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character-specific trials
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I was wondering if it would be possible to make your own, character-specific trial prompts. For example, Vroskar's magic was eaten by the rift. I want to trial to get it back. Could the prompt for this trial be when his magic was eaten in the first place? That is what would have prompted him to try to get it back, and his "curse" is that he feels very cold and ill with his magic gone. This makes a bit more sense to me than the prompt given. Perhaps there could be a "submit your own prompt" option on the trial page that is sent to the admin to be accepted/declined? This would also help keep the same prompts from appearing over and over again.

In this instance, I would just go ahead and use Rift Presence's post as the prompt, maybe edited a little bit to be more specific:

Welcome— The eyes blink and wink, disappear and reappear, moving closer; but they have no bodies. They're just the eyes of the Rift, perhaps an echo of something trapped somewhere else, stuck between realities—or it's just a trick of the light. A chorus of foreign birds ca-caw somewhere in the distance. Vines, rain-wet and shadow-dark, spring from the ground around you; they latch onto your legs, holding you fast, a hold too strong to break as they slither up your legs your chest your neck your face into your nose your mouth down your throat— Just when you think they'll fill your lungs and slowly choke you into oblivion, they disappear in the blink of an eye. Were they ever even there?

It feels as though all the blood has fled your body—that familiar warmth stolen right out from under your skin. The rift has eaten your magic. To have your magic returned to you, you must...

Seems to fit into the general motif of trials, and also happens to fit my character perfectly in-character.
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So sorry for not responding to this earlier! You posted it while I was busy dying of life an then I kind of forgot.

Due to the way the Trial system works, this would require me to make some alterations to the system, and right now I'm not sure that's something I should prioritize... :/

However, I know there's occasionally been requests for more character-specific trials/tasks, or just something similar that is more like Helovia's quests. Hopefully it's something we'll find a way to incorporate in the future!
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