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Open Halcyon Flats 
Oh, my tongue's the only muscle in my body that works harder than my heart

Nothing was right.

Snow flurries eddied in the air around him as Korri took wing. Southeast from Halyven: toward the strange, shifting expanse of light before the water's edge. He expected it to be a quick flight: scout the area and head back home. Check for his raven. High visibility, low chance of failure. But the weather darkened the longer he flew, and his shadow moved quick and jagged over the shifting terrain below. As the wind picked up, his flight path deviated from its usual smooth pattern, and he found himself fighting to stay aloft.

Halyven should have been directly behind him. It was not. It was not ahead, either. Or to the left. Or the right. It was … nowhere. Just an endlessly flat horizon and ice cracking under his hooves when he scooped low, wing tips fanning the earth's surface. His shoulders ached. A gust of wind struck him broadside and he hit the ground. Immediately sank fetlock deep in the soft footing. "Oh!" Korri said aloud, startled. He hopped back, but the stuff was everywhere, half frozen and sucking. His wings flapped; mud flecked his feathers. For a brief instant, an insane certainty filled him and he knew he was about to die.

Then he stilled.

Breath heaved in his lungs, pluming pale in the cold air but snatched away quickly by the wind, lost in the growing abundance of snowflakes scattered throughout the air. Korri found the footing less treacherous if he stilled, so he decided to remain still, wings slowly folding against his sides as the wind tore at them. Frowning, he peered into the gale, but Halyven still refused to appear.

"This is your fault, you know!" He shouted irritably. He didn't quite dare to move.



Despite the freezing cold, I've somehow managed to put on a little bit of weight since the head meeting. Lady certainly was happy about that fact. But one look at me, mainly by anyone who had known me in Helovia would clearly show I was no longer the innocent child I had once been. Life, specially life in the Rift has taken it's toll.

But I had to let that all go, if I was going to do as my bonded so desperately wanted me to. Lady was bouncing along ahead of me as we explored for the first time in what felt like forever. What I had not expected to find, was a different version of the land the Helovia Gods had pulled to Helovia. This looks, very similar to the flats I remember.... But at the same time, different. I don't exactly know how to explain it. "This is your fault, you know! I look around in confusion and Lady growls at the words.

I see nothing but snow right around me, so instead I call out. Who's there?! My emerald eyes frantically searching for the source of the voice. Lady moves closer to me, almost defensively. Was there really danger around? Or have we just had each other to rely on for so long, that we default to defense automatically.

talk talk talk talk

But my heart's been hurt a couple times
By a couple guys that didn't treat me right
I ain't gon' lie, ain't gon' lie
Oh, my tongue's the only muscle in my body that works harder than my heart

The storm answered back. "Oh," said Korri. The bitterness dropped out of his voice, replaced by surprise. Wings shuffling, he blinked back the flurrying snow. He spied no one at all, and wondered briefly if it was a trick. Magic, or something. Hallucination before the onset of hypothermia. Except — he wasn't so cold. Aware of it, surely, but he had suffered harsher nights than this. Ears pricked, Korri hopped forward. Paused. Wings fanned despite the wind tugging them this way and that.

"Hello!" Korri called out. He leapt forward again, hooves sticking in the strange footing. Half-frozen but annoyingly soft, it clung to the thick hairs on his lower legs. He glanced down, grimaced, glanced back up again. Was that a figure just a little ways ahead? Or blowing snow? He went in that direction anyway, having nothing better to do and feeling a little embarrassed at having his private thoughts overheard. "I don't mean any harm!" he called out as he went. "I'm…. well, rather lost, actually…." His voice dropped as he spoke until the last bit was just an embarrassed murmur. Wasn't he a scout? Scouts didn't get lost... Korri especially didn't.

He hopped forward again, uncertain, something primitive and sleek in the back of his mind warning against following the sound too far. If it was a trap? Something hunting? So he hung back, waiting for her to say more. To tell him what she was doing out here, alone, with a storm coming in.