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Family Duties [Open Herd Meeting]
Open Kingdom of Halyven 
Currently championing:
You are late, which is unusual for you, and you don't have a particularly good excuse either. It was just something about the cold air and the cold sky and the cold ground, and the way it looked in the sparse sunlight, and how the thin air over your lightly sweating body cooled the restless energy in your veins. And that's how you find yourself having drifted further than intended. You realize it, and you wheel around, and you fly fast and hard, each breath a cold blow to your lungs.

And that's why you're a little frosty and steaming when you clatter down in the courtyard outside, sides heaving. You give yourself a thorough shake before folding your dark wings to your sides and stepping inside.

The air seems dimmer and darker, despite the light of the fires. You recognize about half of those gathered, which you figure is pretty good. It means that some strangers have heeded the call and arrived, but you're disappointed not to find the sleek dark mute one lurking in the shadows.

You wonder where he is. How he's doing.

You also wonder at the state of the mare offering her services as warrior or healer. She looks thin and unkempt, as if she has been lost for a while. You frown slightly, sidling closer to a brazier to help evaporate the sweat from your dark skin.

"I am a healer," you simply state when a suitable interval of silence presents itself.
Rixen the Vine King
Currently championing: Vjanta
These are hard times
These are hard times for dreamers
My ears perked forward, almost excitedly, as the crowd grew. It was reassuring to know that the other horses were as glad to be here as I was - I took it as a sign of strength. It was small, barely there if you took the time to notice and appreciate it. Strength was found in numbers, but more importantly, it could be found in horses coming together. I took it upon myself to ensure to the best of my abilities everyone else’s enthusiasm about the herd. We’d need all of it that we could get, because the months ahead would certainly be difficult. We would be trying to reconstruct our home from the ruins, share tasks among ourselves, and work together to make our mark on what seemed to be an uncivilized land. 

Surveying the horses that arrived to stand before Roscorro and me, I noticed many familiar faces, and several others that I did not know. Perhaps the word of our herd had gotten out, and they’d travelled to Halyven to see for themselves whether or not the rumors were true. Which, of course, they most certainly were. A smile parted my pink-colored lips slightly as my green gaze swept across the clearing, imagining what this - what we could one day become. It was just the beginning, and the possibilities seemed endless. The more rational part of me knew, though, that we were going to have to start small. 

A silvery, familiar voice was the first to answer my address. It was none other than Kiada, offering to help build our home. With an obviously delighted expression that I did not even try to disguise, my voice rang out to her directly when Roscorro had finished: "It would be a privilege to have your assistance in constructing our home, Kiada." It was accompanied by the broadening of my smile. I’d noticed her arrival earlier, although my gaze had lingered on her only momentarily before moving around the gathering of horses. It was almost impossible not to spot the mare, given the golden shimmer her fur gave off when the sun kissed it just right. Not wanting to stare, I continued to look around and think about other unrelated things while more horses filed in and the meeting carried on. At this point, I allowed Roscorro to do most of the talking, nodding along every now and then to indicate my agreement. 

My focus finally landed on a roan appaloosa mare who Roscorro had just finished speaking to. He was looking at me expectantly, waiting for me to give my opinion on what he had said. Hopefully they hadn’t been waiting for me too long, and the momentary silence wasn’t award. To me it seemed like an eternity before I’d noticed that Roscorro was giving me the opportunity to chime in. Not wanting to extend that eternity, I added quickly with a polite smile, "We are happy to provide you with a place to call home. When you are rested, you may contribute any way you wish." She looked tired, I noticed. Probably from travelling. 

No sooner had my lips closed than an unfamiliar character who spoke out, a kindly black and gold-painted filly, who claimed she could create and craft glass. Though I’d never seen a horse do anything of the like before, I was not too skeptical of her claim. This was the Rift, after all. Certainly her skills would be handy. "Welcome. I’m sure you will find a home and a calling here, but more importantly, a family. There will certainly be somewhere you can apply what you know." My voice was warm and inviting, perhaps overly so, merely because I did not want to intimidate her. 

Then a few familiar colors caught my eye - black and a bright, brilliant blue. Waker. I greeted the pegasus with a friendly nicker, happy to see him make an appearance. It hadn’t seen him around much since the last meeting with Hope. "It’s good to see you, Waker." I paused, looking him over and observing that his hair was sleek with sweat. He must have been in a rush, but there was no need to point it out. All Waker said was that he could heal, to which I replied: "I’m glad. Though I regret to admit it, we need someone with a wide knowledge of medicine… for when the inevitable happens." The words flowed out of me before I’d properly considered their grim implications. Fortunately, it probably wasn’t enough to significantly dampen anyone’s spirits. I quickly pushed any further thoughts out of my mind.  


And love lost believers

@Kiada @Sansa @Requiem @Waker <3
{Image: untitled_drawing_by_indelyde-dceus9t.png}
Currently championing:

Misael had not been sure what to think when the still unnamed man had reached out to him, beckoning Misael to follow this random stranger wherever he was taunting him to follow. He admitted it scared him a bit, I mean he had just suffered not only the pain of loosing his manipulation magic that he had worked hard and quested for in Helovia, but he lost Laz. The very thought sent a shudder through his bones and his heart ached to reconnect with his ebonite lion companion, he meant so much to Misael it broke his heart to not feel the warmth of his presence alongside his travels. Such a significant part of his life gone, just. like. that.

Misael tossed his head about trying to as if physically shake off the constant thinking within his cranium. He tried to bring himself back to reality and focus on whatever the man meant to bring him here for, he was so erringly silent the whole time but the chromed did not press on the matter of his muteness but rather took the risk in following the inky stallion who (hopefully) meant no harm as it seemed. He didn't have much of a choice so it seemed, he could have wandered around that forest for hours without being able to get his bearings. His luck was already soured and at this point, he wouldn't be fazed if something turned against him. This world was out to get him and damn, how it has managed. The magic that once blazed within him felt terribly desolate, a barren, snuffed out flame.

Misael managed to make it on the outskirts of wherever this ebonite stallion had chose to lead him, he watched as the stallion left him behind, alone again. Misael offered him a polite bob of his head in thanks, although he wasn't quite sure where he was or what was ahead of him. He was a smart enough to assume if this stallion hadn't tried to kill him yet and nothing else has, there could be something good waiting for Misael, so forward he went.

After roaming this land he came upon a gathering of several different colored equines and a breath of relief escaped from him. He was hot, sticky with sweat, his tresses were tangled with mosses and vinery and his legs were sliced up from the blind run he took through the portal. He would need a healer for a particularly nasty cut on his hindquarters, but this was all for later. Misael was sure he looked like quite the mess to approach what appeared to him to be a herd meeting, but he was lost, tired, and he had no other option but to try to make something out of himself here. He tried to look as non-threatening as possible, he approached another ink-colored stallion with blue lining lacing with the onyx of his coat. His muzzle cracked a small acquainting smile to the black stallion and then turned his attention to the speakings of this meeting. He was awfully late, but when there was the chance to introduce himself, deep, rumbling words spilt from his azure lips, "I am Miseal. I was once the lead sleuth in Helovia and wish to help in any way needed, I was brought here by a black stallion of name I am not sure but I do wish to aid if you may have me." He said with all the regality and respect he could muster. God he was so exhausted and the stinging pain of the seeping wound on his ass didn't quite help either. If any god wanted to be on his side, he prayed that he had found safety and distraction.

OCC: hopefully not too late, Seiji brought him here I've just been too busy with school to get this up. PS Mis is gonna need a healer if any healers wanna thread w him after this. Stands near @Waker

Explorer Kiada
Currently championing: Vjanta
i wish that i could say i am a light that never goes out —
An agreeing sentiment from Korri was all that Kiada needed, shooting him a grateful look and crooked smile. Soon enough, however, Roscorro’s attention slipped to her as he dipped his head to her, remembering her idea of a greenhouse. Nodding excitedly, Kiada offered him a grin. “I agree.” She admitted, though she’d be lying if she said her chest didn’t puff out at the praise she also received from Rixen. Soon, however, a small voice piped up into her mind and Kiada’s head swiveled to see where the voice had come from – her eyes landing on the small frail child she had faced the Metus with and relief swarmed through her at the sight of the girl here with a home. Dipping her head to the small child, she offered her a warm smile. “I’d be honored.” Her voice was quiet enough that it wouldn’t impede those that were offering their choices, but she let her gaze fall on Eira to make sure the child knew she was speaking to her.

Another voice piped up, however, one that Kiada hadn’t seen before in response to the greenhouse idea. Her pale lined ears swiveled, and she turned to try and face the girl, nodding and offering her own smile. She’d make a point to try and find those that offered their services for the greenhouse to try and get a plan in motion of the location and creation of such a structure – but the girl’s glass crafting ability and rain would be immensely beneficial, especially with Freeze here. Then, the black and blue stallion – one she still hadn’t met officially – spoke, mentioning that he was a healer and Kiada smiled quietly to herself, watching as all the pieces began to fall together.

A few more arrived, and Kiada’s gaze swiveled to a disheveled man that looked like the sunset, who spoke of being a lead sleuth in Helovia and curiously Kiada eyed him, uncertain of which herd the man came from. He couldn’t have been the lead sleuth in the Basin, for that was her mother’s position. She didn’t know enough about the Edge before everything happened to be sure, but she had never seen the man before and with that, she ruled it out too. Regardless, she turned to watch the leads as they spoke, making a mental tally of also talking to Waker about what kind of plants he might require to make anything he might need.


— but I   f l i c k e r   from time to time.


Mentions @Korri @Roscorro @Eira and makes a tally to talk to Waker and Requiem about what they need for the greenhouse!

Currently championing:
Nineave stepped in with the other horses in the herd. There were a lot of them and she was startled. Nervously, Nineave quietly tried to blend in with the crowd. This place was warm and cozy, and she relaxed a little bit. Then she looked up to find Roscorro and who must be Rixen. They announced the open positions in their herd that needed to be filled. Fighting was not something Nineave wanted to do. Blood did not make her gag, but it was the smell of death that made it so. Nineave's large stature was not the best for speed. easily she could see over all the other horses gathered here except for a few. She listened as others took up empty spots in the ranks. She was too large and clumsy for medicine and dealing with delicate things. It seemed that Nineave fit in nowhere. Maybe I should not have joined. Nineave looked around at the other horses gathered hear. They all seemed to fit in somehow, but she stood out like a tree in the middle of an empty meadow. She sighed to her self and waited for them to finish so that she could leave in all the bustle. If only there were something she could do. I'll talk to Roscorro after the gathering. Maybe there was a job that I didn't hear. Nineave stood there quietly and listened to all the enthusiastic voices.


Alone we are vulnerable.
Together we are strong.
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Nineave{Image: search?view=detailV2&ccid=DDRmh8Al&id=5D...ajaxhist=0}
Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
Young Requiem appeared speaking of her amazing talents. "You're skills will most certainly prove invaluable in the restoration of our home and the creation of our greenhouses." His gaze took in all who had offered their services in the restoration of their home. "I look forward to seeing what your combined efforts bring about." So many had offered their assistance in restoring their home. He looked to Kiada, reflecting on something he and Rixen had been talking about. But that was for a future time. Joy and relief that flooded through him at seeing Waker. He had not left them! Roscorro gave him, like everyone who entered, a warm smile. He dipped his head to the man and waited until Rixen had finished speaking before pitching in.

"Though I do not possess much medical knowledge. I myself possess healing magic, so if you ever find yourself in need of any help. Let me know. " Yes, in times of great need they would need all of the help that they could get. He was not much use, but his well of magic had grown since coming here. Surely he could heal someone? He'd never actually tested his powers and did not know the full extent of them. In his mind he was still painfully weak in that regard. But he would do better. It had only been a year after all.

He spotted Nineave and smiled at her, before his attention was drawn to the new comer. Another poor soul who looked worse for wear. The giant's ears perked at the mention of a black stallion who's name he knew not. Could it be? Images of a silent man with a wing tattoo flashed across his mind. He knew not what a sleuth was, though the name gave him a vague idea. "Welcome you to our family. I admit I am not from Helovia so I am unfamiliar with the rank you speak of, though the role of a scout may come close. You are may take up the same position again, or explore a new route entirely, if you so desire."

His gaze swept out over the gathering of horses. None remotely the same. All so unique in looks and personality. He could not help but feel a warm sense of pride as he gazed upon his little family and the awe he felt when he realized he was one of their leads. He was responsible for them. Had it really only been a year since his banishment? If only his mother could see him now, she'd be so proud. "We are a fledgling herd, the first one to be formed within The Rift since the reign of Kaos and the awakening of Hope. But most importantly, we are a family." he let his warm gazing meet everyone here before continuing. "That being said, I am sure you all have further questions about your roles and duties. Questions about our growing family that you wish to ask." He smiled at Rixen, still not quite believing that they were here.


I may not be the most important person in your life.
I just hope when you hear my name,
You smile and say "That's my friend!"
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I think Rosco pretty much regarded everyone. But He directly spoke to @Requiem @Misael @Waker and he smiled at @Nineave and looked to @Rixen
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though.