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Family Duties [Open Herd Meeting]
Open Kingdom of Halyven 
You are late, which is unusual for you, and you don't have a particularly good excuse either. It was just something about the cold air and the cold sky and the cold ground, and the way it looked in the sparse sunlight, and how the thin air over your lightly sweating body cooled the restless energy in your veins. And that's how you find yourself having drifted further than intended. You realize it, and you wheel around, and you fly fast and hard, each breath a cold blow to your lungs.

And that's why you're a little frosty and steaming when you clatter down in the courtyard outside, sides heaving. You give yourself a thorough shake before folding your dark wings to your sides and stepping inside.

The air seems dimmer and darker, despite the light of the fires. You recognize about half of those gathered, which you figure is pretty good. It means that some strangers have heeded the call and arrived, but you're disappointed not to find the sleek dark mute one lurking in the shadows.

You wonder where he is. How he's doing.

You also wonder at the state of the mare offering her services as warrior or healer. She looks thin and unkempt, as if she has been lost for a while. You frown slightly, sidling closer to a brazier to help evaporate the sweat from your dark skin.

"I am a healer," you simply state when a suitable interval of silence presents itself.
Rixen the Vine King
These are hard times
These are hard times for dreamers
My ears perked forward, almost excitedly, as the crowd grew. It was reassuring to know that the other horses were as glad to be here as I was - I took it as a sign of strength. It was small, barely there if you took the time to notice and appreciate it. Strength was found in numbers, but more importantly, it could be found in horses coming together. I took it upon myself to ensure to the best of my abilities everyone else’s enthusiasm about the herd. We’d need all of it that we could get, because the months ahead would certainly be difficult. We would be trying to reconstruct our home from the ruins, share tasks among ourselves, and work together to make our mark on what seemed to be an uncivilized land. 

Surveying the horses that arrived to stand before Roscorro and me, I noticed many familiar faces, and several others that I did not know. Perhaps the word of our herd had gotten out, and they’d travelled to Halyven to see for themselves whether or not the rumors were true. Which, of course, they most certainly were. A smile parted my pink-colored lips slightly as my green gaze swept across the clearing, imagining what this - what we could one day become. It was just the beginning, and the possibilities seemed endless. The more rational part of me knew, though, that we were going to have to start small. 

A silvery, familiar voice was the first to answer my address. It was none other than Kiada, offering to help build our home. With an obviously delighted expression that I did not even try to disguise, my voice rang out to her directly when Roscorro had finished: "It would be a privilege to have your assistance in constructing our home, Kiada." It was accompanied by the broadening of my smile. I’d noticed her arrival earlier, although my gaze had lingered on her only momentarily before moving around the gathering of horses. It was almost impossible not to spot the mare, given the golden shimmer her fur gave off when the sun kissed it just right. Not wanting to stare, I continued to look around and think about other unrelated things while more horses filed in and the meeting carried on. At this point, I allowed Roscorro to do most of the talking, nodding along every now and then to indicate my agreement. 

My focus finally landed on a roan appaloosa mare who Roscorro had just finished speaking to. He was looking at me expectantly, waiting for me to give my opinion on what he had said. Hopefully they hadn’t been waiting for me too long, and the momentary silence wasn’t award. To me it seemed like an eternity before I’d noticed that Roscorro was giving me the opportunity to chime in. Not wanting to extend that eternity, I added quickly with a polite smile, "We are happy to provide you with a place to call home. When you are rested, you may contribute any way you wish." She looked tired, I noticed. Probably from travelling. 

No sooner had my lips closed than an unfamiliar character who spoke out, a kindly black and gold-painted filly, who claimed she could create and craft glass. Though I’d never seen a horse do anything of the like before, I was not too skeptical of her claim. This was the Rift, after all. Certainly her skills would be handy. "Welcome. I’m sure you will find a home and a calling here, but more importantly, a family. There will certainly be somewhere you can apply what you know." My voice was warm and inviting, perhaps overly so, merely because I did not want to intimidate her. 

Then a few familiar colors caught my eye - black and a bright, brilliant blue. Waker. I greeted the pegasus with a friendly nicker, happy to see him make an appearance. It hadn’t seen him around much since the last meeting with Hope. "It’s good to see you, Waker." I paused, looking him over and observing that his hair was sleek with sweat. He must have been in a rush, but there was no need to point it out. All Waker said was that he could heal, to which I replied: "I’m glad. Though I regret to admit it, we need someone with a wide knowledge of medicine… for when the inevitable happens." The words flowed out of me before I’d properly considered their grim implications. Fortunately, it probably wasn’t enough to significantly dampen anyone’s spirits. I quickly pushed any further thoughts out of my mind.  


And love lost believers

@Kiada @Sansa @Requiem @Waker <3
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