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Trial Rainforest Cliffs 

I was born to run!

"So tell me, world."
Hertz said to the wind.
"You seem to be alive, what with the way you tried to steal my magic and all. So how 'bout you give me some power?"
He stood atop the cliffs, looking to the sky over the ocean.
"Or are you not like Helovia and just go around pestering the handsome new guy?"
He turned, looking for any sign that he had been heard. Seriously, if the place could try to take, it had to be able to give. He wanted some of that power for himself. It sounded thrilling, taking power from a mysterious being. But the only reply he received was the sound of the waves crashing against the cliffs.

He turned again and frowned.
He shouted to the sky.
"Afraid to face me after being sent home with your tail between your legs, eh?"
He chuckled. A coldness swept over him. He clamped his mouth shut as he felt a presence behind him. He whirled around. Thousands of eyes watched him from the shadows. The same eyes that had blinked at him within the forest of the portal. He smiled.
"Finally came out to play, huh?"

A voice whispered to him, caressing his mind with fingers of ice. It spoke of tasks it needed for him to complete in order to receive the power he desired. He smirked.
"Bring it on."

Have sex with another. Did the rift get off on that kind of stuff?
Create a fire and burn a piece of yourself in it. Weird, but doable.
Collect flora from three different regions. What, was the presence into flowers or something?

It hissed. Hertz wanted to laugh. This was too easy! The coldness vanished as the presence left him. But the eyes remained. He scowled at them. He strutted off, ignoring them.
"Take it in boys."
He taunted as he flaunted his muscular form. Taking extra care to exaggerate the movement of his rump as he raised his tail like a war banner. One task called for him to burn a piece of himself in a fire. Easy. Still paying the hungry eyes no mind, the cocky stallion set about gathering the driest brush he could find. Which was darn hard in the wet weather that seemed to prevail in these gods forsaken lands.

Once he gathered enough wood and tinder into a pile he stomped a hoof. The earth erupted into flame, igniting the pile. But it was not the only thing that erupted into flame. With a shriek of pain and surprise the arrogant boy began the buck and dance as his flesh burst into flame. The hair along his body singed and the fire threatened to devour his skin. He dropped to the ground, rolling in the damp mud and leaf litter. The flames sizzled out. Mud streamed sides heaved as Hertz lay there, stunned.
"What the heck?!"
he finally snarled. He stood cursing and spitting as he inspected the damage. Nothing serious, but the fur was burnt and damaged on his legs. He wasn't a dumb stallion. it did not take long for things to click into place. He raised his head to the sky.
"You cheeky, two-bit, mongrel!"
He roared.
"You screwed with my magic!"
Somewhere, he could have sworn he heard a chuckle.



#### Hertz has asked for some powers. Here he seeks to fulfill one of his tasks by burning a part of him. It works, but not the way he planned. xD

Open to anyone. @Zahra
Seiji the Hopebringer

The air still stings with salt so high above the sea. It's a strange combination of sharp white and verdant green, rich and pleasant. A boundary space: on one side the open air, cold and playful; on the other the forest, humid and dark. Seiji wanders along here, his muted footfalls rendering him more shadow than anything else. A slip of black there on the edge of the cliffs.

He is watching the seabirds. Enjoying the view. Ambling along at a pace much slower than his usual. Rain sprinkles his flanks and lies in beads along the thin growth of his mane, but it doesn't fall too hard, yet. Out in the distance, the ocean turns thoughtfully in its bed. Whitecaps running back and forth over a deep blue surface. Seiji pauses to watch something break the surface, far out. Something large. His ears come forward in concentration. And he's so busy watching he doesn't smell the smoke, at first.

Then like a switch in his brain: smoke. Fire! His head twists in the direction of the scent. His dark eyes flicker toward the trees. Light-speed contemplation: fire + forest = bad news. The wood is wet, quite green, but if it manages to catch... And is that a voice? Crying out somewhere distant? Seiji's ears tilt back and he lunges forward. Races along the cliff, quiet still despite his urgency, his footfalls muffled by the new greaves on his hind legs. Only the brush crackles and churns around him, giving way to his frantic charge.

Closer now: a thin purl of smoke rising high into the pallid air. Seiji leaps a bush and then spies the stranger at last: black and gold, an animate storm cloud. Spewing verbal insults rather than thunder. Seiji's haunches tuck and his hind hooves dig in, dragging him to an abrupt stop. Then he stands breathing hard, mostly with the effort of that last exertion. His dark eyes travel over the pile of charred branches. Over the burns on the stranger's legs.

Slowly, one of Seiji's ears twists forward. The other remains back. He blinks at the stranger. Gestures toward the pile of branches. Toward the stranger again. What are you doing? Then a step forward, neck outstretched. A pointed gaze down at the burned places. Are you all right? There doesn't seem to be much fire left; Seiji doesn't worry about that. He worries more about what this tall, gangly youth is up to here in the woods with no supervision.


I was born to run!

A shadow appeared. Wait no, that was a horse. He was a dude. Hertz as disappointed and irritated. Why couldn't he find a pretty girl? Did this world just have guys in it? That was a mortifying revelation. A world with only guys. No way was he messing around with another stallion. It just wouldn't be the same. He wanted a mare, blast it!

Not only was this black guy not a mare, he did not speak. Mute or dumb. How was he supposed to tell which one he was? Maybe it was both. He seemed to be wondering what the heck had happened. Hertz thought about snapping. yes, he actually thought about his action. He thinks every now and again, thank you very much. "What, you ain't seen a bonfire before?" He asked. That thought process didn't last very long.

"Yeah, yeah. I'm fine." He breathed through his nose. Hertz had seen the question on the man's face. Why was this guy so worried about him anyways? Was he into him? In a world with only dudes, he guessed that the guy had to find some fun somewhere. No way was he into that. Of course, he hadn't actually confirmed that this world was void of women. Best to explore a bit more.

"Freak'n jerk of a world messed with my magic is, all. The fire was part of its tasks to get it set right." He scowled at the fire that was now dying. Lifting a hoof he stamped out the rest, letting out his anger on the thing.




Seiji the Hopebringer

There is a moment: where their eyes meet; where Seiji wonders if he's made a mistake. His ears turn gently back when the stranger speaks. A coarse voice. Inelegant. Impolite. A soft sigh leaves Seiji's chest. After a moment of study, he has decided this fellow has nothing of use to him, anyway.

He doesn't leave immediately. Stands staring instead, digesting the information. The fire was part of its tasks. Seiji doesn't quite understand what this means. His head tilts as the stranger stamps on the dying embers again, a petulant gesture. He must be young. He reminds Seiji a little of Valkyrie, and though Seiji wishes him no ill, he also has little desire to spend any more time with impetuous children. He feels at least a thousand years old now, alone and far away from his home.

He blinks again and gestures at the stranger's burned limb. A sort of, Are you sure? But there is little Seiji can do, anyway. With a last sigh and a kind of shrug, he turns away. He has other things to do. Other places to look. He won't waste his time here.

ooc// Feel free to stop him if you want!