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This Seems Familair
Open Kingdom of Halyven 
Currently championing: Vourib
The city was familiar enough, though the boy doesn't care. The past was the past. What he was interested in was completing the trial this world had whispered into his ear. He wanted to get it over with. Complete his tasks and then get this wacky world to repair his magic. While gathering plants from different regions was fun an all. Wait no, it was not very fun at all. He would rather be picking up women than collecting pieces of food for a messed up world. Wasn't it the thing the plants were growing in anyways? Why did he have to gather some for it? Of course, why did it want him to set stuff on fire and have a great time with a girl? (Other than the fact that it sounded like a perv that enjoyed smut). It was all random and unpredictable. He loved it!

Who knew what it would ask him to do next. He had ended up in the run down city, tracking down any old plant for his cause. He held a shriveled old thing in his mouth, plucked from the broken road, as he strutted along. He hadn't the slightest idea that he had invaded a herd's territory. Heck, he wouldn't have cared much anyways at the moment. All he knew was that he was one step closer to getting what he wanted.

He didn't even know that this land even had a herd. Frankly, there was barely a scent of the thing around him. Not much of a herd if you asked him. Of course no one was around to ask him. So why bother sharing an opinion that he didn't yet have? Still walking about like a victorious cock in a ring, the man set off to collect another plant from someplace else. The quicker he did this, the quicker he could go on the hunt for a woman.

So... Hertz is trespassing in order to collect a plant for his trial.