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What It Is
Fight Siren's Summit 
Currently championing: None

You have a goal. It thrums in every beat of your heart, a red, red song: Vengeance. Vengeance. Vengeance. Not just vengeance, but justice. Dominion. Ruin. If your mind wanders, all you need to do is recall the ruined landscape the Rift made of Helovia. Recall the glory of your grandmother's silver light on the ice and snow. Recall the soft mist and distant voice of the sea out past the World's Edge.

All gone, now.

You're going to punish this place. You're going to find every one of its beating hearts and rip them out and pulverize them until bleeding out is all the Rift knows. But despite your best intentions, you've achieved nothing yet, and nothing is all you'll have if you to continue to dream. You need to work. You need to teach Savera, too, harder things than lying and making up stories. But for now, you're alone: just you, fit and dark and already a little damp with sweat as you make circuits around the lake, racing your reflection in the ice, occasionally beating your stunted wings. You need to build up your endurance. Your lung capacity, your flight muscles, everything.

Difficult to do alone.

Breath pushing hard from your chest, you pause. Hoof prints surround you, several circuits around the frozen waters outlined in the snow. Just a warm up, really. You need something to push you a little harder. Someone like —

Not your mother. You thought of your mother, but not her anymore. She isn't here. She isn't greater than you now. She is.... in the past. You need to conquer something new. Something fierce. Your head lifts and your eyes sweep the sky, hungry. It's an empty vault of pale, pale blue above you. Clear and terribly cold, but you don't feel much cold with the blood surging under your skin. It's quiet, this place. Peaceful, even.

“Come ON!” You thunder at it, and your hind limbs jet your body up to perform a little hop, hooves churning up snow. Your tail thrashes, and you still, snorting, begging something to try you.

countdown to selfdestruct

Open spar :)
Currently championing: Vourib
he had been strutting along when he encountered the other stallion. Who was agitated about something. "Come on!" The he yelled. Challenged. Hertz cocked his head as he looked at the other horse from behind. What was up with this one? Seemed most people were nuts in this area. "Not sure who you're talking to cuckoo." Hertz said. "But it doesn't seem they're interested in give you any time." He smiled. Tail flicking lazily. He tossed his head and held it high. Like a proud cock as he pranced around the other to face him. His young blood was running hot today. He was bored and had way too much time to kill. Might as well have a bit of fun with one horse he had seen. Too bad it was a dude. This would have been much more fun it if were a mare.

@Virga (Sorry it is short!)
Currently championing: None

A voice from behind you: arrogant, lazy. You spin, sparks in your eyes, to face him. He's a storm cloud, larger than you, winged but lacking a sword. Breath pushes from your lungs in a plume of smoke. “Virga,” you correct, your tone cold. Dark eyes follow as the stranger prances before you, all arrogance and stupidity. Your horn lowers slightly, unintentionally, as your ears turn back. Maybe the Rift gives you nothing good to kill today, but it does bring you something. Something to hone your skill against.

You don't care for his name, so you don't ask. You don't care if he's Rift-born or a cousin, right now. Anger burns in your veins, pushes against the taut walls of your heart. You can smell testosterone and arrogance rolling off him, and it all sparks against something in you. You're here,” you say, and step forward, almost smiling. Almost. The implication in your tone remains unspoken, but perhaps obvious: You'll do just fine.

“Spar me,” you demand, tail cracking behind you. As of now, you retain at least enough courtesy to announce your intention before attacking. Your eyes burn, though as you look at him. Wondering if he will leap to attack upon command, or if he'll need persuading. Though larger, you think him stupid, probably unseasoned. He might be a stronger flyer, but if you keep him on the ground, he can't use that, anyway.

And you have your grandmother's blood.

countdown to selfdestruct

ooc// No worries! You can take the first round if you'd like :)