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Family Duties [Open Herd Meeting]
Open Kingdom of Halyven 
Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
They had been a herd for nearly long enough. Things should be progressing, evolving, growing. But they weren't. They were resting a stagnant stand still. Those within their herd drifted about without purpose. Without a clear goal in mind. Without duty. They held no job or vision to guide them. Roscorro felt hugely responsible. It was partly his job to guide those within their herd. To set them on a task that they could work towards. A means to better the herd and make them feel accomplished, valued, included.  Idle hooves were never a good thing.

Today would put a stop to it. Today They would all find a purpose within the herd. Within the family. Today they would put their discussion into action! He stood beside Rixen, his fellow leader, as the Crowns of the herd. His stomach was tying itself into knots of nervous energy. Yet outwardly he appeared cool and calm.

Was he really doing this? Was he really about to address those within the kingdom as it's leader? It still hadn't completely sunk in. It was all like some weird dream. Now it was all too real as he waited. Thankfully, the inner voice held its tongue today. It seemed it was curious to see how this went down. Eagerly waiting for the stallion to make a fool of himself.

The Crowns had designated the keep as their meeting place today. The stronghold of the Kingdom and the only space large enough to house a herd that would hopefully grow to startling numbers. It's thick walls would keep out the biting winter wind of the Freeze. Flames crackled within the great braziers that lined the walls, providing warmth and additional light. Kept lit twenty four seven, same for the fireplace off to one side now that the Freeze had come.

Roscorro let his magic flow through him, the healing art releasing heat from his body. Though it held no direction, it did provide the massive tribrid some warmth. Surely Rixen would be able to feel it as well, keeping them at a pleasant temperature. It held a calming warmth then helped to settle Rosco's growing nerves. The winter sun shone through the stained glass window. Lighting upon the Dragonheart's great form and bathing him and his armor in an array of rich color.

He had summoned the helm atop his head, allowing the antler to lay out in full display. The white smoke wreathed around him and Rixen, offering its rejuvenating effects to hopefully help bolster them as they faced their herd-mates. He looked to Rixen and smiled. He was sure he could not have stood here so bravely if the man was not beside him. His calm, gentle nature was a welcome presence. His wise friend was surely one he would lean on in future seasons as they both filled their role as Crowns.

Though he stood tall and straight, head held high. His eyes still held warmth and kindness. He radiated it, and not just because of his magic. He would have a smile and a nod of greeting for every single horse that entered the keep. Whether they chose to address him or not. Member or otherwise. Yes, the Crowns had opened the doors to any outsiders. This had been a predetermined meeting and they had asked their members to spread the word in hopes of giving others a chance to come. Whether they had, he did not know. He hoped new faces would come to investigate and hopefully join. His heart skipped a beat as the first horse appeared.


I may not be the most important person in your life.
I just hope when you hear my name,
You smile and say "That's my friend!"
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This is a herd meeting for not only members, but anyone that wishes to have their characters join The Kingdom of Halyven! Word has drifted through the land on the lips of members and stranger alike. Feel free to say they heard it on the wind. =) All are welcome and any interested parties may join and receive a rank and task within this thread!

Did you miss the initial entry? NO PROBLEM! The doors to the keep will remain open for any stragglers to drift in. It is a warm and dry place to visit. Your brain child is more than welcome to pop in or leave at any point in the thread! (Though keep in mind the RF requirements if you want to use this thread for Rift Force purposes! <3)

@Rixen @Kiada @Nineave @Vynter @Waker

@Korri @Kyros (Tagging you guys in case you are interested in throwing your babies in)
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though. 
Currently championing: Reszo
Oh, my tongue's the only muscle in my body that works harder than my heart

Rest and time had done for him what little else could. Korri flitted from one rooftop to another, stretching the muscles he had so recently crippled with abuse. They had begun the morning with some protest, but as the day went on, he regained the mastery he was so accustomed to possessing. His body still functioned as if should. This knowledge alone brought him vast relief.

With a last quick loop, he spiraled back down the streets of Halyven, hooves ringing as they struck the stone. A chill wind whistled through the ruins, but Korri paid it little mind. His thick winter coat, more than halfway grown in when he had arrived in the Portal, now shrouded his lithe figure in its protective layers. He was no stranger to cold; Osslen's temperatures dipped far below these in the dead of the white season. Korri was quite comfortable as he shuffled his wings back into place and blinked up and down the streets. He supposed he was well enough recovered to leave the people of this place behind and broaden the perimeter of his search for Auga, but he wondered if this was truly the most prudent course of action. Was it not better to have a home base? To have allies?

He mulled this over as he turned toward the keep, opting to walk the rest of the way rather than fly. It would give him some time to keep thinking, and he had so much to think about since his abrupt arrival. The people of Halyven seemed kind, though it was such unblinking kindness Korri could not quite bring himself to trust it. Nevertheless, it was a gentler place than he had expected, and he could find no good reason to leave it behind if it wished to have him. Where had he to go? Once he found Auga, they were still outcasts. Still exiles. Still homeless unless they wished to give themselves to the embrace of the sea.

If they could even find their sea.

Korri sighed, his breath pluming in the crisp air. He could see the most logical path laid out before him. It was only a tendency to overthink which prevented him from embracing it. A sort of emotional stubbornness. He could always leave if he needed to. He had survived thus far; he would continue to do whatever he must. So it was an easy decision, really... Or, it ought to be.

He paused only briefly at the entrance to the keep, his head lifting so he could stare up at the top of its face high, high above him. He had a sudden desire to fly around and land on top of it, but he was fairly certain he had caught word of a meeting or some such thing going on today inside, and well, it was probably better to attend than to make himself absent. He had all but decided his course.

He ducked inside at a brusque pace, unwilling to allow his indecision to seep out into his body language. He conducted himself with a curious posture instead, head up and ears forward, wings sweeping loosely back. His time in the city had convinced him the people of the Rift were for the most part enormously overgrown, so he hoped to find a place somewhere near the front of the gathering, nearest to the leaders, where he could hear them speak. He kept an eye out for Kiada, wondering if he might spot her inside, but he didn't quite see her yet. Only the rows of braziers filling the place with golden light, and the great figures of the two crowns standing in their places before everyone else.

A strange sensation: that he had done this before. The memory of entering a different but similar place, of pacing down stone hallways. Another lifetime. Like straddling the line between past and present. An unwelcome roiling in his stomach, like an instinct: Get out get out what are you doing? But neither Roscorro nor Rixen were his father.  He could wait. He could wait and see. It would not be a trap.

He prayed he would not regret it.

He offered both the men a friendly nod as he came to stand still, waiting to hear whatever it was they wished to discuss. He could announce his intentions later, if necessary. There would always be time.


collect your tears, shoot 'em down
even giants hit the ground
Rixen the Vine King
Currently championing: Vjanta
These are hard times
These are hard times for dreamers
Today was the day - the day of our first herd meeting. At last, Roscorro and I had called all of the horses in the herd to gather before us. After some previous discussion, we’d decided that in order to function as a herd should, the herd would need some sort of ranking system to be implemented. Each horse would need a specific job and task, so that they might contribute to Halyven in a way that would suit their skills best. 

I stood beside Roscorro at the head of the group of horses that were slowly emerging from among the spires. Though he towered over me, I was no less imposing of a creature. My head was held high, hair cascading down the elegant arch of my neck, and my eyes glittered with an almost childish fervor at what was soon to come. We had waited for this moment for a long time, and our moment had finally arrived. 

Though I was not sure that we were doing the right thing, it was a step in a direction. Perhaps not necessarily the right direction, but a direction nonetheless. That, and it seemed I’d never be one-hundred percent sure of anything that I did in the Rift. And that left me with one choice: to act, and cling to the belief that somehow, somewhere along the line, something good would come of it. Of course, I wanted only the best for my herd, and the knowledge that it could not be guaranteed gnawed away at me from the inside, but there was little that could be done to alleviate it. Not yet. We’d agreed on one key point: establishing order within the herd was imperative, or the city would never be repaired. I just hoped that what we’d come up with would last, and would not raise any conflicts among our people. It shouldn’t, but the possibility was always there. 

Any rays of self-doubt within me did not leak onto my features. I suspected Roscorro might feel the same way as myself, but if he did, he too did an effective job of hiding it and maintaining his cheerful, yet calm stature. Neither of us could believe that Hope had made us the leaders of this herd, but the reality was quickly sinking in as we realized that there was much to be done, and with Freeze quickly settling upon us, there was little time to do it. The time to act was now. And so we did, for the sake of the herd.  

"Thank you all for coming," My voice resonated rich and deep throughout the clearing, "Roscorro and I have decided that in order to more effectively divide up duties among us, we will need to establish a ranking system within the herd. And I think that we can all agree that it doing so will be immensely beneficial to creating a livable home here. We have settled on a few key roles, but we have left room to create more if need be." I began, looking over to Roscorro to make sure that he was in agreement with everything that I was saying. Then my gaze floated back to the gathering crowd, where it spotted many familiar faces, searching for signs of approval. "To protect the herd, and our borders, we will need horses who are capable and willing to be our strength, to learn to fight. We will need some of you that are interested in learning the trade of crafting to begin fortifying the city walls. For those of you who prefer to contribute to the herd more peacefully, we will need horses to learn the ways of healing so that they may aid the sick or the wounded. And we will need messengers, to carry our voice to parts of the Rift near and far." As I gave an overview of the various ranks that would need to be filled, it occured to me that it might be wise to ask for volunteers first, rather than beginning by dealing out ranks right away. "I encourage you to speak up if you believe that you skills would be suited to a particular rank." I added at last, waiting to see if any one of the horses standing before me would give a response. Simultaneously, one silver-tipped ear flicked back toward my fellow leader, listening for Roscorro's voice to fill in any missing gaps and add onto what I'd said.


And love lost believers

@Roscorro :D
{Image: untitled_drawing_by_indelyde-dceus9t.png}
Explorer Kiada
Currently championing: Vjanta
i wish that i could say i am a light that never goes out —
Hurry, Kia.” The reprimand came from Khairi, his guttural voice cutting across her mind as she swiftly attempted to organize her things. She had accumulated so much since arriving in the Rift, it was a wonder she was able to pack it all. Through the grape vine, she had heard there was a meeting today, but there was a young part of her that thought there would be more time. Instead, it was happening now and she was somewhat far from the stronghold they had decided on, and it was only Khairi who had notified her of those that had entered already. Attempting to finish placing the armor in one section and weapons in the other, she huffed quietly to herself while Khairi remained perched on a wall, glaring down at her like a father disapproving of his daughter.

You’re as bad as Jambo.” She accused him, lifting her dark head with sharp glacial eyes – but she realized he was right. She needed to make an appearance, to find out what they had decided while everything was still forming. So she left everything in her little spot, grumbling to herself about where they’d be better placed as she picked up the little makeshift bag Vynter had reinforced awhile back, slinging it over her neck to rest along her withers. Khairi swooped down to stand along her withers to hold it in place for the time being while Kiada gathered some of her strength and left her room at a brisk pace to try and make it on time. Her muscles shifted with the movement, feeling worn from traveling and overall exhaustion of Freeze and the amount her body needed to remain warm.

At least she had her fire. It made Freeze somewhat bearable. As she made her way to the stronghold, she found that it wasn’t quite as long of a trip as she originally had thought, and she wasn’t nearly as late as anticipated. She had appeared just as Rixen began speaking, making her way through the ivory building. Dipping her head and offering an apologetic smile for her tardiness to Roscorro and Rixen, she spotted Korri and her mood infinitely lightened. Coming up beside him, she dipped her head to the smaller pegasus with a roguish grin. “Hope I didn’t miss much.” She murmured to him quietly before lifting her head to watch and listen to Rixen.

There was something about the way Rixen spoke that Kiada admired, and she found that she enjoyed the fact he was a Crown of the land since it gave her more of an excuse to simply look and admire him without it being strange. A welcome relief for an awkward girl who couldn’t decide what she wanted and was too afraid to ask what he wanted too. Her ears craned forward as he continued to speak, letting everyone know of the task of fortifying the walls and of healing. While Kiada had some experience healing – the proof was Korri standing beside her – she found that she’d be more interested in the fortifying, and perhaps even the greenhouse she had mentioned previously.

When Rixen had finished speaking, allowing time for those around to speak up, she lifted her head a bit higher and looked to Roscorro first, then Rixen and allowing her eyes to linger on him a bit longer before her announcement. “I would like to help with the fortifications.” She offered, her voice carried through the room fairly easily while Khairi crooned his own scratchy guttural sound in agreement. Then, she stood down a bit to see who else would offer their help or ideas on positions.


— but I   f l i c k e r   from time to time.


Mentions @Korri @Roscorro @Rixen :D

Currently championing: Reszo

As freezing temperatures, snow and ice had possessed the vast and varied contours of the Rift, Eira had bid a hasty retreat to take shelter in her home, Halyven. She was a creature who tolerance for such ferocious weather was slim, lacking protection between bones and skin, thus feeling the harrowing cold at a cruel depth. Curiously though, she seemed unbothered, relatively speaking, and when the biting wind whispered word of the gathering of her clan, the young horse paused her cheerful wandering to locate Roscorro, Rixen and a number of others, within the area’s keep.

To her surprise, as she strolled in to meet the tails of those who’d arrived ahead, the venue was warmer and drier than the frigidness outside; Eira quite adored the white and blue, wintry playground (the power vested through her veins was proof), though she, and her trembling core, were immediately glad for the moment’s respite. Some probably should have been familiar—the angle she viewed them from was fairly awkward—but she couldn’t readily place names to each muscular set of hindquarters, so chose carefully to place herself to the far left of their combined mass.

Roscorro’s warm smile caught her notice and the young orphan’s visible nervousness was eased considerably.

Dark eyes travelled to the tall, though a good deal shorter than his counterpart, horned stallion with the plate of gleaming gold upon his face. Eira was yet to meet Rixen properly—she had seen him only briefly at various gatherings. Something like awe-struck intimidation, perhaps greater humbleness, murmured through her expression and as he began to speak, her eyes quickly diverted shyly to the hocks small, scattered gravel which covered the grey floor, lightly, between them. The sound of his voice pried at the hard surface of uncertainty which had smothered her frail resolve—she thought it seemed warm, friendly and quite without any malice.

Rixen spoke for a good while, explaining thoughts and opinions apparently shared also by Rosco—details and mechanics of herd life, she could only presume, that thus far meant very little. Nevertheless, she nodded, mimicking many of the others beside her, and smiled along, also like they.

As the voice of the resounding tone of their leader began to dwindle, a soft rumble moved through the crowd. One or two moved to speak, though it was the familiar voice of Kiada who pulled her bewildered interest from the murk of confusion. The mare was a bold creature, brave and strong—she had warded the fearsome looking Magnus Metus away after all!—and quite truly, a personality that Eira quite admired. With ears pitched forward, stirred to life by a sudden surge of anticipating excitement, and tiny nostrils flared to capacity, the waif’s tattered wings fastened nearer; without consideration (apart from a heavy longing to be as breathtaking as the other), her unbridled thoughts blurted aloud, “Me too!”


Note - Eira doesn't have a horn yet. Also, everyone can hear her thoughts at this point.
Kyros the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Reszo
The young stallion found himself wondering once again looking for a purpose to his life. Something told him if he didn't find something to live for he would lose the hope he had found within himself. He hated being alone, it reminded him to strongly of his past. A delicate shiver ran through his young body as he shoved the dark memories away. Kyros had heard of a herd gathering in the East, that was what had set his path in this direction. if he could find a family to help, maybe he could add good memories to counter act the bad. Black eyes glinted with determination as he strode quietly through the land searching for the place that had been whispered to him.

Finally the building came into view and he lifted his head curiously. He paused to sample the air and to his surprises he picked up familiar scents. Were they part of this herd? His heart soared hopefully as he burst into a canter. His ears pricked hopefully as he ran searching for any sound that might tell him where they might be.

After a few minutes voices drifted on the air. Excitement and nerves coursed through him as he raced at full speed until the voices grew louder. He entered the building and once he was afraid he would burst in like an idiot he stopped. Taking a deep breath he composed himself before stepping into the meeting room.

Black eyes looked over the crowd his smile growing brighter and his body relaxing with each face he knew. Kyros looked up at the leaders and had to stifle a gasp. Rixen and Roscorro stood at the head of the gathered horses. He knew them both, and had worked with Rixen to clear help bring back Hope. He dipped his head to the two stallions respectfully smiling warmly.

He had arrived just in time to catch Rixen's speech. He tilted his head thoughtfully as he pondered where he would like to belong. Would he even be old enough for any position? It was worth a shot at least.

Kiada spoke before he had a chance to talk. He smiled warmly at her. He had watched her work with the trees and thought that seemed like a fitting place for her. The Eira spoke up offering to do the same job as Kiada. He allowed a moment to pass before he stepped up.

His head lifted up proudly his young body relaxed. "Sirs, I would like to join your herd." He looked calmly between the stallions eyeing them hopefully. "I promise to work hard and serve my family well. I have no blood ties, but blood doesn't always make a family." He watched them silently waiting for an answer. After a couple minutes his bass voice rang out again, "I would like to help in anyway I can, but I would like to follow the warrior's path. My family was made of warriors, and I want to carry that legacy on." He glanced at Kiada before turning back to the two leaders. He prayed silently that they would allow him to join, and follow the path his heart yearned for.
Kyros wants to join and be a warrior! He'll do whatever if he is to young to do that though.
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Currently championing: Reszo
Oh, my tongue's the only muscle in my body that works harder than my heart

More filtered in: faces Korri didn't recognize, but studied intently. Young, many of them. He wondered if this meant anything. If it was proof of the savagery of this land, or of its strange appetites, or of nothing at all. He kept his expression neutral, no more than politely curious. Still waiting — waiting for some stain on the otherwise spotless first impression the Kingdom of Halyven had made on him. It did not come.

Korri's head jerked up as he spotted Kiada's entrance. A small swell of delight rose in him as she came to stand at his side. Though he barely knew her, it was good to see a friendly face. And apparently one that considered him friendly as well! He snorted softly at her, and answered in a wry voice: "Better late than never."

Then Rixen was speaking. Getting to the meat of things. Both Korri's ears pricked up to catch the words. He was silent for a moment, digesting them, as some of the others called out to offer their services. He could .... he could do this, couldn't he? Just decide who he was going to be here? Instinctively, he reached for Auga's opinion, but of course she wasn't there. Just the echoing blankness of his own mind. The worried echoes of his own thoughts. Who am I, anyway?

Korri shuffled his wings. Took a single step forward. "I would be honored to stay on as a messenger," he called out. "I think my wings are well-suited to the task." And I have no desire to kill for anyone ever again, he thought privately. Of course, if it were asked of him, he had the feeling he would comply. What else did he know? What else was he made for? Other than to obey? He wondered vaguely if he could become someone else. Something else.

Shuffling his wings once more, Korri fell silent and stepped back. Unease surged in his guts, but he couldn't find much logical fault with his decision. He could stay here and serve them. If the worst happened... he could leave. He would be all right.


collect your tears, shoot 'em down
even giants hit the ground
Currently championing: Reszo

We had been gone for so long. Well, not really gone. We'd never left the Rift. I don't even know if there is a way out to be honest. But one day, Lady and  woke up and everyone I knew seemed to be gone. The hardest one to handle was my son... Oh how that one still stings deep in my chest. The Rift took away my son... By precious baby boy. I've been looking for him everywhere.... But i've failed. Lady casts my a worried glace as she leads me somewhere. Her words, even in the broken way they were spoken had become fewer and fewer the more I spiraled down.

My sides, once rounded with Tybalt now sink in. It's clear I am in need of several good meals, along with the fact that my mane and tail have become knotted. So much so that the pearls that are scattered among them are covered from sight. I know I am a hot mess. I own that. Time to work self. The voice startles me. That's when I see them. The group my bonded was clearly leading me towards. What I was not expecting, was to find a familiar face among the crowd. I had only seen him twice, once at his father's side and the other when Tybalt was born.

Slowly, I made my way to stand close to but not directly next to Kyros. Someone is speaking of roles. Oh shit, i've wandered into a herd meeting.... Well, one way to work on myself is to help others too right? Eh, it works for me even if thats not true. I come from a line mixed with warriors and healers. If the two of you will allow, I will serve in either way you wish.

Okay, there I said it. I'll join them and help either heal or protect.... I hope they will take me up on that offer... I think I need them more than they need me right now.

talk talk talk talk

But my heart's been hurt a couple times
By a couple guys that didn't treat me right
I ain't gon' lie, ain't gon' lie

Sansa wanders in and offers to be a healer or warrior, which you need more <3
Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
Horses began to file in. First Korri, the stallion who Kiada had brought to recover before he left to search for his companion. Roscorro gave him a nod and a smile, happy to see him here. Kiada was next and Roscorro couldn't help but notice how her gaze lingered on Rixen. Oh, was there something going on there? He inwardly grinned at the idea. Eira, Kyros, and two other faces he did not know soon entered the keep's warmth. His heart soared to see the new comers, but it also sank when he saw that there were some missing. Were they simply late? Or had they chosen to take a different path, one that took them away from the herd?

He hoped that it was the later. Perhaps they were off exploring? Vynter was certainly known for disappearing without so much as a word. The young man certainly gave the giant enough to worry about. He turned an ear to listen to Rixen as he addressed the gathering. When the crowned stallion turned to look at him, Roscorro gave a nod of support. They had discussed this earlier and he found no fault in what the other said. When he ended the tribrid simply added. {b]\"Through these individual roles we will strengthen the herd as we work for a single, unified task. To see our home restored and our herd, our family, flourish.\" /b}For they were family now, in the eyes of The Dragonheart.

He would wait for those that had come to speak, still hopeful to that more would come as they continued to speak. Kiada was the first to step forward, offering her services to help fortify their home. Roscorro dipped his head to her. "When we gathered here for the first time, you spoke of a greenhouse." Roscorro said, his gaze drifting to Rixen. This was an idea they had all thought was brilliant. Kiada had even seen it in action within her world, she held the knowledge to bring it to fruition. If Rixen found no fault in what he said, he would continue. "We'd love to see that vision come to life under your guidance. It would be most beneficial to the herd, given the harsh seasons we seem to face each year. " He would fall silent, allowing Rixen time to speak on the matter.

Eira was quick to pipe up, her clear voice ringing within his mind. She was so eager to help, it made the stallion smile. "We would be honored to have you assist Kiada in the restoration of Halyven." He said, his voice a warm rumble. His head lifted to gaze at Kyros as he spoke, both ears turned to afford him his full attention. He looked to Rixen, certain that the kind soul would not refuse him. If he saw no doubt there, he would turn and speak."That is indeed what I view this herd as, my family. Formed through bonds, forged through time. New or old, you all are apart of this ever growing family. You are welcome to join us, Kyros, as a Knight of the Kingdom of Halyven. "

His head swept towards Korri, his deep, kind eyes seeming to smile at the smaller man. He knew that he was taking a huge step forward. All of them were. Though perhaps more so for the man who had lost his best friend, his soul companion. The messenger would be a great role for him. It would also allow him to better search for his raven, without shirking his duties as a messenger. Part of their task was to spread the word about the herd. "I have no doubt you will excel within the role, Korri. We welcome you as a messenger of the kingdom."

The last to speak was a face he had never seen before. The mare looked worn and travel weary. Her body was in need of a great deal of rest and care. The compassionate heart of the Crown reached out to her as she offered herself to the role of either healer or warrior. She looked as if she needed a healer now. Or at least someone to tenderly help to restore her weary body. His own magic could heal others, but he possessed very little knowledge on actual herbs and remedies.

All he had was magic to mend that which was damaged or broken. Though others were taking on other roles, he felt that they could call on Kiada and others to defend the herd if necessary. But they did not have a healer, yet. He had not seen Waker in some time, and was concerned that the quiet man had chosen to leave. He hoped he was wrong. "Welcome, I am Roscorro The Dragonheart. Beside me stands Rixen The Vineking, we are the acting Crowns of the Kingdom of Halyven." His voice was friendly and kind. He did not know who she was, but they were not the kind to turn a soul away. He had been doing a lot of speaking, now he turned to Rixen.


I may not be the most important person in your life.
I just hope when you hear my name,
You smile and say "That's my friend!"
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We are still open for peoples to jump in and have their horses join our crazy band!
For those interested in the full list of ranks, Skylark has been awesome and added up our herd's information!
@Sansa @Korri @Rixen @Kiada @ Eira @Kyros (Did I miss anyone?)
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though. 
Currently championing: Reszo
Word of the herd meeting had spread and it was far too intriguing for Requiem to ignore. There was a time, very briefly, when she had been part of a herd. The time was so short that she hadn't been able to experience what it would have been like to live with others, all of them working together for a common goal. She was curious about what it would be like to live with others and have a place to call home instead of wandering around aimlessly, and so she decided that she would attend the herd meeting to see what it was like and if she wanted to stay.

Upon arriving it was very clear to the young girl that she knew no one in the gathering crowd. Her eyes drifted to the two stallions, obviously the leaders and the ones that called the meeting, and she recognized the larger of the two. She remembered him standing bleeding beneath a skeleton of a tree, her rain falling gently on his back and shoulders, simultaneously washing the blood from his body and making the grass at his hooves grow quickly.

There were a few others there that seemed to be about the same age as she and they both offered their services to the herd -- how strange it was that they already knew what they wanted to do with their lives. She still didn't know what path she wanted to follow, though her magic suggested she was destined for building and gardening. Almost as if Roscorro were reading her thoughts he mentioned a greenhouse. She remembered the glass greenhouse in the World's Edge that housed plants for the healers and knew that she could be useful.

"I can create and craft glass." The girl finally spoke up. "And my rain makes plants grow quickly." Obviously she would be beneficial in creating and maintaining the greenhouse and whatever other glass structures they wanted. She just wondered if they would willingly welcome an outcast into their home.

“Oh, come forth into the storm and rout
And be my love in the rain.”
― Robert Frost

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