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you look like yourself
Open Halyven  Korri's joining post!
Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
Korri was ever respectful as he spoke. Though the great stallion could tell he was losing his fight with weariness. Best not keep him waiting any longer. "I will not keep you from rest any longer." He rumbled warmly. "I trust Kiada will show you to a warm, dry place to rest." He would walk with them a moment longer before offering a bow of his head. "I shall make my leave. I hope to see you again, after
you've recovered some of your strength." The last thing Korri needed was for him to hover around like a protective mother. Though his instincts told him to do so.

The stallion wasn't a young foal and Kiada was doing a wonderful job of caring for him. She was certainly a more pretty friend to have around then a giant spike monster. That and the Crown had sensed the other felt more at ease around her them him. Though he was determined to rectify that. He'd slip away, disappearing to gather a suitable meal for their tired guest. His magic was not needed here, but he could surprise the sad man with a pleasant meal when he awoke. Nothing like a good stack of food to help one's body recover.

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You Can be king again
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@Kiada @Korri @Rixen <3333

{Exit Rosco}
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though. 
Rixen the Vine King
Currently championing: Vjanta
i have late night conversations with the moon;

"Of course," I said to Korri with a nod, gaze travelling back to Roscorro again. "It is a pleasure to have you in our herd." We’d both spoken all we’d needed to. There was certainly much more to go over with this newcomer, and much more that he would like to learn. But I think we all knew that now was not the time and place, and thus wrapped up the conversation. Korri seemed like a kind soul. I was genuinely glad he’d arrived. Even more so, I was interested to see what sort of things he knew, and what he could bring to the herd as it grew. 

Roscorro stepped away after a few more moments, leaving the three of us standing there. I supposed I was no longer needed there, either. Kiada would look after Korri, show him to the place where he would be able to sleep for the night. "Rest well." My lips moved at last, breaking the silence to wish Korri well a final time. Turning to go, I cast a final glance over my shoulder before following in the same direction as Roscorro, disappearing into another one of the city’s many meticulously crafted stone corridors.


he tells me about the sun
and I tell him about you.


@Korri @Roscorro @Kiada Rixen out! <3
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Explorer Kiada
Currently championing: Vjanta

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in every dream i dream

She could tell her companion was growing weary as she watched him briefly from the corner of her eye. The trek was a long one, and she was certain he wasn’t resting well having no idea where his companion was. When Khairi was hurt, she was an absolute mess. She can’t imagine having lost him. So she remained quiet while the others spoke, her eyes drifting to Rixen now and then soon enough everyone had drifted away, leaving the two of them to wander into the herd and find a place to rest. There were many buildings within, but some were hazardous and broken apart, hardly anything to be comfortable living in. So she thought quickly to take him toward the outer rooms, the ones that hadn’t been hit too badly with enough space in between that perhaps it would be an easy fix should there be holes and drafts.

She looked to Korri then and offered him a gentle smile. “Welcome in.” She began, her smile growing crooked as she pointed with her inky head toward the outskirts, where her own little location was. “There’s a few options this way you can pick between, or you can stay in mine for the night and we can get something else for you later.” She offered him before picking up her long ink stained legs and beginning to head toward the location she had chosen, taking her pace slow enough that his tired body would be able to keep up. She didn’t want to push him, for she understood the grueling travel – and she didn’t know where he had come from and how taxing that might have been before even being unfortunate enough to pass through the Portal.


like ashes, like ashes,
like a star burning out —

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Kiada leads @Korri toward the homes and exits as well! <3

Currently championing: Reszo
Oh, my tongue's the only muscle in my body that works harder than my heart

The conversation wound down at last. The leaders bid him farewell; Korri nodded wearily to each of them, his thoughts spinning but unable to gain any traction. "Thank you," he heard himself say. "It was an honor to have met you. Both of you." He blinked after them as they left: Roscorro massive and heavy, Rixen tall but more lithe, almost graceful. Then, slowly, Korri's head turned toward Kiada.

He felt as if a year at least had passed since their conversation in the Portal.

"I think I'd be happy to take whatever happens to be nearest," Korri responded. He was likely to fall asleep on his feet if they stood any longer. His tail flicked once before he picked up a steady pace after her, head hanging and ears loose. "I don't take up very much space," he added, not sure if he was joking or trying to apologize. He was, anyway, glad to be somewhere of relative safety, in the company of those who seemed — if not trustworthy — at least not insane.


collect your tears, shoot 'em down
even giants hit the ground