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» June/July 2018 Survey Results
Currently championing:

Overall the results of the survey were immensely helpful and we truly appreciate you all taking a bit of time to answer it for us! We'll be breaking down the questions and talking through the responses and some changes we are going to work with!

The majority of you have experienced the Rift as something positive, with 22% stating you feel Neutral about your experience here, 33% have found it Good, and 44% have found it Very Good! This is of course great news to us, it makes us feel like we are heading in the right direction. Most cited the community as a reason for remaining here, along with the setting and practically endless possibilities plot-wise. Hearing that we have a strong and friendly community is very heart-warming, and we’ll strive to remain open and welcoming to all. <3

In terms of the Rift Force, it seems a majority of you like the system and think it's easy yet difficult enough to be something you can achieve. That being said, there were some of you that let us know that you were confused by it, which is okay! We've updated the guidebook with a FAQ section that might help to answer some of your questions. Also if you have questions that aren't covered by those do let us know! We're here to help in any way we can :) you can PM us, ask in the help desk, or message one of us on discord!

Fighting was another section we want to work on. Most of you wanted a revamped fight system, which we can work on! There were some feelings about the dice feeling unrelated to the actual fight and some of you that want to introduce another stats system. This in mind, we've been thinking of how to change up the fight system and we have a few ideas. Stay tuned for a new Fighting system near you!

Stealths was system that had some varied feedback. Most haven't used it, some have no opinion on it, some liked the idea of adding "bribery" as an option, most are in favor of keeping the "must have seen the item to steal it" rule. And the rather important notion of "we have easy access to trials, do we really need to take stuff from others?" was raised. One said, "I don't think anyone likes having their stuff taken", and some of us have, in the past, observed a lot of unhappiness stemming from item stealth. If we did end up getting rid of the item stealth portion of it, your characters could still steal but they would be more of an IC thing rather than roll/admin controlled. An example would be instead of an official kind of stealth if Kiada wanted to steal something from Rixen, Yoko and Skylark would plot it out and have it happen where she steals something or attempts to. One thing about this that we like is that there wouldn't be hard feelings between each other over someone stealing items! And if you got a trial task that asked you to steal something, it wouldn't have to be done officially. Another great example of this is when Roscorro stole Kiada's faceplate entirely IC with Tech and Skylark plotting it out OOC wise.

As for character stealt, we intend to keep it as a feature, though rework the system. We sympathize 100% with those who find the current system confusing, and intend to rework it, along with the Fighting system, to make more sense.

There was an overwhelming amount of you in favor for lowering the founding requirements for herds temporarily! We agree with this, as it would allow more herds the chance to start out. It would only be a temporary fix to adjust it lower so we can gain a couple more herds to give the Rift some variety.

Many of you had a blast during the Reign of Kaos/Hope SWP! Which we appreciate as we were striving to make sure it was fun and interesting to be a part of! There were some that felt it was too fast at the beginning, but I think as time went on we slowed the pace a bit that made it easier to become a part of. There were also some results from you that said it felt a bit hard to integrate into which we will keep in mind in future SWPs to make it easier for new people to join in on!

When it came to the layout, the results of this survey were good! We got some great feedback from you on things you wanted to see and are currently implementing some of them into the new layout :) We're working on a more neutral (color wise) layout that's a bit more stylized than the one currently. We're also working on adjusting a few things to make it a bit more user friendly. We've also added in the option to be able to collapse board sections you might not use all that often! We also wanted to let you all know that if you preferred the first layout or any other ones we might have in the future, you can change the skin you're using via USER CP > Edit Options. Down on the bottom you can change what skin you're using :)

There were some feedback on the font and font size. We are using 16px, which is the industry standard for web pages, and we’re unlikely to move away from it. Which font size you prefer can vary depending on your monitor’s size and resolution. In most browsers you should be able to change the font size (without zooming the browser, I think) if you feel it’s too weird on your eyes. Of course, we’re always open to dialogue about font family choices, in case somethings turns out to be unpleasant on the eyes for the majority we’d not want to keep that font!

Overall, the responses were incredibly helpful and we hope to keep improving things here! We truly appreciate each one of you as we work on making the site bigger and better. Of course if you have suggestions in between when we ask for them occasionally, don't hesitate to let us know!

Changes that are a direct result of this survey

Rift Force:
* The required amount of posts for a thread to be valid for Rift Force is lowered to 6 posts, down from 8 (threads still need valid IC conclusions, and each character still requires 3 posts each in order to be eligible for RF).
* In addition to that, we've cleaned up the RF claim list, since a lot of things just aren't applicable atm, and we're not sure when they will be.
* We've also removed the "teach or be taught a 'life skill'", as it was super vague what it actually meant
The entire system is being reworked.
The entire system is being reworked, possibly item stealth will be removed.
Founding requirements are lowered to:
two designated leaders, with a total of 40 posts between the two of them (meaning one can have 39 and the other 1)
at least two additional founding members
all by four different players

Additionally, the number of herds that Rift can support has its numbers lowered to 1 herd per 10 active non-Newcomer characters, down from 1 herd per 15.

How long these changes will remain in place, we don't know.
Currently championing: None
Unrelated to the survey, we've abolished the max 5 active characters rule. There's still a cap if you try to activate "too many" at the same time, but I'll be removing it over the next couple of days. Just give me a poke on Discord if you should run into any problem with it in the meantime.
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