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Private Floating Key 
Kyros the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Reszo
The rain had been relentless, pounding away at the young stud. Growing tired of hiding all the time he decided to venture from his cave. After lots of angry cursing he finally made it to his destination; the Floating Key. He wondered around aimlessly until the rain finally ceased allowing the sun to peak out. Kyros lost himself to his own lonely thoughts. He was that kid in high school that didn't have any friends and sat at inside all summer break telling his parents he was bored. Except he didn't have parents to tell him to go outside and find something to do or they would find something for him. He could imagine his father saying that to him, 'Son so help me, if you don't go away I'll give you something to do.' He smiled weakly at that wishing he was there to tell him just that. Slowly the thoughts drifted away as he meandered through the forest.

The grullo boy thought about trying to teach himself how to fly, but quickly dismissed it. He couldn't even recall ever having seen anyone actually flying. How could he learn if he hadn't even watch anyone do it. Sighing softly he allowed his black eyes roved over the familiar foliage. His curious gaze settled on a clump of moving flowers. The colt tilted his head as she stepped closer trying to set his hooves down lightly. A tiny head popped out of the surrounding flora and turned to look back at him. It looked like a hedgehog, but it had bright flowers all over it's back instead of spikes. A warm gentle smile lifted his dark lips and his ears came forward. "Hello there little guy." He cooed as he watched the creature staring back at him. It's face switched from panic to curiosity. "You're an odd little thing, but very interesting." The creature twitched it's tiny nose examining him carefully before turning back to rooting up whatever it was eating.

Words;; 331 @Eira @Roscorro So excited!!!

I am a child of the moon
Born of the sun
{Image: GXaleou.png}{Image: 7fHJvV8.png} 
Currently championing: Reszo

She stood upon the precipice, courage wavering as the wild coastal wind towed at her frail blue figure, gazing with baited longing at the island out to sea. Eira had been waiting many more days than she cared to count for Floating Key to swim by (the concept was as peculiar as it was intriguing), and at last, it was within view - perhaps too reach, if only she could fly. Nervously, shivering with unbridled trepidation, the young orphan slipped from the slippery, slimy boulders at the edge and back to relative safety amid the gnarled woody growth fashioned by the same howling tempest into a northward incline.

Dark eyes which mirrored the murky ocean ahead of her, doubled back to examine the butchered array of silver and blue feather-work, adorning either side of her scrawny barrel. Fly, she told herself firmly, that’s what they were made to do. But Eira hadn’t flown an inch in her life, and the idea curdled the potent juices in her starving stomach. Indeed she felt sick, terrified, for the distance between the (presumably) pillow of water and this point, was a clutter of sharp boulders and hard, wet sand.

Should this fail…

But it won’t, she insisted, not for one second confident, yet the Rift beckoned her to make the leap and return the grown creature she’d been nursing, back to its rightful home. Between the slight part of her charcoal-tinted lips, the waif drew a heavy breath. Without allowing herself further opportunity to dally, Eria slid her downy ears backwards (for the Eriucla hid within the left), and lunged forward into a hobbling, hurried sprint. So slippery was the surface of that cliff right near the drop, that she nearly fell twice.

At the last moment, the yearling gathered her trembling haunches beneath her and propelled herself into the openness beyond, the sky.

Her weak arms cracked and clicked as their stunted spread revealed, and she found that the concentration required to unite their groaning movement, was enormous; far more intense than she’d predicted. What have you done! her thoughts screamed suddenly, terror striking her heart through the centre like a flaming stake. Eira’s legs flailed and her damaged wings struggled for composure. Pain resounded through the joints of each wasted arm, and she began to sob, focus and tears, melting away with the streams of chilling rain. Quickly the ill-fated bird lost momentum and though she could not see the grave upon which she now should fall, a swollen king tide’s merciful mouth opened to greet her.

With a stinging splash, she entered the thrashing current like a rock and the cold of that rising black depth gnawed  at her like the teeth, perhaps, of that hideous, horror-inspiring Metus. Though the pressure squeezed her brittle body terribly, Eira tried her best to fight, scrabbling against the pull of the undertow, of death, with every scrap of might she could muster. Fay! her mind screamed to the rhythm of every lash, Fay!… Fay!…


Note: @Roscorro @Kyros - I'm sorry, that was random and dramatic. I don't know wtf she was thinking... 
Also, she doens't have a horn yet, but the picture is too good to not use lol.
Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
He flew. His massive wings seemingly carry him with little effort as he danced upon the wind. He had not ventured far from his home, only ever entering the portal, as of late. He had responsibilities now, ones that would keep him bound within his herd lands for most of the time. But he found the occasional moment to escape and explore.

This was one of those rare moments. And he used his wings to propel him far. Eating up land, then ocean until he found land once more. An island. He circled the mysterious place, fascinated. He had never seen an island before. Never witnessed the waters touch the land on all sides as if it sought to swallow it up. But the green jewel refused to go under. He moving in closer, skimming over the treetops as he investigate the rich island. It was surprisingly close to the kingdom’s territory. Meaning they could gather food from here to help supplement their rations.

Perhaps they could harvest seeds for the greenhouses? He planned to gather some plants and fruit for Kiada to work with. His thoughts always turned to his kingdom, his family. How could he help them? How would this improve or endanger their lives. Ever since he had been named co-leader of the first herd of the Rift his thoughts were never far from them. Every action was dedicated to the kingdom and its survival and growth. Even his ventures outside the territory, though close, had a purpose. They not only allowed him to collect his thoughts, gather information, and find peace. They also allowed him the chance to meet new horses and possibly bolster their ranks. It certainly spread word of the herd at the very least.

Word of mouth was the best way to get the knowledge of the kingdom out. Perhaps a stranger told of them, though not interested in joining, would drop their name when conversing with another party who would seek them out. A circle that would hopefully lead new members to them. He passed over the island and made a wide arch out over the ocean. Positioning himself to make a landing upon the open beach.

That was when a head bobbing within the waves caught his keen eye. He angled towards it and his heart leapt in his throat when he realized who it was. Little Eira was struggling against the waves, determination set upon her face. She was headed for the island. He was instantly circling around her. He did not dare stop for fear of his mighty wingbeats stirring the waves over her head. “You’re not far now.” he said as he glided in slow circles. Like a vulture circling its meal. His voice was encouraging, masking the worry. He wanted to swoop down and lift her out of the sea. To carry her to the shore.

But he sensed the young girl’s determination. She needed to stand on her own two legs, to make it on her own. So he remained in the air, ready to help if needed. A wary eye on the sea he was sure was full of monsters. He had visions of a massive beast rising from the sea to swallow his daughter, and it terrified him. But his will to let her grow held him back. He could not always protect her. Like Vynter he had to let her do things on her own. To learn to survive for herself. But it was so hard!

He fluttered above her like a literal helicopter parent. The Dragonheart watching his herd member, his child as she struggled. As she grew. Sending down words of encouragements from the sky to the wafe-like filly. His heart slammed against his chest and had he been able to, he would have been biting his talons. With each rise and fall of the waves, with each bob of her head, his heart threatened to stop with each swell.
talk talk talk

ooc: he is going to have a heart attack. xD

@Eira @Kyros
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though. 
Kyros the Hopebringer
Currently championing: Reszo
He wished there was something usefully he could be doing instead of wasting his time every day. A snort slipped from his dark nostrils as he pondered his life. Having brought Hope back to the Rift, she had returned to him as well. Now he realized how much time he had lost feeling sorry for himself. 'Maybe it was my age...' He knew foals needed to be around their parents, or at least one of them, for several months. He hadn't had the chance to do that. His mother had abandoned him the second he had fallen asleep at her side. His father had been with him for only a few short months before he had been taken. His aunt and Granddam had been in his life for mere moments before their life had been snuffed out as well.  He sighed deeply, trying to let the pain fall away, if only for a moment.

The colt watched the creature for a while longer before the sound of wings drew his attention away. Smokey ears swiveled trying to pinpoint the sound has growing muscles stiffened. He moved swiftly half rearing as he spun around. He heard a deep voice, but couldn't make out the words over the thrumming of his hooves. Black eyes picked out the horse beast flying over the water. He stared opened mouthed at the creature. Was it some dark creature of the Rift, or a strange equine? There was no way to know without getting it's attention. He scented the air carefully drawing in the stallion's smell. His black eyes would just make out spines, horns, and scaly clawed fore legs. After his appearance really settled in he noticed he was circling above the ocean. Shifting his gaze to the waves he noticed a head bobbing in the water.

Without a second thought he launched from the beach landing with a loud splash. He had swum this water many times before chasing all fear for himself away. His metal falcon flew above him ever present as he struck out firmly against the chilly water. Before long the yearling was beside the filly then passing her. Carefully he turned and swam beside her. "Don't worry now miss, I wont let anything happen to you." He panted as a smile slid calmly over his dark grey face. "You're doing fine." He matched her ready to help if she needed it. He wouldn't allow her to go down, even if she did he would willingly go down with her.

Black eyes took in her face realizing she was about his age and a pretty light blue roan color. He was careful to keep his legs away from hers, wouldn't do any good for either of them to get hurt. He glanced up at the creature above them his eyes narrowing. His falcon flew around the beast dead eyes watching it closely ready to dive into action if the man made any wrong moves. it wasn't until he heard the stud send down words of encouragement that he relaxed and turned back to the girl. He smiled at her warmly. "We're almost there Miss, we got this!" His voice was warm and triumphant as he swam strongly beside her. They could and would do this together. He wasn't sure why he felt the need to help her. Why his heart had clenched when he noticed her head bobbing in the waves. Was this the kind of bravery his father had tried to instill in him? Would the Sun have dove in like this? Did it even matter? He was not the Sun, only like him. He shoved the thoughts away and focused wholly on the girl beside him.
Words;; 607 @Roscorro

I am a child of the moon
Born of the sun
{Image: GXaleou.png}{Image: 7fHJvV8.png} 
Currently championing: Reszo

Wave after freezing wave of brackish ocean water broke clean across her head, pushing her beneath the surface, threatening to sever her from the thread of self-preservation which kept her otherwise afloat. Eira grew quickly exhausted, her thin, wasted frame robbed of all warmth and strength, and her body could find no source of sustenance within her, from which to fuel energy. The hopeless weight of loneliness befell her, sweeping resignation through her frail mind - I’m lost now, just a tiny bubble in this stormy sea…

But all was not beyond hope.

Not one, but two shadows - eagles - soaring on through the veil of falling rain, caught her stinging eye and the tiny, sooty chin at the end of her water-swamped face struggled ever upwards, desperate to rouse their notice. “Please, help me!” …frightened thoughts reached out to them, once or twice before they’d been heard and she wished with every fibre of her being for the same to happen now. Perhaps it was their lofty vantage, or maybe her silent words had touched their minds, for the nearest swooped lower.

His figure rapidly morphed into the length of a horse, and Eira’s heart thrashed inside her tiny, trembling breast, inspired further as he plunged into the bitter surf alongside. So warm were the words delivered above the wind, that a smile flashed through the weary weight of her expression and she found herself paddling with vigour renewed - wings, legs, her entire being, thrusting and lunging as the water frothed around.

…and then dense shade fell suddenly across her.

The other bird was sailing just beyond the surf, his familiar breadth and flavour washing down upon her like vivifying sunlight. “Roscorro!” …her young, shaking mind sang out, and though she sank momentarily and accidentally lost momentum, her eyes traced the hairy line of his undercarriage excitedly. “It’s Roscorro!” …her brightened eyes told the other - the colt who struggled along beside her, and elated - encouraged by their company - Eira finally found footing upon the shore.


@Roscorro @Kyros
Note: she hasn't learned to narrow her mind's voice, so everyone can hear everything she thinks aloud (if that makes sense).