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hold me in your heart
Trial Halyven 
Taivas the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Reszo
The wind of Freeze is like a pen scraping over too dry a paper.  It whistles through her pale mane and claws at her ear drums, causing her to lose all sense of time.  Taivas is flying without a particular course; she continues to explore the land void of the song of spirits.  Normally, she would have just returned to the sorrowful realm overseen by Uwaritace.  However, with the land below obscured by snow and ice, the shaman ends up traveling west quite by accident.

Instead of finding the remnants of lush forests, she finds a city decorated in ivory.

Shocked, the girl descends toward the pillars of white; never before had this gentle soul seen buildings - she wouldn't even know the word for them.  Instead, her eyes run amazed over the surface of the stonework, mesmerized by the geometric shapes and stark lines.

Unlike anything in nature, Halyven had been purposefully crafted by skilled hands.  Nature often was shaped by accident - by violent or gentle forces of nature.  Mountains, for instance, she knew were caused by a violent upheaval of the earth, while canyons were eroded slowly over time by the steady hand of water.  Trees held up their branches to the light, seeking nourishment for their leaves, bending their limbs and competing with themselves to get more sunlight.  So, this city stood in complete contrast to everything the shaman knew of nature.

She was dumbfounded.

Her hooves carefully touch down upon the smooth surface, cold to the touch, and listen to the clack they make.  Completely normal for landing upon rock, though these are peaks unlike the mountain ranges she recognized.

"How peculiar," is all she can seem to manage.
So seize the day 'Cause you have come so far
Watched a million frowns turn into smiles
Lost all track of time Felt the energy of a million stars
You'll feel love again after the rain

[ ooc:  Taivas must convince someone she loves them for her trial!
@Roscorro ]
Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
Roscorro had not laid eyes upon the quiet mare in sometime. That did not stop the smile that brightened his face, however. "Taivas!" He boomed as he worked his way closer to the mare, his great head dipping in his usual greeting. "It has been too long, far too long!" His long tail swept over the ground in a pleased manner as his great wings unfurled. He had left the part of the city his herd had claimed to explore the old ruins and scout for possible roamers in search of a new home. He never imagined that he'd encounter a familiar face today. It was a welcomed surprise after being hold up within the herdlands for so long.

Unlike her he knew of buildings, though up until he had come to the rift had only ever been described them by his mother and other friendly servants and guards. It wasn't until he had come to this city that he learned of their true grandeur. Now they were a normal sight to him, though they never lost their beauty in the eyes of the stallion. They were truly magnificent works of art. If she'd allowed Rosco would reach out and brush his nose against her's, ever careful not to scrape another with the sharp ridge of horns on his face.


You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though.