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Always Be Humble & Kind
Open Kingdom of Halyven 
Roscorro the Hopebringer
He was standing in the training grounds. Or what he planned to turn into their training grounds and barracks. The land was clear and flat, a fair expanse just outside of the Keep. Yes, it would be the perfect place. He paced the border of the area, plotting out the arrangements of the living quarters, exercise and sparring areas, and so on. Though he honestly had little idea what else to put here. Maybe a course they could run? He would need to consult those with more experience in constructing this place, as well as talk with Rixen about it. The two were on pretty much the same page, thus far. Both well thought out and not quick to jump to conclusions or try and power play. Roscorro felt that they could work quite well as a team, without egos coming into play.

As co-leaders this decision would not be made by one. And so Roscorro was setting about arranging the area to better present his idea. Kiada was far more knowledgeable of the greenhouses and so he trusted that project's construction to her mostly. Though he did delight in poking his nose in and seeing what was going on. The Keep was fairly easy to sort out and the market area could wait until they were more established. Safety and food first, then trade and further development.

He moved back to the barrack area. With his talons he began digging lines in the dirt, symbolizing the walls of the buildings. He stood back to survey his handy work, a smile touching his lips. "Now then. To test out our new sparring grounds..." He looked about. He was completely alone. Well that wouldn't work. Perhaps he should work out a track one could run on to exercise? Or perhaps fate would send him a willing sparring partner?


But You Cannot Break My Hope!
I'm Still Undefeated!
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oc: Rosco is looking to spar with someone!
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though.