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A Flame in the Dark
RP Wanted The Portal 
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I had a dream you were two towns from me —
Rixen began to offer some information about Helovia that it appeared he gathered from other inhabitants, and immediately Rexanna was curious which creatures it had been and if she knew them, yet before she could mull over it much longer they were switching the conversation to another celebration. Bobbing her head slightly, she offered Rixen a small smile – a strange mirror image of what Kiada’s smile looked like, before speaking. “Ah, yes. The snowy one?” She questioned quietly, her voice a deeper lilting than Kiada’s but their tones remained ever so similar.

But then Rixen was talking of herds, and the name that left his lips had her ears perking straight forward and her eyes grow a bit wide. “H-Halyven?” She stuttered momentarily, her tail swishing slowly across the ground as she thought about the implications. She barely even heard Rixen mention that there was someone there she’d like to see. A small frown crossed her features briefly before she looked away from Galahad and Rixen, a sudden shyness taking over her with her anxiety. So many terrible things had happened to her in Halyven. She wasn’t quite sure if she wanted to return just yet – let alone with those she didn’t know very well. Perhaps it would be best for her daughter to be there with her for that.

So she shook her head slowly and offered an apologetic smile to the stallions. “Halyven is a… very rough place for me. I would like to come but I’m afraid I must wait a bit longer. If you see my daughter, Kiada, please let her know that Marembo and I are spending our time in the Rainforest.” She offered as politely as she could before looking to Galahad and offering him a smaller smile. “We should meet again and speak of your father, soon, should you wish Galahad.” Her head swiveled then to Rixen. “It was very nice to meet you Rixen and I hope I should see you again at Halyven when I’m ready.” Her smile grew slightly wider but it was still somewhat pained.

Then, after offering them both a polite goodbye, she and Marembo began their decent back to the Rainforest Cliffs.

— got to sleep,
spent the whole night running.
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@Galahad @Rixen IM SO SORRY I DIDNT REALIZE IT WAS MY TURN ;_; Also Rex is just going to go have a bit of a panic attack so she's not going to Halyven just yet <3 but SOON