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And the rest is rust and stardust
RP Wanted The Portal 


She didn’t know how she got here, much less what this place was. All she did know was that is was dark, gloomy, and unfamiliar. Far too much of the latter for her taste. Now, she had travelled to many peculiar lands, despite her young age. She had seen places that would be unfathomable even to the most experienced of vagabonds, who, like herself, had witnessed the trials and tribulations of all walks of life in their travels. As she walked, the mare’s gaze, which was a rather unusual violet shade, scanned the path ahead - or at least as much of it as was visible in the dimly lit forest. Her surroundings were rather eerie, painted in so many shades of blacks and blues, with a thin layer of mist swirling around her ankles. Where the cool dampness touched it, her delicate skin tingled, but she tried her best not to let any of this dampen her mood. Fortunately, seldom did.

Though the world around her was not one that she recognized, Arithena was unbothered. She called no one place her home, and for that reason, she did not have to worry about being far away from home or anything of the sort. No, the world lay at the tips of her hooves, and all that her young and naive mind took away from this was that she wanted to see as much of it as possible. She had been wandering for a long time, at least as far back as her memory went. The girl had never lived in a herd. She didn’t think of her upbringing much, and her dam, who had raised her alone, had faded to nothing but a distant image in Ari’s mind. She had died long ago, when the girl could hardly fend for herself. Yet she, a small filly, had survived, and that was how she knew that she was a survivor. Arithena could battle her way through anything, not physically, of course. She struggled, stumbled through life in other ways. She always got by. This notion left her feeling rather optimistic, even as she wandered further into the trees. Little did she know, she was walking away from everything that she had ever known, although that would not amount to much. In the big picture of things, Ari was truly a blank slate. But the writing, the story, was just beginning.

At present, Arithena came to a halt. Noticing that a small branch had become entangled in her mine, the girl paused to pick it out with her teeth. When she was satisfied with its removal, she raised her dished face again, an expression of wonderment and curiosity plastered over her features. Her ears flicked back and forth, listening. She continued to pivot her head back and forth slowly, taking in all that lay before her. She saw it; she breathed it in. It wasn’t much, but then, the Rift was quite a sight to behold. I wonder if anyone lives around here, although I'm not sure I know who would want to, she thought to herself with a slight frown, hoping that she would see the sun again soon. Its warm yellow light was barely visible beneath the thick canopy of leaves. One question lingered at the back of her mind, gnawing at it, hungry for an answer: where was she?

OOC: ploops new girl into the Rift<3

Ari can create crystalline spikes that protrude from the ground. This ability is heavily tied to her emotions and can be difficult to control at times. The type of crystals that form depend upon the mineral composition in the ground.

A lotus flower whose petals, when crushed up and placed over a wound, speed up the healing process.
Rift Presence
The ground shifts beneath your feet, moving as though it were a wave. It’s a strange sensation and begins to make you dizzy as everything begins rolling faster and faster and faster. Then suddenly it stops, and there’s a gentle breeze that caresses you, picking up your mane as if breathing in your scent to remember you –

And then it is gone.
the Rift


Offensive: Can create crystalline spikes that protrude from the ground depending on her emotions, however doing so causes a few small spikes to grow on her body. The spikes can be knocked off once the magic wears off.
The Rift slightly changes her magic.

Vanity: A lotus flower whose petals, when crushed up and placed over a wound, speed up the healing process, but requires staying in water for a period of time to regrow the petals.
The Rift also changes your item.

I thought the spike magic might make more sense as an offensive rather than crafting, but let Neo or Skylark know if you prefer it the other way!

As for the item, it only has to remain in water to regrow the petals. Once they're grown, she can carry it with her wherever and for however long :)

Welcome to the Rift! :)
» Presence of the Rift «

you died screaming,
yet the monster who took your place was silent —
Aedion wasn’t sure what kept him at the Portal. He hated this place the most out of everywhere in the Rift. He also had work to do, so much of it, that perhaps the overwhelming sense of having nothing accomplished thus far had something to do with it. It was this anger from within him that he struggled, day after day, to return to his equine form. Instead, a perpetual loop of wolf in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Perhaps for a brief moment before he slept he’d return to his wings, clutching the feathers close to him whenever he could, before it was swept away with fur the following morning. The Portal had also not left a son of the Rift alone during his transfer, instead it swapped his coloring in his wolf form. During the day, the stripes in his equine form would remain a brilliant crimson red, in his canine form, his stripes were the greyish brown hue of his pelt and the rest of him were rivers of crimson.

He huffed a sigh through his nose, clenching down his sharp teeth as he scouted the Portal with those mismatched eyes, one pale and silver, the other scarred and white – luckily for him he could see clearly. It was with those mismatched eyes that he spotted the pale damsel through the trees. He surveyed her for a moment, wondering if perhaps she was indeed Helovian – but haven’t they been here for a while? The Rift pulled people from other lands too. He figured he’d get a better result of finding out through being courteous rather than fighting and finding out he was wrong later. Aedion was a blood thirsty beast, but he wanted justice. He didn’t want more blood tainting his soul than necessary. When he decided that she probably wasn’t Helovian, he managed to calm himself enough – shifting into the equine form he loved so much. Tucking his crimson barred wings in tight, he hauled his large body toward her, breaking through an opening in the trees.

His masked head dipped in greeting to her, noticing the fact she had wings that Aedion silently envied. Perhaps she wasn’t cursed as he was and could fly at any time, unafraid of barreling through the sky to an untimely death because his anger got the best of him. “Welcome to the Rift.” His gruff, baritone voice called out to her. “I’m Aedion. Who are you?” His head tilted as he realized he hadn’t talked with anyone in quite some time and perhaps being as blunt as he had been was probably worrisome. It was too late, however, he couldn’t take it back. And so he waited, patiently, for her to either respond or run.


— you are a weapon; and weapons don't weep.


@Arithena sorry it took so long ;-;



On a mission to answer the question of where she was, the girl trudged forward into the mist. She could hardly see anything ahead of her, but that was scarcely a deterrent. She wasn’t even the particularly brave sort, and yet for some reason, she did not feel afraid. The thought of being afraid hadn’t crossed her mind. Perhaps it should have, given the world that she was now surrounded by. At first glance, there did not seem to be anything good about it. Nothing that wouldn’t scare a young, delicate-looking mare who was wandering by herself. But Ari was not how she appeared - not completely. Instead of shying away from this unknown land, all she could think about was where she was, and all she could be was determined to know more about it, whatever it was called. It had to have a name. Everywhere had a name. All she had to do was find a kind stranger willing to tell her. Ari always bumped into those types in her travels. Sure, they were few and far between, but they were always there. In the end, that’s what mattered. Even if it took some searching before she found one.

It was at that moment that she stepped through an unusually large spider web, which she hadn’t noticed before it was already upon her, tangled in her cream-colored mane. It was hardly visible there, except for the dewdrops that clung to each silvery strand, glistening beneath the forest’s eerie light. “Ugh,” Arithena muttered softly beneath her breath, stopping momentarily to peel the web away with her teeth. When she was satisfied that she had cleared away all that she could see from her silken locks, Ari began on her way again, through the darkness. She marched along as if she had a path to follow, although there really wasn't one. And even if there was, it would have been awfully difficult to see, given the poor lighting of her surroundings. In fact, the girl found it rather irritating that she could not get a better look at what she imagined was scenery worth seeing when it wasn’t shrouded in shadow. Stupid darkness.

She was being watched. She wasn’t aware of it yet, as she picked her way carefully through the tangles of trees. She didn’t notice him until he stepped out into the path before her. Ari jumped back, visibly startled by his sudden appearance. In addition, his appearance was, quite literally, unlike anything she’d ever encountered before. Not in all her travels. As such, when she realized the stranger did not mean any harm (for if he had, there was no reason she would still be alive to think about it), she did not hesitate to study him and take mental notes for later. As she did, her brow furrowed slightly. He was tall. Far taller than she was, and possibly the tallest creature she’d ever seen. He was darkly colored. Glowing teal stripes ran down his neck, from his poll to his withers, where his feathered wings began. His face was permanently hidden away by a white, skull-like mask. It made him look like some sort of ghost.

Not wanting to stare at this Aedion character so long that it became awkward, Ari ever so slowly made her contribution to the conversation. “So that is what this place is called. I’d been wondering. Thank you for enlightening me, Aedion.” She offered him a gracious dip of her head, tasting his name on her tongue. When her violet gaze raised again to look at the stallion, she added, “My name’s Arithena. I seem to have lost my way and wound up here. Are you from these parts?”


@Aedion It's all good!!