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A Dance of Light & Shadow
Open Glowworm Woods 
K'yarie the Hopebringer
Currently championing:

The world glowed. Thousands of shimmering lights like undo a galaxy of living stars. Clung to every leaf, every plant, every tree. Like luminous dew made of liquid starlight. The darkness was alight with their hushed hues. The world was liquid diamonds and fairy dust. Starlight drifted through the trees. The soft pastel colors of the glowing orbs casting the forest in hues of pinks, green, purples, and blues. Their whispers of an ancient tongue forming together in a chorus of song. A hushed undertone to the haunting beauty of the voice that drifted through the air.

The beautiful voice sang in a language long lost. A tongue she knew only from the spiritual orbs that followed her celestial being. The elegant voice drifted through the trees. Wrapping the night in its haunting grip as the singer slowly walked through the forest. She was a creature born of starlight and shadow. A goddess clothed in the mysteries of the heavens. Her main and tail drifted within in invisible breeze. Glowing softly like the tail of a comet as its gaseous form vailed her in a celestial veil made stardust and light. The silver chains and purple purls danced within her main's floating form. The silver and purple resting against her forehead like a delicate crown. It rested against her pure white forehead. Glinting in the light of the forest and its master.

Stars and galaxies swam within her ebony pelt. She was the embodiment of the heavens in her nightly gown. An ethereal being as she seemed to glide through the woods. The shadows danced as they reached for her. The starlight shimmered. The spirits drifting around her in a beautiful, ghostly waltz. She was a creature of elegance and power in its purest form. She held a grace far more striking than that of a swan. A commanding presence that gripped your soul with movement and form that transfixed the eye. Tantalized the mind. A elfen goddess wrapped in the wonders of the universe. A hushed reverence filled the night air as she ghosted through the forest. The notes of her song continued to intertwine with the night as light and darkness played. Like it so often did upon her skin. A deeper reflection of this goddess's soul.
talk talk talk talk
Tell me a story
About how the sun loved the moon so much;
He died every night
to let her breath.
image credit to TayaRavena @
Currently championing: None
This place reminds you of someone.

You hate it — that anything in the Rift should remind you of her. But you can't raise yourself to anger as you enter the trees. They glow softly back at you: a forest of stars, a night sky brought low. And even if it is only a trick, even if it's just the Rift, it reaches somewhere deep into your heart and grips you tight.

Your gait is long and languid as you move, your thoughts shifting back through years and seasons to the sound of a voice you haven't heard in far too long. The memory of being safe. Protected. Loved. It's a cruel thing almost, but it draws you in and you are deep between the trees when the sound of song drifts to your ears: soft and haunting, like a dream. In a different place, you might hear a trap in it and bristle. But here you feel heavy, your body a dense weight. Here you can only prick your ears and turn your wandering in that direction. Maybe whoever it is opens her mouth and swallows you. There would be worse things.

She is also a piece of the night sky, and the first glimpse of her stops you cold. Stars — reflected in your eyes. She is a ghost, or something like a ghost. She isn't real. You've never met her before, but you feel you know her. Breath pushes audibly from your lungs. You don't notice the trembling in your legs. In your wings. You don't have a language for what you want to say.

So you don't.

light shines brighter in the dark