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Things Lost, Things Found
Open The Pinnacle 
Seiji the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Caevoc

On soft feet, Seiji retreats from the glow and warmth of the party. He has yet to go far. The sands hold more warmth during this bitter season than anywhere else he has yet found, and though he weathered the mist and rain of the Master's island with little fuss, he despairs of setting foot once more in the ice and snow. His thin coat, so resplendent in the summer months, clings to him sadly now the winter winds whip. Perhaps he ought to seek out Halyven... But he has no desire to stay, and no desire to burden their hospitality.

The Rift is killing him.

Not so much the freeze, though it helps. But: the day to day. The slow drip-drip of hope leaking away from him. Strange: that he helped to restore Hope herself to this land, but his own optimism drains from him. He knows of so few other places to look. So he wanders from the party with little in his head, and wonders what he ought to do. Set out and freeze to death? If only he could ask for help. If only he could say anything, at all.

He has wandered away from the Pinnacle, though not very far. His limbs move until he forgets to tell them to do so, and then they move on a little farther before they still. Darkness blankets the sand. Wind slices in against his skin and he shivers, but he doesn't seem to notice. His gaze is upturned, his dark eyes following the stars. They are foreign stars. Not even the same sky his friends look upon back home. And do they miss him? Do they think him dead? They are fading, now, from memory. Their voices, their faces. The crash of the waves on the rocks.

He needs to do something.


If you only listen with your ears I can't get in

ooc// Finally x) Open to any others, as well.