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zom plots
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Looking for some plots! Im new here, so i am looking for pretty much anything and everything. I am a bit of a slow poster, cause life is crazy, but i try to bust out as much as i can on my days off. I will at least have one post out a week, but thats at the very least.

- Smol but will fite u
- Actually really nice behind that bitch face
- Has dedicated her life to helping others, literally has no idea how to do things for herself
- Once she claims u as hers, u are stuck w her FOREVER
- Super salty about the Rift rn

Open to:
- Ponies teaching her about the world/history. She loves to learn and soaks up information like a sponge.
- Other ponies who dont like the Rift. She's pretty salty about it taking her away from her home and her brother AND corrupting her magic.
- Frands
- Not frands
- Love interest; i like to let these progress naturally. If you think your char would fit her, we can chat about it, but she's s l o w about relationships and hella awkward. It'll take a while. Flings are ok as long as she never sees you again sdkgj
- ANYTHING ELSE. I like drama and craziness and abusing my characters. hmu.
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Virga is trying to collect a group of malconents to ..... do something to the Rift (he isn't great at planning). If their Portal thread goes well, she's welcome to join him ^^ You can always dm me if you want to know more about him/that.

He can also give some (extremely biased) history.
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@kae that works for me! I have to pass out soon, but i will dm you tomorrow for all the deets <3
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Maybe Perrin and Valkyrie could meet up?
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@Nat yes please! Any plot preferences?
Currently championing:
Mis & Perrin should meet I definitely think it would be a fun time <3 Mis hates this place and is trying to learn about the lore, he recently lost his companion and magic. I think they should be friends and he is in a herd if she wanted to check it out with him