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blood hungry
Fight Rainforest Cliffs  Kiada v. Ferro
Currently championing:

There was a throb within the beast's core; a tingle that reverberated through his hollow bones that whispered to him incessantly- you've not fought in a while.. don't you want to? It encouraged his desire to annihilate and made his muscles jerk with anticipation. Behind velvet lips, his mouth watered at the delectable prospect of a battle, his teeth itching to latch onto and tear into supple flesh.

The dense forest begins to dissipate as he moves in a southerly direction, towards the quickly approaching cliffs. Once the trees had stopped, an ocean breeze chilled the air marginally. A ways ahead were the cliffs that fell sheer from the ground with no warning, towering ramparts of stone that glinted navy and dull crimson in the slowly rising sun and continued along the east and west coast above the jade ocean whose waves perpetually crashed against it. It looked treacherous with its sheer curtains of solid rock in which bits of stone winked lazily at any fluctuations of light.

Halting at the edge of the cliffs, only inches from the steep drop, his eyes watched the crashing waves far below before sweeping the area beside him. Catching sight of a golden babe only a short way away, his brow furrowed and his tail writhed aggressively. He did not know her, but there was a sort of.. quality about her that resembled a mare he once knew. It only took him a few seconds to make an irritating connection: this was the mare's daughter- he saw the resemblance very easily now. From the gold, black, and white that decorated her body, to the more minor details such as the marking on her cheek, she mirrored her mother in many aspects. There was a bitter taste in his mind as he remembered encountering her with a draft, who he could only assume was the father.

She was draftier looking than he was- a peculiar mix of her mother and assumed father. And though Ferro deemed she was attractive, he perceived that her body was not one acutely made for the art of close-range fighting. He doubted she would be able to move and act quickly, for he'd never truly seen a draft be able to do that. With this information, he decided that close-range combat would be the way to go so she would not have the time to move and prepare attacks. Yet still, he did not underestimate her. It was very plausible she had trained herself to be lighter on her feet, with swift reflexes and movements. Additionally, she could have magic, which had always played a tremendous role in whose favor the scale tilted.

Despite the uncertainties of who she was and how she fought, he confidently began trekking towards her, his massive body swaying back and forth with every step, his blocky skull hanging low and his wings tucked firmly into his sides. She stood perpendicularly to him, facing the cliffs though by no means dancing as close to the edge as he had been. It is only in a few steps that his stride lengthens and he begins trying to move in her direction quicker, a fluid canter carrying him across the land with impressive speed. Harmless black fog begins exuding from his feathered tail, hanging in the air for a few seconds before dissipating, summoned because of the immoral thoughts that flowed through his head. As he attempts to near, he attempts to aim his sharply-pointed horn at her ribs and lungs, his nostrils flared and a poisonous look in his icy gaze. His pace only quickens as he tries to barrel into her and puncture her flank, his body braced for the impact should a connection be made.

OOC; Skylark gave me permission to have Ferro see + attack Kiada in the first post <3
word count; 622/800
move; 1/3
summary; ferro notices kiada and tries to charge towards her and then ram his horn into her side.
setting; sunrise, an small expanse of flat ground with cliffs on one side, forest on the other.


the kind of frigid not measured in temperature

{Image: caleb_by_lovelyskylark-d995h4j.png}
a cold-hearted man was once a man that once cared too much.
Explorer Kiada
Currently championing: Vjanta
golden child, lion girl — tell me what it’s like to conquer.
The last time she had traversed these woods, she was with Rixen and a strange woman, searching for these things called the Forest Walkers – these gangly, horrific looking creatures with black clouds that sprung from their lips. And the screaming. A shudder ran down her spine at the memory as she stood on the outskirts, where the trees weren’t quite as thick and she could look down throughout it to see the crashing waves beneath the cliffs. She was never truly afraid of heights, but something about this angle made her uncomfortable. How easy would it be for someone to sneak up on her and send her barreling over the edge? Sighing through her nose, she stepped away from the edge, far enough to prevent an untimely death.

But there was movement from the corner of her eye. At first there was a flash of black and white and her heart settled, thinking perhaps it was just Khairi back from wherever he was hunting. But it grew closer, and larger and her heart began thumping hard against her ribs. Her muscles dug in tight, ready to spring as she noticed it was a large hybrid running toward her without the usual curious grace most others did. No, this felt bad and dark. As he ran toward her, Kiada dug her legs into the ground, his head lowering to try and puncture her flank. Her brows furrow together, but nonetheless, she springs – swift, but as swift as a draft can truly be – before making her way toward the forests edge.

In her surprise, her flames ignited across her back, wolves of fury prowling along her spine as she stalks her opponent, a man she’d never seen before nor ever even heard of – but he doesn’t look like he’s from the Rift. And curiosity grows in her mind as she faces him, gritting her teeth against one another as she gathers her strength to try and charge into him too. “Punda.” She hisses through clenched teeth as she aims her spiraled horn toward his own chest, aiming for the side that faced her the last she saw him, realizing that she probably couldn’t get to the sensitive underside of his wings. As she nears, she pushes more magic into her flames, hoping that perhaps if her horns miss, the lick of flame won’t.

For the life of her, she can't figure out why he chose her to attack, and why it matters so much to not even introduce himself and ask her to spar with him. Instead, it seems he's out for blood, and the child of a warrior and a thief is happy to oblige.

Punda - Asshole

fearless child, broken girl — tell me what it’s like to burn.


word count: 448
move: 1/3
summary: she dodges his initial attack and regroups herself before charging at his chest with her fire magic on her back in display! Her magic is; Defensive: Ability to raise animal-shaped fire plumes along spine; shapes are dependent on emotion.