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The Lost Can be Found
RP Wanted The Portal 
Currently championing: None
{Image: chalk_by_zomburr-dcj14n6.png}

She awoke with a start, the choking scent of smoke and mist swirling before her muzzle, and sucked into her lungs with each panicked breath. She could feel her hooves beneath her, but struggled to move them, her pale body pressed into the damp grass beneath her form. Wide grey eyes darted to the sights around her, but there was not much to be seen. Shadows and fog swirled, hiding anything that would give her an idea as to where she was. Slowly, with her muddled mind, Perrin started to pull herself to her hooves. She tripped and stumbled, legs flailing in all directions as she struggled to keep herself upright. A skip, hop, and a trip later, the young mare found herself face-first into the thick tree trunk. Her head pounded as she leaned against it, trying to find her bearing as she pulled herself back upright. Vines tangled with her hooves and across her back. It was almost as if this strange place didnt want her to leave.

Perrin took this moment to pause and think back to her last moments. She remembered her small camp fire, her journal at her side, sleepiness weighing down her eyelids. She had just finished a long day of work and had settled down at camp for the night. She remembered the sound of a snapping branch, but she didnt pay it any mind. It was normal for the forest to be noisy. She passed it off as a scurrying rabbit or passing deer. She remembered something grabbing her, a distinct smell filling her nostrils. And just like that, her world had turne black.

It was then that she heard the sound of hooves, her ears pricking and heart returning to its racing state. This time, especially in this new place, she was not going to ignore such sounds.

Wiggling her way free from the vines at her hooves, Perrin swiped up her traveling pack that had fallen from her harness as she ran. Her gait was sloppy, her hooves clumsy. She didnt know where she was going, but she knew she had to leave. Her breath heaved in her lungs with fear, her gaze wildly trying to pierce the fog that engulfed her. It was only then that she realized the glowing eyes that stared at her from the shadows.

Distracted by the floating eyes, she did not realize the figure standing before her. With an oof!, she collided with them, falling one again, to the ground.

Companions: none
Normal items: Harness with travelling equipment
Enhanced items: None
Magic 1: Slight telekinesis, enabling her to pick up and hold items
Magic 2: Shape shifting allows her to change into three animals- eagle, bear, and seal

I figured whoever decides to jump in can be the pon she runs into <3
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
the Rift
Black tendrils snake out toward you like vines crawling across the ground. They hardly make a sound, and instead seem like silent snakes bound to following you and the magic within you. The Portal knows, it can sense the newcomers that appear with goodies for the Rift. It silently relishes in them.

The tendrils snake after you despite your speed and take advantage of the fog that clouds your senses. Once you collide with the stranger, the tendrils find you – feeling like thicker smoke as they wrap their way around your legs. They search and search for your gifts, for taking them is their goal – and when they can’t steal the first one entirely, they devour the second. When satisfied, the tendrils smoke away, dispersing into the fog that surrounds you as though they never existed in the first place.


Offensive: Slight telekinesis, allowing her to pick up and hold items – however, when done being used, leaves Perrin groggy and exhausted.
The Rift devours your second magic after altering your first.

Normal item transfers fine! :) Just link it to here for proof in your profile!

Welcome to the Rift! <3
» Presence of the Rift «

Currently championing: None
The Portal seethes around you. You seethe, too, pushing breath back at it. You are here with a goal in mind. You are in search. And for the first time since you left Helovia, you act alone. Savera is absent. You could find her if she needed you, of this you remain certain, but you have business of your own. You have plans of your own. You move through the trees with purpose, a darkness against even the shadows. A creature hewn of midnight and cold fury.

The air burns with every breath, but it hardly distracts you. Your ears move. Your eyes scan, searching for someone else as promising as stony Yves. And then you hear a great commotion. Crackling. Breaking branches. Something sizable pelts toward you. This information arrives in your brain slowly.

Few things throw themselves at you. Maybe it's the horn. Maybe it's your temperament. But, unaccustomed to outright attack, you pause to blink in the direction of the noise. Your thoughts begin to form the question — What is that? — when it comes upon you and then catches you broadside.

A hearty whuff! as all the air leaves your lungs. Wings flare, spread, flap twice as your hooves skid and you stumble. You catch sight of something pale and stocky, but shorter than yourself. Then you step sideways to keep from falling, and your lungs heave, heave, heave in an attempt to regain what the collision took.

But it takes less time than it feels like. It takes a few heart beats, and then you've stepped away enough to close the distance, to wheel and bring your horn to bare, wings hooded around your shoulders, eyes a little wild and a little furious. You turn to run the attacker through, but then you lay eyes on her, and the sight is enough to make you hesitate. Just a little.

She: on the ground, breathing hard, clearly terrified. Your eyes lift from her to the direction from which she came, but you hear no sign of pursuit. Eyes narrowed, you wait. Nothing else appears. Your anger cools a little as your gaze turns down to the stranger. Enough so that you don't attack her. "What are you doing?" you wonder aloud.

light shines brighter in the dark
Currently championing: None
{Image: chalk_by_zomburr-dcj14n6.png}

Just as her body hit the ground, she felt something crawling up her legs. She tried to kick them away, but they wrapped around her flesh and held her still. She could hear her blood pounding in her ears, her mouth opening to scream, but nothing coming from her throat. She was caught, stuck, hopeless. Her eyes were wide as she stared at the stranger before her, as if he was doing this. But as soon as it began, it was gone. The vines that had bound her puffed into smoke, drifting away into the shadows.

Perrin scrambled back to he hooves, pushing herself away from the stranger.

"What am i doing?!" Her voice squeaked, but she could feel anger rising in her chest. The nerve-! "What are you doing?! What was that- what did you do to me?!" Perrin rarely panicked. She was known for having a level head, cool personality, and stoic nature.. however, she felt that all she had been through so far, she deserved a panic attack.

Satisfied with how much distance she put between herself and the dark stranger, she took a moment to study him. Her brow furrowed and ears pressed back in confusion at the sight of his wings on his shoulders and horn sprouting from his head. She had never seen a Pegasus with a horn before.. perhaps this was more reason to distrust him.

Finally finding her breath, and calming her heart, she took a soft breath and glanced at her surroundings. "Where am i?" She finally added, this time more calmly. No, she didnt trust this stranger, but she wasnt about to leave him to venture this foggy world alone, especially if her captors were still in pursuit.
Currently championing: None
You say nothing as she scrambles up, fear radiating from her every move. You can smell it on her, see it in the whites of her eyes. She must be new. Maybe not Helovian, but no Rift-born either. Maybe that is why your anger simmers to a dull heat in the back of your mind. Why you lift your head, horn lancing skyward, and regard her with mild interest. A rarity: you, calm in the face of someone else's distress. You, calm at all.

She asks what you've done, and while the answer is nothing, you don't bother to explain. You look her over instead, eyes traveling her equipment, her build, the condition of her body. She appears athletic, well-built. The strange leather contraption covering much of her body holds various odds and ends. You've never seen the like, and you spend a long moment in study, your eyes narrow, expression inscrutable. Her distress, you ignore. It does nothing for you, at present.

Eventually, though, she asks another question, this one sensible. You nod, as if reaching some internal conclusion. "You're in the Portal," you explain, and your dark eyes travel from her face to survey the forest. One corner of your mouth twitches in disgust. Ugly — ugly, the lights and the fog and everything about it. The gnarled trees. The cold clutching it all in a tight fist. "It's part of the Rift." You're talkative today. She ought to be grateful.

Returning your gaze to her, you contemplate. What kind of potential does she have? Is she worth dealing with? Maybe. You wish Savera were present. Vera would know better. Vera would say something silver and charming, to be sure. You are neither silver nor charming. You have only the blunt force of your goal, the anger burning holes in your brain. "It took you from where you were," you say, speculating. "Stole you from your home." A slight tilt of your head. You wait to gauge her reaction.

light shines brighter in the dark
Currently championing: None
{Image: chalk_by_zomburr-dcj14n6.png}

Her brow narrowed as she felt the stallion before her studying her, brushing her harsh words off his shoulder like they were pesky bugs. A frown found her lips. Silence hung in the air, heavy like weights on her back. She almost turned to leave, but his voice rang after her. "You're in the Portal." She paused, lips pressed together as she played his words back in her head.

"Portal? She said, though she could tell her voice fell on deaf ears. He was looking at their surroundings, the trees that towered above them, vines that snaked the ground, fog that mingled with their breath. He seemed.. disgusted. Angry, almost.

A shiver ran down her spine at his next words, claiming this place had taken her from her home. From her brother. At first, she didnt believe him. It didnt make sense, that a place could kidnap her.. yet, she remembered the vines that grabbed onto her ankles, that writhed across her body, that held her against her will. She hadnt seen her captor.. perhaps it had not been equine at all. Perhaps.. it had been this place.

A newfound sense of determination found the mare, bravery finding its way back into her veins, and she took a confident step toward the stranger. Her stormy grey gaze found his, her lips drawn tight. "Well thats awfully rude." She spat. If she was in a more lighthearted situation, her words could have been humorous. "Can we leave? How many others has it taken?" She tried her best to ignore the shifting shadows, the cold in the air.

"Tell me everything."
Currently championing: None
Her curiosity pleases you. But more than that ‐ her fire. Something cousin to a smile tilts across your face. You hold her gaze evenly, your dark eyes bottomless. Reserved. You give little away easily, and in truth you wish she had fewer questions, but you sense this is important. If you want to achieve your goals, you need to put aside your distaste for formalities. Gods are fought with belief as much as they are fought with weapons.

So you nod. "This place took me as well," You respond. "My family. Most of my homeland. The... god here, Kisamoa, slew our gods and dragged us into this place. Left my home a smoking crater in the ground." Here you pause, ears flattening back, teeth grinding. How you want to tear him, crush him, kill him again and again and again. Your eyes grow vacant, farther and farther away until with a start you turn back to the stranger. Blink. It's an effort, dragging yourself up from anger. From the past.

"I don't know how many are here," you tell her. Your voice is softer now, flatter, as if part of you is still far away. You find it difficult to remember her questions. "Most of them don't know what they're doing. They're cowards. Resigned to it, I think." You hate them almost as much as you do Kisamoa. Your tail lashes, a black whip cracking against your flanks. Shifting your weight, you step back and then a few paces to the side, to get a better look at her. "You're not from Helovia..." This much is obvious. You find you don't particularly care where she is from, because it isn't here. And so many of your kin are spineless.

"My name is Virga," you managed finally. Still. Still, still, still as deep water. Your eyes focused. Intense. "My grandmother was the god of the moon in Helovia, the wisest and most powerful of the pantheon. In her name, I am going to find Kisamoa and I am going to rip him apart until he stays apart." With a stamp of your hoof, you utter a loud, impatient snort. "You might help, if you think you can."

light shines brighter in the dark