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Where We Belong
Open Kingdom of Halyven 
Rixen the Vine King
Currently championing: Vjanta
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"Getting an early start is for the better. We’ve got a lot of ground to cover." I began, walking out into the open space before the city’s entrance. The sun was just coming up over the treetops in the distance, bestowing brilliance in a coalescence of yellows and oranges and reds in the sky. Moving would keep me warm. Frost clung on to the tips of each blade of grass, which crunched beneath my hooves with each step forward. The soft crackling sounds were soft, yet rhythmic, and almost pleasant to listen to. With each steady breath, a plume of white steam was visible in the biting cold air around me. I wondered if it snowed here, why I hadn’t seen any quite yet, or if the delicake white flakes alighted only on the north, swirl of white washing the world anew. It would be my first winter in the Rift, and considering the harsh weather in all other months of the year, the question came to mind of what it would be like as temperatures cooled. 

In the meantime, we were on our way to scout out our borders. Take a look around. Because in the Rift, it was impossible to predict what might be lurking just outside our safe city walls; it was a necessary part of establishing this place as our home to clearly delineate our boundaries, and keep careful watch over them, for the safety of our herd. Today, we would do just that. In the future, I thought it would be a good idea to send out patrols as regularly as possible. I hadn’t discussed the idea with Roscorro just yet, but surely he would agree. It was a precautionary measure, after all. From what little taste of herd life I’d had in my past, I remembered meticulous watch over the borders. I definitely did not want to follow in the hoofsteps of the herds I’d known. The rational side of me, however, knew that this one was a logical enough idea that seemed safe to borrow. With all of this in mind, I cast a glance over my shoulder, looking back to check up on how the rest of my herdmates were fairing. Perhaps they would have further suggestions regarding where to set our borders or other security measures, which remained a work in progress as we settled in.


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it only unveils the beauty of the dark


Here we are! :D
@Kiada @Korri @Roscorro @Eira
{Image: untitled_drawing_by_indelyde-dceus9t.png}
Currently championing: Reszo
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An unfortunate fact about Korri's new herdmates: too few of them owned wings. His were folded loosely at his sides as he trotted along after Rixen's long stride, breath puffing in the early morning chill. The cold found little purchase in Korri's thick winter coat, but he appreciated the exercise. And the ability to spend some time with the others. He had yet to formulate an opinion on the herd as a whole or on either of its leaders. He thought he enjoyed Rixen's company more than Roscorro's, though, for the time being. The quieter and smaller of the two crowns held a sort of reserved dignity about his person. He seemed, for lack of a better word, gentle. Something which intrigued Korri even as he suspected it must be false.

Pallid morning sunlight fell over them as dawn broke, pink and gold filtering through Korri's pale flight feathers. Catching fire in the golden threads of his mane and tail. His curious gaze flitted from one sight to the next, taking in the ruins of Halyven and the greenery in the distance. The glow of the horizon on one side and the purple veil of shadows lingering on the other. Their hooves rang a cheerful music on the hard footing beneath them. It was… in a strange way, nice. To be part of something again. Surrounded by allies.

But Rixen was drawing away. Korri increased his pace briefly until he had caught up. "This would be much easier if you all had wings," he observed lightly. "I could probably be done patrolling by now if I were on my own." He meant it only as gentle teasing — well, mostly. He also wanted them to know how skilled he was. How much of an asset he could — would — be (if he so decided). He could always take to the sky on his own, but that seemed unfriendly, and anyway he wanted to hear if conversation occurred. He no longer had Auga's hears to help with that sort of thing. But then another thought caught him, and he said, "How are the borders marked? So others know they're on our land?"


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Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
He was all for staking out their claim. It was a capitol idea to patrol their borders and claim the land they saw would be advantageous to their herd. Farmland was certainly a must outside of the section of the city that they had claimed. It would be a must for the advancement of Kiada's greenhouses and the self sustaining herd he wished to see. In such a volatile world as the rift, they needed to have a stable source of food. Along with a place to store it. He was the third to arrive, as silent as ever as he seemed to appear behind Korri in a cloud of smoke.

He chuckled at the man's comment about wings. "Very true, though a look from the ground can offer one a view of details otherwise missed from the sky." He said warmly as he came to walk beside Korri. "As for marking borders, the constant patrol will certainly leave our scent." His gaze moved to Rixen as he spoke. "I was thinking we could also build a short wall to distinguish between our farmlands and the surrounding area. It would also help to deter some of the smaller animals from preying upon the crops." His gaze swept down towards Korri then to the others, his warm smile inviting them to offer their input.

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Explorer Kiada
Currently championing: Vjanta
She certainly wasn’t running too late, as she clamored up toward where Rixen and the others were gathering. They had been on the opposite side of the land, picking up a pace of a gallop and charging their way over here. Sweat had beaded up on her shoulders and along her back, turning the white spots that trailed from her rump to nearly her withers an almost opalescent hue when the light hit it just right. They raced and raced, hurrying so they wouldn’t miss much of what was already happening, large white clouds of breath leaving a tiny trail behind her.

Luckily it didn’t take long after Rixen spoke that Kiada breezed up to them, her charcoal mane twisted and tangled in a few places, however Khairi began to do his best to detangle them as she turned her attention to her herdmates. “Sorry I’m late.” She began, pausing to catch her breath as she stilled beside Rixen, offering him a small apologetic smile before turning toward Korri and Roscorro, having just dropped in at Roscorro’s suggestion of creating a small wall. Nodding her head to him, she offered him a grin. “Certainly couldn’t hurt, and with the state of half of the buildings in the area I’m sure there’s enough useable stone around.” She answered quietly, then looking to Korri and offered him a brilliant grin.

Where to, first?” She questioned, her head tilting slightly, her muscles eager to move despite their recent run to here.

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