned, but understood them. Finding a partner, even a mortal one, would offer him insurmountable assistance in assimilating himself to this world. If he could find someone to speak to, to ask questions to… Perhaps he would not be so lost. So useless. Inactivity was not Connor’s strong suit, after all.

The artificial stallion’s pace halted as he reached the edge of a lake. Optics scanned the environment, picking up small, inconsequential details. Looking down at the water at his hooves, he rose a quizzical brow, still frowning. Steam wafted into the air, and a quick inhale filled Connor’s nose with the smell of brimstone and sulfur. Interesting.

Lowering his head, he lapped once at the water, registering its temperature and chemical components as the water dissolved onto the sensors of his tongue, breaking the existing compositions down, one by one. H2O, sodium chloride, sulfur… On and on the list went. Connor stood, silent and still as he processed the information, LED spinning yellow, yellow, yellow…

Only when he was satisfied with the results did he raise his head, deep brown eyes staring out across the water to spot the reclining form as it relaxed in the hot water. Unbidden, Connor scanned it, and like all the other times, the results came back inconclusive.

Male. Estimated age: 13-15 years. That was it. That irregularity showed itself again, although the bay’s expression remained that vacant stare as he watched the colorful male in the midst of his bath.


Finally, then, did he speak. Sudden and without preamble, Connor tilted his head. “Hello.”

@Misael - Sorry for the rambling derp. XD
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The pool had lured Misael deep beneath it's warming ripples, carrying his mind away from this realm and into a state somewhere between coherency and sleep. He allowed himself to stay there, his thick, insane lengths of hair floating about his striped frame and tickling his flesh as the salty winds drifted across the water tops. It was peaceful here, the roars and whistles of life were only a low hum in his lobes, leaving him completely repelled from the noise. ALL of it, even the noise he created in his own perilous mind. The heat from the earth seeped deep into his sore muscles, the beast had been traveling for days before he decided to portal over to the rift. This place offered him the much needed rehabilitation, his body felt so content and relaxed that the Chromed was tempted to never leave the warmth of these waters(even if it did have a displeasing stink). Misael remembered the first day the riftan gods tore through Helovia and spilled out their toxicities and sicknesses with their mammalian gods. It was the beginning of an end that day. He could never forget his life there or his child that too was stolen from him by the treacherous rift. He will have his vengeance.


The word whipped his eyes open at the speed of light, instantly snapping him out of his vulnerable state of hypnosis. His guard rose briskly, corded muscles coiling as if he was going to be attacked the moment he sought out who interrupted his bath. It wasn't his fault he was so quickly spooked, the rift had already taken away his magic, Lazarus and plenty more, so the horned stallion found it rather wise to be wary of anyone -- and anything-- that approached. Although he could take it down a few notches. After all, he towered over half his enemies. Misael did not want to paint himself as a coward! How pathetic! He would have to work out this silliness to bring himself back to his former glories and soon, his youth was already melting away.

Turning his absurdly heavy head his nares brought in the newly tainted the air. The sulfur was rather hard to get past but he found something beneath the smug, something that smelt well...strange. There were furs no doubt, but the absence of wood or pine, sweat or perfumes, stunted Misael, confusing him. Azure ears perked forward as his golden gaze fell upon the lithe stallion by the water's edge. He looked rather equine, but was he? Misael's nostrils flared wide, trying again to decipher what this man smelt like. His head tilted slightly when it finally came to him. Metallic and something else not of flesh. How strange. Strange didn't really much bother Misael anymore, years of life had offered him countless amounts of strange. Plus, Misael was a giant rainbow motherfucking zebra with horns and more hair then half the women he knew.

"You. You smell weird." He wasn't much for manners either. He did not move from the comfort of the pool, not yet inclined to be defensive. "I'm Misael from the Kingdom of Halvyen. Here for a bath?" He asked, interested in knowing a bit more about the bay painted man with the colored dot above his brow.

OCC: I am the queen of rambling so I never even blink an eye <3 plus I'm super rusty and have to work out some kinks. YYYay connor I'm excited for them to know each other!

Currently championing: Caevoc


It was clear that the bathing figure had been unaware of Connor’s arrival.

The artificial stallion witnessed the scene unfold, taking in the classic, knee-jerk response when someone has been snuck up on. The moment of surprise, then alarm. A very living reaction. A quick scan informed him that the odd-colored stallion’s heartrate had increased in beats-per-minute due to the emotional shock, but still Connor remained stationary, head tilted slightly to the right, his expression that same facsimile of quizzical.

He watched as the massive male lifted his head and twisted it in Connor’s direction, nostrils flaring as though trying to pick up his scent amidst sulfur and steam. Matted strands of unruly hair cling about the stallion’s broad neck, dripping wet and sopping. He looks as though he were quite enjoying his bath, and if he were able, Connor was certain he would feel guilty. As it were, however, he could feel nothing, and so thought very little on the repercussions of his interruption. Unabashedly, the bay continued to stare, inquisitive mahogany staring shamelessly into molten gold once their eyes met. His LED pulsed a steady, calm blue.

’You.’ The striped stranger began, his words careful. Cautious. ’You smell weird.’

Connor frowned. An ear flicked forward, head slowly tilting to a sharper angle. Did he? Admittedly, that was not the answer he had been expecting.

“I’m sorry,” he stated, his voice neutral and unbothered and completely contradicting his apologetic words, “I was unaware.” Knowing his own scent was a piece of data that he found unimportant. Unable to perspire or produce bodily fluid, other than a clear, thirium-based saliva used for chemical breakup, gave him no reason to have much of a scent. It was, quite honestly, not something that Connor had given much thought before that very moment.

The stranger didn’t seem bothered by this, at least. Not really. Or if he did, he did an admirable job in hiding it. Instead, the stallion introduced himself. His words repeated in Connor’s ears, and the bay found himself standing still as he processed the information provided. The LED upon his temple flickered to yellow once, blinking sporadically, before settling once more upon a calm blue.

’I’m Misael from the Kingdom of Halvyen.’ Then, a rather forthcoming, ’Here for a bath?’

Mortals were, quite honestly, rather perplexing creatures. Connor still frowned, looking pensive yet thoughtful. The stallion, Misael, was quite unlike any creature he had crossed paths with thus far. He was brightly colored, a stark contrast to the normality that the artificial bay was accustomed to. A perfect blend of colors, a myriad culmination of colors, blended together with stripes, broad, curled horns, and piercing golden eyes.

Dawn. He looked like dawn. Connor had not seen many sunrises in his months since activation, but he knew that the colors presented before him now on Misael’s coat, dampened and darkened as they were by water, dirt, and grime, reminded him of dawn.

“No,” he answered finally, blinking slowly, “Should I be?” Then, an introduction of his own, because that was how mortal interaction went, right? A mutual exchange of private information? “My name is Connor.”

@Misael - aaaaahhhhhh