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lovely buncha coconuts
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hey guys! I'd really love to get my characters more active since I've just recently gotten back into roleplaying, so if any of your brainchildren wanna meet my brainchildren lemme know :D I have little experience playing males so my current two characters are sort of me trying to get out of my comfort zone. I can use all the practice

I've got Varuna and Vroskar.

Varuna is a son of Volterra. He is a rift native, if anyone needs to speak to him for a trial. He is an orphan, and has been been wandering around the rift being rather antisocial. He's a bit delusional, believing the rift to be his "adoptive parent" in a way. He needs to meet people and socialize more, and maybe even make some friends if he's up to it. He's a lonely boy and is intelligent and observant, but also reckless, having a general disregard for his own safety, and a bit arrogant.

Currently, he is on trial for illusion magic. He can not recognize anyone he has met, and must:
. Float on a Velella (open thread here)
. Steal something

Vroskar is brand new and I've just posted his portal thread. I'm open to pretty much anything with him. He was born in Jardis, a mountain clan of hardy warriors. He's a warrior type, very devoted and full of feels and would do well in a herd environment where he is expected to exert himself toward a cause/protecting someone/something. He lost his blood magic and so feels very cold and grumpy. He is trialing to get it back and must commit 1 of the 7 deadly sins if anyone wants to help with that.

Also spaaaarrrrrs. All of them. With either of these guys.
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I have:

@Valkyrie who is an outspoken feminist. She is currently cursed to look and sound like a stallion and see others as their opposite gender (though she doesn't realise that bit).
@Eira (yearling) who is in the middle of a muse crisis. She is part of the herd of Havylen.
@Zahra who is just floating around achieving little - she can craft and heal.
@Noah who has only just arrived in The Portal.

You are more than welcome to thread with any of them :)
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I have a few babies floating around the Rift.

@Roscorro is one of the leaders of The Kingdom of Halyven. If your boy Vroskar is looking to join a herd, he will happily invite him (He basically invites every new person at some point). He is a kind, gentle soul and could easily put up and put down Varuna if he tried to bully him. xD He does tend to adopt younger horses, and basically anyone that is lost or alone.

@Ruwin is my grump that gets thrown at everyone. Whether he wants to be or not. He is a native and would most definitely not put up with Var. xD He isn't the most social creature, but he leads to some interesting threads.

@K'yarie is my flirt. Manipulative and conniving. She tends to be a wild card and I never know how she will treat someone. She is best buds with Valkyrie, though she doesn't go to the feminist extreme like Val. xD

@Hertz is Semp's baby that I am playing in the world. A Helovian boy who is cocky as can be. I have little plans for him beyond throwing him at people. xD
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I'd be down for Vroskar to meet @Valkyrie and @Roscorro!

Varuna and @Hertz would be great too!

Also, Vroskar and Varuna have new trials if anyone wants to help out with that
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also @Eira and Varuna! they're cousins. I wonder if they could somehow figure that out and do shenanigans n stuff

You may always use magic/force on/against Varuna (excluding powerplay).

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So, Vroskar got his magic eaten by the Rift. He's gotten commit a deadly sin to get it back. Who wants to help? :V
Kyros the Hopebringer
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Vezer and Varuna like yesterday!! They are half siblings and can do mean nasty stuff together xD
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Bumping for updated info.

Also, open thread w Varuna:
Kyros the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Reszo
He could steal something from Vezer xD That would be hilarious! Her tribal horse skull would be good, it's a family emblem thing!
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