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You can't knock me down
RP Wanted The Portal 
Currently championing: Vourib
Colors, forms, death, blackness. It was a violent torrent of visions and dreams. Or were they reality? Memories. His memories. They had to be. He moved towards them, reaching out to touch them. They vanished like mist in sunlight. He opened his eyes. His head swam and he felt like he was tumbling out of the sky. But he couldn't be, he could feel the cold earth pressed against his flesh. He lifted his blue head. What the heck had happened?

How had he gotten here? He seemed to be laying within a forest enshrouded in mist. He was alone. He was not home. Slowly his memories came trickling back to him. Of the chaos, the blood, the death. His world was gone. His home and family. He was alone. Where some may dissolve into a pit of despair, Hertz refused. He would not crumble under the weight of sadness that washed over him. He was too strong for that. So he stood. His body felt stiff, as if he had been laying in that position for a long time. But he didn't remember laying down. He couldn't even recall being swallowed by the portal. Freaky.

Sapphire colored eyes surveyed his surroundings. Staring down the eyes that seemed to watch him from the shadows. A silent challenge. Just try me. He flexed his muscles, as much of a show of strength as a way to test that everything still worked. Okay, this was good. He could move. Which meant he was fine. Totally. Where others would feel upset, even frightened by the eerie woods, Hertz merely regarded them with a bored expression. It was like some bad horror story trying way too hard to be scary. it was laughable.

He flicked an ear as he turned in a slow circle. Well, the best place to start was by moving forward. He smiled. This land seemed to think that it was a big, bad place. Maybe it had a few thrills he had never encountered in Helovia? Hopefully it wouldn't disappoint him. He needed some excitement in his life. Needed to avoid thinking about his family. Had he known the living state of the Rift he would have taken great joy In poking the magical monster. Just to see what challenges it would throw his way. But he was clueless to the way this land worked. Nor was he going to stop and try and figure it out. There was simply too much to do, too much to explore. Too many ladies to find. Oh yes, he was going to have fun here! Picking a random direction he struck out. His gate a roughish swagger, his head and tail held high in confidence as the moved to face the world.

:: [ Magic: EarthxFire | Can cause the earth around him to combust and catch fire with a stomp, burning those in the area ]
:: [ Restrictions | Fire only lasts 10 seconds and only reaches a 5m radius ]
:: [ Magic: Spark (P) | During stormy weather, his lightning markings flash with bright white light in time with thunder that occurs in the sky ]
:: [ Restrictions | Of no use in battle ]

Open to anyone!
Currently championing:
Mortimer hadn’t forgotten the murky darkness that had greeted him when the portal had sucked him in. Even as he walked through the apparitional mists, neon eyes blinking as he strode by, he still remembered the confusion and the panic that had enveloped him. A ghostly world, nothing like that of his birth home; a home ripped from him before he could even know it, understand it or love it. Instead he was doomed or destined, fate had yet to decide and only in death would he truly know, to this world fit for wraiths and vampires, ghosts and cadaverous creatures alike. However, Mortimer was none of these things, yet, and still found that he did not miss his old home, the home he would never see again, a home that meant nothing to him but demise and destruction. He belonged to this world now and in it he had found a rather mundane life that he was quite happily clinging to lest it be ripped from him and be replaced with something… less mundane.

In fact, he had grown rather lazy, even as his young body grew, not quite the height he would make yet, but old enough that the golden horns atop his head were growing with some determination now. He was quite leggy still too, his cloven hooves looked rather too big for his spindly legs and a frame that he had yet to grow into. In a world of darkness and psychedelic madness, Mortimer was like a steady autumn coloured wind, passing through at a sedately pace, hoping nobody noticed him. Except Mortimer still hadn’t learnt that life rarely went the way you often wanted it to go, and instead, took great delight in doing the exact opposite.

Which was why he was staring at this stranger (or maybe openly gaping was a better term), he was a colt for that matter, with a jagged lightning bolt stark on his handsome face and a swagger that Mortimer was a little jealous about. They even appeared around the same age, yet thunder colt here looked like he wanted to take on the world more that Morty ever had, wings sprouting from his dark sides and eyes that were very much like Mortimer’s own. For a moment he said nothing, for a moment he thought about turning around, pretending he hadn’t seen anyone and continuing on with his simple day. He would have done just that too, if it wasn’t for the fact that in his daydreaming he had managed stop right in plain sight of the stranger and to just turn around and leave would be… weird.

Instead, Mortimer closed his eyes for a few seconds, reorganised himself, and tried his best to look relaxed, slipping a back cloven hoof into a lazy resting position.

“Hey spark” he drawled, “where are you heading?” a ghost of a half-smile drifted on his lips as Sunny, his dimly glowing figurine of an old Helovian relic, moved to stand next to Mortimer—and burst out crying.
Tomorrow we may come this way, and take the hidden paths that run
Toward the Moon or to the Sun.

Hertz <333
{Image: kIxUuK9.gif}
the heart it hides such unimaginable things
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
Despite the happiness that radiated from the stallion, there was a dark storm encroaching on him. With one flash, the world seemed happy and pleased. In the other, the darkness swallowed him with an electrified cloud, leaving a fizzy-static feeling in its wake as it searches him for something to take. For the Portal was still hungry, and it always needed more. When it finds his magic, it tugs and pulls, snarling in the static cloud, but cannot take the magic he has been given. Instead, it tinkers with it before leaving him alone to continue on in the world.
the Rift


Offensive: Can cause the earth around him to combust and catch fire with a stomp, burning those in the area, but sets him on fire as well.
The Rift changes your magic slightly.

Vanity: During stormy weather, his lightning markings flash with a bright white light in time with thunder that occurs in the sky.

His passive magic has been adjusted to a Vanity Mutation!
» Presence of the Rift «

Calhoun Ryder
Currently championing:

He brought with him the scent of rum, gunpowder and brine. All three offered little to the senses in this abyss however. Choked out like everything else that the Rift took. Swallowed whole by the pit that took so much from the Captain. Truly once might dwell in the furious dark ire but Calhoun Ryder was finding with each day there was more that he had not lost than had been snatched away from him. His mind lacked any memory of the events that took place.

Instead the memories danced away any time he tried to grab hold of them. With sharp eyes and smiles like razors they all to easily reminded him of what you might think the faces of these beasts that followed the long steps of the towering beast might show. A void, much like their maddening home, with skeletal grins and eyes of the brightest hues. If it was unnerving to the pirate it was nigh on impossible to tell, lest you truly knew his choices before he came here.

What he had done to gain the powers he had tacked on to those of his species. A deal made for two things and two alone. An upper hand against the Navy he hated so deeply and protection for the one person he loved above all other things. In turn he offered the souls of those he killed unto the Devil himself. It was a simple deal. His soul tied to the sea now and so long as he drew breath Arronax would be safe.

But this world.

It was unyielding and it very well might have a different set of rules. If the monster who turned him into the scourge of the sea he became could reach him here Ryder could not know. It was an unanswered question. His mind a turbulent mess and one that sought answers. Some days he might be convinced the God of Hell offered help where he could, but others he swore that everything was just chance and chance alone. It was truly and utterly frustrating. But he needed answers. If anything a simple understanding might play in his favor. But how could one grasp or understand such depravity and madness?

Offering a low growl of annoyance to the vast void he pushed onward. The teal pelt flowing in a smooth cascade as the muscles beneath stretched and bunched with each long step. The tightly corded sinew offered a definition to the titan that most did not carry. Scars gave a hint at a hard life and the gale in his eyes showed nothing but fury as the deep blue pools surveyed the land before him with scrutiny and a clear lack of mercy. He cared not for most who flitted through here. But that did not change the fact that by all accounts he felt some empathy towards them. He came into this world in a fury. One that quickly became wrath that was almost unleashed on the souls of two who in the end offered help.

Calhoun Ryder’s world focused on a single soul if you did not cout piracy, his lover of violence, the sea and the freedom these all gave him. And his name was Arronax. The man he was now, or rather equine, would never had even been brought to light without the older demon. And the idea of losing him created a bone chilling dread in the pirate. And Ryder’s soul did not process such emotions in the way most did. Instead it became fury. And the deeper the fear the stronger his choler became.

It had been his own thoughts of the man he cared for and how he would feel at such pure hatred towards those he knew nothing of that allowed him to gain control of the furious ire that took his mind. It took some time to truly dispel it but in the end he managed. If only because in the process of being led out of The Portal to seek he er pirate they found Arronax.

Now the gratitude towards the two stallion who helped him did find some way to worm its way into his choices. Which led to him frequenting the Portal for a second reason. Mists wrapped around his legs, as though of the mind to slow him down. But vapor did little at this point.

At least, for the time being.

Who knew what insanity this place could offer if of the right mind. But at the current it was harmless. The whispers of ravenous monsters lurking in shadows, eyes watching with pure interest seemed haunting but it did little to daunt you when you faced the Devil himself and went further and laughed when he attempted to strike any sort of terror in you. Ryder had gone seeking a solution and he had come out with one.

But that did not mean it was all good. His anger was unending. Far more intense and dangerous than it once was. If it was out of fear that he made his choice one could not know. It was something Ryder kept close. Sighing as the sound of a voice brushed over his ear, he turned his head just slightly to port. About 15 degrees to his left side was at least one stallion. And he had spoken to someone else. Sighing Ryder changed his course and quickly, swiftly ate up the ground between himself and the two souls in the distance.

It was a quick walk. One that had the towering mass of the pirate breaking through a line of trees with all the confidence in the world and that powerful air of danger and smothering feeling of rage rolling from him as he paused to regard those before him. The closest to him was an auburn stallion with two golden horns. The second was a taller male, holding a deep blue hide and striking orange marking that seemed to be in the shape of lightning bolts. A brow characterically arched over one eye as he regarded them for a moment. The first seemed quite relaxed while the latter was all puffed up. Amusing but Ryder suspected the colt did not know as much as he assumed.

“I’m guessin’ feathers over here is the new face…” He turned his attention from the brown male to the deep blue beast, eyeing him slowly before jerking his head back behind him. “Yeh’ll have an easier time gettin’ out the way I came, kid.” He offered a nearly vicious smirk and shifted his weight just a bit, squaring his broad shoulders. The scarred pirate regarded the two for a moment longer. “Take it yeh got names. I’m Ryder… Captain Ryder if yeh want to be formal. And yeh two, what the fuck do I call yeh besides feathers and shortstack?”

1141 WORDS - @Hertz @Mortimer - Oh look it’s a pirate sticking his nose into things and getting his swagger back
Currently championing: Vourib
One second he was proudly trotting along. The next the world was bugging out. THe lights suddenly winked out like someone hadn't paid the power bill. He stopped as the rift crashed into him. It tugged and fought, trying to steal his magic. He snarled. "Oh no you don't!" He mentally yanked back. "Bugger off! As if it were chased off by his words, the presence vanished and the lights returned. He snorted. "That's right, run off! Try to take my magic again and you'll have no tail to tuck between your legs." He glared at the winking eyes again. Were they laughing at him? His eyes narrowed and he stared them down a moment longer before turning away.

He walked off, strutting like a victorious cock. Completely unaware of the change his magic had undergone. Most would probably have been shaken by a dark presence altering the world and entering their bodies. But Hertz wasn't. He had fought back just fine and kept his powers. He was doing just fine. He strode along in a rolling saunter, only slowing when a new figure came into view. They were the first horse he had seen since entering this weird place. To his great disappointment, they were male.

They gawked at him like he was some god descending from heaven. He made sure to add an extra does of swagger and muscle rolling to show off his fine form. He was in his prime. A truly handsome and fine specimen of his breed. He didn't swing that way, but it made sense his looks would drive the guys crazy too. It certainly appealed to the ladies Heck, if he did swing that way this guy wasn't half bad looking. The guy was probably around his age and he spoke in a drawl that brought a mischievous smile to Hertz's lips. He trotted towards him, neck arched until his chin nearly touched his chest as he moved. His skin seemed to shimmer wit ha silken glow as the muscles moved beneath. Young, powerful, untested in this world.

His movements were none hostile, they even held a playful bounce as he half trotted, half danced towards the other. He certain was a cocky boy. But why shouldn't he be? He had just survived the destruction of his world and still hadn't managed to be knocked down a peg. Though would a defeat really manage to bruise him enough to cause him to change his ways? Probably not, but he never planned on finding out. "Where ever the excitements the highest and the danger is the thickest." He replied wit ha roguish glee. "The names Hertz, by the way. What's your's, twinhorns?" Hey, if this guy was giving nicknames, he was all down for it. If he complained, well too bad. He had started it.

But before any more fun could be begun, another brute came crashing through the forest like he had a personal vendetta against the bushes. Yeesh, he was a ball of fun now wasn't he? Angst and anger, party of one. Not to mention he was massive. "Huh, funny." He mused. "I thought for sure your name would be Dozer. What with the way you plowed through those bushes. What, they insult your pride or someth'n, or were you look'n to make an entrance?" He didn't leave the other stallion he had been talking to earlier. If this brute did attack they'd be better off as a team. The shorties had to stick together. Though he wasn't short by most standards, he was three hands smaller than this giant. But none of that gave him pause while he ran his mouth. Why would it? He had just told the world to bug off. What made you think he'd behave when faced with a towering mass of angry muscle?

"The names Hertz." He replied, offering a bow his wings spread out for added flare as he added. "Though you can call me Lord Feathers, if you prefer Captain." He held no fear while he spoke to the older man. Though his body language was still friendly, and jovial, he was indeed ready to be charged. Somehow he felt like he'd have that effect on Captain Dozer. What, with the way he tore in like a man looking for a fight and all. Why wouldn't he expect one to come? he hadn't bothered to lower his wings completely, keeping them at the ready incase he needed a little extra oomph in his maneuvers.

This is the day Hertz dies. xD