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Wasteland Warrior
RP Wanted The Portal 
Currently championing:

Something wasn’t right.

It wasn’t the searing pain in his head.  Though truly he wasn’t quite sure how it got there.  But the demon was very aware of something being more than just off.  There was a weight to his body he was not used to.  The air around him was heavy and thick with a sense of dread.  Darkness danced here.  Shadows screamed.  Hungry and ravenous as they whispered.  Reaching unseen tendrils out and grasping at the edges of his mind.  But his first thought.  His first true formed thought was one that made perfect sense in the mind the craftsmen.  

 His voice seemed a bit more raspy than usual, worry thick on his voice.  The deep, smooth tones holding a bit of a draw to them that reminded him of what it sounded like when he caught a rather nasty cold that quickly became much more due to the conditions they had been sailing through.  It was amazing Ryder hadn’t gotten just as sick.  But at least the man could listen to directions on medical care.  Though he had worried more than one man should over something so simple as a sore throat and cough.  Lighting his head slowly her felt his cheek hit something.  It was boney and yet oddly plush.  Warm.  

Turning his gaze he did not bothered to conceal the clear state of shock and confusion that pulled itself over the long features of the demon.  Brass eyes widening only to narrow rather quickly as he looked at what appeared to be a wing.  
“That’s… not right… what in bloody Hell?”
  His mind was reeling, confusion wrapping itself around his thoughts and he had to force emotion from the equation and allowed himself to let his gaze sweep his own body.  Well.  If you could call it his own.
“...Well… that’s certainly new…”  

Frowning he let his head lift from staring in some shock at what he saw and allowing his gaze to turn and scan his surroundings.  Darkness hung above, mist thickly clinging to the trunks and branches of thickly gnarled trees.  The air here was heavy.  A mix of dread and pure evil.  Sighing he shook his head.  
“I’d blame yeh for this Calhoun, but this is not bloody Hell now is it... “
 Sighing he pushed himself slowly to his feet.  It was a rather uncoordinated act, trying to adjust to a new weight and the effect of gravity on it.  His mind pushed itself to the last thing he remembered.  His head seared at the feeling.  The Ranger had… she’d had a ship of the line in her sights.  Ryder, he’d ordered them to raise the red.  

After that?  


His right shoulder ached as he managed to square his weight not on two but four legs.  Slowly he dropped his gaze, frowning at the rather large gash in his shoulder.  It was long and had depth but not nearly of concern at the moment.  And it was rather hard to patch such injuries without thumbs.  Sighing he took in the scents around him.  Everything was thickly coated in this sensation of dread.  It was a rank stench that managed to choke out any ability to pick up scents around him.  Which meant locating Ryder would not be nearly as easy as he might have assumed.  At least, not where he was at currently.  And that concerned him.  Ryder could be here.  


He could be injured.  

Or there was also the high risk he could lose his control.  They didn’t know what kind of powers and beings they were dealing with and Arronax’s first thought was to try and find him.  But it was useless here.  He had to trust in the man’s abilities to adapt and survive.  It was all he could do at this point.  Sighing he shook his head slowly, forcing a breath from his lungs that left in a way he was not quite expecting or used to.  Some confusion once more fit itself to his features but the draft quickly pushed the feelings from his mind.  He had no time to worry about these things at the moment.  Sighing he focused his mind at the task at hand, throwing his gaze over his shoulder to make sure he cutlass was there.

Sure enough.  How he would use it was beyond him just yet.  The band of leather around his head told him he had his goggles as well.  He could live with losing the other objects.  But he couldn’t even begin to fathom life without Ryder.  So his mind set to the task at hand.  With no stars above or sign of the sun he knew he would get nowhere on using them as navigation.  His ears shifted as he tried to drown out the haunting whispered and mutters  Hisses and echoes that told of something lurking in the darkness.  He couldn’t stay here.  He needed to move.  Sighing he attempted a step forward.  

Oddly it came a bit easier than the first.  Something he quickly began to adapt to.  Four legs instead of two did feel odd but he learned quickly enough.  Such was the nature of the man.  He adapted and learned by doing.  And right now he chose to find his way out of here if he could and seek out his mate.  But in the process he would be searching for him.  Hoping maybe he was not far or on his trip out of this mess.  That was if one could escape from here at all.

“Yeh better be alright yeh bloody idiot or so help me Gods in Hell I am going to kick yerh bloody ass… no matter how fuckin’ attractive it is… and Calhoun I better not be the only one stuck like this.”

He snapped his tail at the thought.  The idea he might be stuck like this while Ryder was was a bit terrifying.  And certainly disheartening.  He loved the man with all his heart but he also knew reality.  Sighing he forced himself to keep moving, tucking the massive winds to his side with a slow sigh.  
“Yeh better bloody be here, love.”

‘We don’t do well without each other now do we, love?’

Ferrokinesis - Capable of manipulating metal.  Offense use.  Metal can only be used if he is directly standing on the source.  It can be drawn on from the ground.  At current level it exhausted him mentally to use this skill and stretching metal does result in the object creating before far more delicate and fragile that it would be otherwise.  However it can be shaped into weapons or tools for use.
Physical Mutations - Peagsi Wings, Sharp Carnivorous Teeth, Unatural Pel Coloration, Brass Colored Eyes
"Magical" Mutations - Higher Than Normal Body Temperature, Capability To Digest Meat
Other Details- Various Scars (Whip Marks On Back) & A Brand On His Left Shoulder
Items - Gold Earrings In Ears, Cutlass on Belt, Goggles
Enchanted Items - NONE
@Ricochet @Roscorro | Ryder will come in after Rico and Rosco, so just have him sort of traveling with them, likely brooding and growling and wanting rum and his hand rolled cigarettes... the man has issues i'm sorry.
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
The flickering eyes in the distance stray away from you, distracted for the time being by the another that smells like you do, but there’s another section of the Rift that’s ready to welcome you into its arms. While the eyes and winds are caressing the other, this one engulfs you in darkness while it searches. It tries and tries to take your magic, but with all the fighting it has left only an adjustment to it. Then, when it seems satisfied, it disperses with a growl in your direction back into the Portal.
the Rift


Crafting: Can use metal to make weapons or tools, but when used causes his legs to be coated with metal. The longer he uses it, the more of his legs are covered.
The Rift adjusts your magic.

Carnivorous teeth.
Higher than normal body temperature.
Capability to digest meat.

His scars and brands aren’t officially recorded, but feel free to include them in your profile! His normal items (gold earrings, cutlass, and goggles) transfer fine. Just link them to obtaining them here in your profile! I also adjusted the magic to be crafting as I think that’ll be more what you’re looking for (this way they can be semi permanent rather than appearing and disappearing when being used and not used, but post in the account updates if you’d prefer it the other way around.)
Welcome to the Rift! :)
» Presence of the Rift «

Currently championing:

"STUPID. FUCKING. BRANCHES," Ricochet screeched, stomping through the vegetation that snapped at his legs aggressively. He was ready to lose his shit. They had been walking for a few hours, and it didn't help that the Rift often made this place look like a damn maze when it grew bored and restless. He was certain it was altering their direction, preventing them from finding the someone Ryder so desperately needed to find. His breaths grew labored due to frustration and fatigue, and a thin veil of sweat had begun to form upon his ebony frame.

Looking at the other two irritably, he was ready to blow a gasket before tumbling out of the brush and right at the hooves of another. Slowly looking upwards he found bronze-colored eyes and a body mixed of metal and maroon. Taking a moment to assess just how giant this beast also was he sighed, slowly righting himself and grumbling,"I just can't fucking win can't I?" Giving the other a once over he stood back, shaking his molten highlighted mane looked the man right in the eyes and asked bluntly,"Are you looking for a grumpy pirate? Cause I'm sick of babysitting his whiny ass. RYDER!"

Without another thought he was turning in the direction of his two travelling companions, eyes aflame with impatience,"IS THIS YOUR FUCKING BOYFRIEND OR NOT? I'M TIRED OF LOOKING."


@Arronax - short yet very affective
Permission to do anything and whatever to Ricochet aside from maiming or killing. Tag in all posts.
Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
Glass half empty, glass half full.
Well either way you, won't be going thirsty.
Count your blessing not your flaws.
Roscorro had been rather quiet since meeting Ryder and agreeing to help. ignoring, for the most part, the two as they had their childish spitting contest. It seemed they were dead set on learning who was the most loud, lewd and obnoxious. The inner voice had quietly wondered how long it would take for him to eat them both. For once, Roscorro found himself in agreement with his voice. At least he wouldn't have to listen to them anymore.

For once, in a very long time. Roscorro was becoming annoyed. But he had made a promise to Ryder. He would help him find Arro. Which bound the dragon-kin to these two until they found the man. Who would look nothing like he was before since he was another creature before becoming a horse. Rosco still had no idea what a humanoid demon looked like. He'd never seen a human before. They sounded funny looking. He wondered if they were all as vulgar and abrasive as Ryder?

Given the diversity of horses, probably not. He followed behind, ever the diligent guard. He had lost track of how long they had been trekking through the forest before they found someone. Ricochet was as loud as ever. Rosco regarded the new man with a nod of greeting. Hopefully this was the Arro, Ryder was so eager to find. He had business to return to back home. Namely retreating into the dark and quiet to give his head a chance to stop pounding.

talk talk talk

When Rosco gets irritated, he get quiet. lol @Calhoun_Ryder
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though.