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All The Way To Hell We'll Roll
RP Wanted The Portal 
Calhoun Ryder
Currently championing:


It was a fierce roar that broke above the howling winds and crashing waves, thick with a rasp and an accent like no other. The gale behind them as strong as the one in the fierce stormy blue eyes Silence from starboard for some time as the line was dropped to the water and the timer turned over in the hands of two crewmen. Silence that was as loud as the squall that filled their sails. “TIME!” One man bellowed.

“13 KNOTS!” The reply.

Quicky it was repeated by the man who called the time. A growl, ungodly in sound fled the throat of the demon as he lifted his gaze upward. He knew all too well the reason they were slow. Well, slow for The Ranger. “RIGGERS I WANT THOSE FUCKIN’ TOPGALLANTS UNFURLED!” The silence that filled the deck Ryder had come to know well. Fear. Fear of a mast snapping in this gale with topgallants raised. But there was no hesitation in their Captain. “IF I DON’T HAVE RIGGERS IN MY MASTS IN FIVE SECONDS I’LL KEELHAUL EVERY FUCKIN’ LAST ONE OF YEH! THAT WASN’T A REQUEST! IT WAS AN ORDER!”

Boots hit the deck and Calhoun Ryder turned his attention to the rigging, watching the men climb upward. Towards the dark sky as the wind howled and the rain pelted the deck filling the air with the scent of sulfur rank and strong. The thunder growled like demons and the lightning raked the waves. Perhaps the most dangerous job one could be asked to do on a ship was serving as a rigger and certainly far more dangerous with the storm summoned by their Captain throwing rain and wind in every direction. Most often when the crew of The Ranger was forced to bury a man at sea it was a rigger. These men climbed the masts in the worst of conditions to unfurl and furl sails. The risk of slipping was great. And it was a long drop to the deck below.

But the rewards outweighed the risk for far too many. Many of whom met an early grave. And while the pirate might seem unfeeling when faced with that death it never failed to strike him hard when he lost anyone. His crew was truly the family he never had. The sea his home and losing family was always a heavy blow. But it seemed to mean something to those willing to sign on when they saw their first battle. As they watched their Captain lead the charge rather than issue orders from the deck. Ryder had one unspoken rule on his ship and it was the first one over the rail was him.

He felt the Ranger groan, sails snapping in the gale force winds and he let a smirk touch his angled, harsh features. “Helmsman bring her up into that headwind.” The man nodded and like Hell itself had spat her out, The Ranger leaped through the next swell as she found her headwind. A calloused hand set itself on the rail as he watched the men on the deck below. “SPEED?” Ryder swung his attention to the men at starboard, waiting once more for their current speed. “15 KNOTS AND HOLDING, CAPTAIN!” Ryder nodded. “That will do just fine, I want yeh boys ready.” Slowly the demon swung his gaze back to his crew.

“LISTEN UP! We’ll be on her in less than an hour. She’s goin' to fight. That much we can be sure of.  She’ll fight.  But we won’t give her and quarter!  She’s got no chance of outrunnin' us so she’ll likely try to rake us bow to stern. But she don’t fuckin’ know what we are capable of. If she does we are goin' to come about and hit her with a broadside before she can come to bear guns.” The Captain of The Ranger watched the faces of his men for a moment.

“She’s and armed ship of the line, lads but she’s dealin’ with a fuckin' First Rate Man O’War… not only that she’s dealin' with the fuckin’ crew of the Ranger. I don't know a better crew of cutthroat bastards on the seas. We take her and kill every last man on that ship!  They are just the first step boys! I promised yeh once and I will promise yeh again. England will pay for her crimes. Against yeh, against yerh brothers in arms and against every last pirate she has hung for darin' stand against her. I swear it to every last one of yeh.”

Ryder watched the faces of the men below. Smiles and nods, Confidence in their Captain despite many holding doubts with themselves. Ryder knew all too well it was their confidence in him that would see them over that rail. And he did not plan to let them down. “Yeh knew yerh duties. I want my gun crews ready, riflemen in the riggin' and the vanguard on the rail by the time she tries to bring her broadsides to bear.” Ryder watched the men set to work and his gaze swung towards what lay ahead of them. With the wind powering them forward the passenger ship had no chance. Ryder forced a breath from his lungs and set a hand on his cutlass as he watched. He could taste the thirst for blood from his crew, it was welling up in him as well. Turning his head calmly he nodded to a man to his port side.

“Run the red flag up…”

The sick grins that spread the faces of his crew brought a slow nod.  Every Navy man alive knew to fear a black flag.  Especially the jolly roger that flew over the Ranger.  But the sight of the red was enough to cause men to leap into the ocean in such terror, more willing to face drowning than meet the crew who ran up the red.  Ryder has seen men shoot themselves or turn on each other in their dread.  And he could taste the that fear as much as he could smell.  

Today there would be no mercy…

Nor any other day for any other Navy ship.

A sudden gasp shot from his throat, blue eyes shooting open.  For a moment confusion ripped across his features as he tried to place what had happened.  The last thing he knew was… the order.  He’d give the order to run the red flag up.  His mind swam with the sounds of distant cannonfire.  Men screamed and the thunder roared.  Wind howled.  And his head pounded.  Searing hot pain shifting through his head and then slowly… down.  But the angle was odd.  “The… fuck…”  Confusion pulled across his features.  Something felt… wrong.  Actually… everything fucking felt wrong.  Sighing the large male pushed him to his feet only to stumbled forward in an odd fall that met with his hands hitting the…. THOSE WEREN’T HANDS!



Atmokinesis - Ryder is capable of summoning storms.  However they are rather strictly tropical based squalls and gales.  They were heavily reliant on his emotions, anger often being the most likely to summon them, sometimes without his desire to do so.  These storms are almost strictly limited to being used at sea or on the coast lines at present.  At present these storms are short lived (no more than five minutes) and when used at full force are less than a minute long and leaves Ryder entirely exhausted up the possibility of falling unconscious/comatose.  This is due to having to adjust his powers to a new body (equine rather than humanoid)
Physical Mutations - Teal colored pelt that seems to be lightly coated in stars, similarly colored stripes on his neck and chest, Teal Hair & Blue Eyes  (Image Shows Yellow), Carnivorous Teeth
"Magical" Mutations - Higher Than Normal Body Temperature, Capability To Digest Meat
Other Details- Various Scars & A Brand On His Left Shoulder
Items - Gold Earrings In Ears, Leather Bracers On His Front-Fore Legs, Bet For Cutlass

Enchanted Items - Cutlass capable of throwing/summoning Hellfire - Draws on Ryder’s inner demon and if used too much drops his body temperature to a dangerously low level risking freezing to death from the inside.
1160 WORDS - @Ricochet - Notes
Currently championing:

He had been wandering. Meandering honestly. There wasn't anything to do. He was fucking bored. Huffing through his nostrils he trotted aimlessly in the wet vegetation. He hated the wet, the sogginess. He wanted the heat back and the sun blistering his skin with its intensity. He longed for the long days and nights where the sun never seemed to set. The hot breeze in his mane. That was all gone now, and it made him pissed off. Fuck this shit, he was gonna try and set something on fire.

That is until someone came crashing through the portal right to his hooves. Blinking rust orange eyes he gazed down at the gigantic... green beast. He was unconscious, sprawled on the ground with no signs of waking up any time soon. Shit... should he try and wake him? Maybe he should at least check to make sure that the man was dead. Taking a step closer he prepared to nudge him, but he was interrupted by blue eyes shooting open and a gasp escaping his lips. He recoiled at once, ears flat and ready to fight, but he didn't need to.

The man was slowly standing, and damn was he tall. He tried to soothe his ego but the massive difference between the two made it clear Rico wouldn't stand a fucking chance if they had to duke it out. But he remained rigid, staring this beast down with the most feigned confidence he could muster before beginning to speak,"Take a second and relax dude. The Portal's a bitch to newcomers."


@Calhoun Ryder
Permission to do anything and whatever to Ricochet aside from maiming or killing. Tag in all posts.
Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
How ironic it was! One moment he was admiring Rixen's fine antlers, believe himself unable tp pull the look of. When the next he was gifted with his own regal crown by the gods. It even had smoke that wafted from them with magical properties that rejuvenated the body. It fit in perfectly with the smoke that naturally fell from his frame like that of a wraith.

It was not the only thing he had been given. Though it was by far the most eye catching. But despite his joy at receiving the antlers, the Crown kept them hidden. Thankfully the item shrunk into a silver circlet with antlers carved into its shining metal. He felt rather awkward running around with antlers on top of his many spines and armor. He was becoming quite laden down with things these days. His armor shifted as he walked, the heavy fur cloak swishing against his skin. Perhaps he should ask to have this armor enchanted so it shrunk to a simple breastplate? This way he'd be less heavy, but still have the protection when he needed it.

He was amidst his musings when the sound of another drew his attention.  Had the rift claimed another unsuspecting soul? Curious the massive tribrid swept towards the others. His eyes fell upon a familiar form. It was the man he had helped on the sea cliffs. He smiled, happy to see him up and about. He wondered if he would remember him, he had been mostly out of it then. His gaze drifted from one man to the next. The other's scent hit him like a ton of bricks. The smell of sea and battle were upon him.

The world fell away.

He remembered the scent of the sea. The scent of gunpowder and burning tar and wood. Of cries of terror and the taste of blood as salt sprayed bodies fell between his fangs. As ships sank beneath his might. Their hulls and decks torn leaving their bellies open to the sky as he stripped them of all their treasure before sending them to depths below. He wondered if this sailor would task as good as the others. Perhaps he would be doubly good cooked in flame? Like he so loved to do with the arrogant captains that thought they could bring him down. The exquisite look of pure terror upon their face. The expression of true hopelessness that overcame them, as they realized they were going to die. The crimson flame and his majestic visage mirrored in their wide eyes, second before the flames engulfed them.

And, he was back!

The Crown fought the memories and urges that washed over him. Shutting them away in the dark, like always. Hiding the demon within him as he tried to pretend that he was all happy smiles and a good soul. How could he ever tell anyone of the darkness that lay within? The violent beast that desired to take over. The voice that belittled him and urged him to either die or leave the world in ruin. What would his herd think, knowing that he was a monster?  He remained in the shadows a moment longer as he took the time to compose himself. Once he felt he had the inner monster under control, he stepped forward. Nodding his massive head in greeting.

He caught the words of the orange and black man and smiled. "It certainly takes pleasure in tormenting those newly taken." He agreed, then added with a chuckle. "Though it was the Freeze that nearly killed me." He had seen the way the other had tried to stand, then fell. Waiting a moment for the other to take them in he asked. "Are you injured in any way?" His deep voice seemed to fill the dark forest. Wrapping around the trees like the fog. It was the type of voice capable of being heard over the worst of storms and the man had very little trouble projecting his words. Even in the low manner he always spoke, one would no doubt hear him. He rarely ever had need to shout. Had he ever actually shouted at anyone? He could no recall so he wagered that answer was no.

His observant gaze, the color of storm clouds over the sea, watched the newcomer. Looking for any sign of injury that could cause him to stumble like before. He wished to reach out with his magic to sooth the colorful sailor's emotions. But he was not the kind to intrude upon another so. He'd never force his magic on someone like that. Not unless they truly needed, like Rico had. So he waited for a response before offering to help.

talk talk talk talk
In your hands, there's a touch that can heal
But in those same hands, is the power to kill
Are you a man, or a monster?

image by Tech
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though. 
Calhoun Ryder
Currently championing:

His head seared.

Hot pain flooding itself down the muscles his neck and wrapping around his skull. A familiar sensation but truly different in this moment. The fierce stare kept itself drilled on the ground for a moment, The familiar tension wrapped itself along sinew that was both tightly corded and in all the wrong places. Between the raw pain in his skull and the ache in his muscles and what he was seeing it was easy to assume this was his own mind. The thought threw a sick knot into his throat. But that didn’t make sense. Not because hallucinations this real were not possible he had had managed to get his hands on opium or have had been drugged by someone that knew of his habit. No that part was the exact reason his mind went there first. But they had been in the midst of engagement.

The second he was told of sails on the horizon he had put down his drink. It was three hours before they gained on her. There was no way he could have been under the effects of being drugged. Which led him to believe this was very much real. Drawing a slow breath inward he let his mind sort out the actual facts that this was his body and yet not. And it was as that moment passed he managed to remind himself there was nothing he could do about the hand dealt. He could only play the cards. So the next step was adapting. Adapting and getting answers. Something he was not only knowledged in but skilled at. His concern quickly however turned to the one soul that meant more to him than anything on this earth.

He had no idea where the man was. Or what had happened. His mind as completely devoid of any memory beyond the order he gave. Faint whisps of memories he could not form into anything tangible danced just out of his grasp. Taunting him with their echoes of something he could not remember. But something brushed over his nostrils. It was a scent that oddly seemed as though it belonged. He could feel his muscles pull tighter. Raw tension winding itself into the coils as the sinew and flesh flexed and shifted. Somewhere he found the ability to snap around. Something clicking as he felt the oddest sensation.

His ears shifting backward against his skull and burying themselves into the thick of his main. In that moment his teeth bared, offering a clear view of the carnivorous ivories as he took a long step forward. Oddly enough it seemed a little more natural. His neck arching as he squared his shoulders, fury writing itself thickly across his angular features. For a moment he offered nothing but a low, ungodly growl from the back of his throat. A dark and sick sound as the storm in his eyes roared to life. The Captain could feel the thick sensation of fury. It was something he’d come to grasp in himself. And he knew well what anger could cause in him. However there was not so much as a scent of sulfur or a sound of thunder. No howling winds or driving rain. Which did beg a question as to why?

“Where in Hell am I? I want fuckin’ answers… why the fuck am I a horse and what the fuck put me here.” Ryder couldn’t truly hold back the demands. He had never been one with an sense of tact or skill socially. Truly he had two modes of dealing with anything and right now this male was seeing the first. He would fight and use whatever force needed to cope with the fury and rage burning in his chest. Without thinking he let a large hoof cut a deep scar into the earth below his hooves, letting the rage consume ever inch for him for the moment. Perhaps with intent to purge the ire so he might manage to process without it.

This would be so much fuckin’ easier if Arro was here…

A voice brushed against his ears and this one new. Off. But it did little but fuel his fury. Oh, he knew the rage was useless at the moment, but it was a phase. One he had to accept would pass when the shock did. Slowly he offered another growl without turning towards the voice itself. “No, yeh fuckin’ coward but yeh will be if yeh don’t keep right where yeh fuckin’ are.” He growled the words with no attempt to quarter given in the malice and rage in his voice. Truly his thoughts kept returning to the man he’d be speerated from. Ryder’s entire crew was his family. The onle one he’d ever had. But Arronax was more. The man held his heart and the thought of anything having happened to him only turned his anger darker and darker still.

Somewhere had the man been within reach he would have had the ability to be reminded, rather sharply of his behavior. And there had been times where just him standing there without a word often helped calm that powerful rage. Sighing slowly he tried to force his mind to remember such things. It was not an easy task. Not without him there. And perhaps it was not the best way to get the information he needed but there was one thing that kept Ryder’s fury dark and powerful and it was his deal with the Devil himself. Not something he was proud of but as a demon you could not go making bargains with any Holy being.

And thus his soul was tied to the sea itself. The conditions of which he cared not to speak of but he knew it wouldn’t be long before he needed to get to a coastline. He would worry about that detail later. His first task needed to be calming that anger and trying to see if Arronax was even hre. Wherever here was. Sighing he looked towards the equine who had stepped into view, regarding him for a moment as he forced himself to not say a word. Slowly he let his gaze turn to the other stallion. He would make no apologies. It was not who he was but he was doing what he could to take his anger back into his own control.

“...I’m Captain Calhoun Ryder of the Ranger, if any of yeh know shit about that. It doesn’t matter. I need to find someone. Someone… someone I can’t afford to lose.” He sighed and let his gaze sweep the area for a moment. “Yeh both seem to know somethin’ about… whatever the fuck this place is.” The stormy blue eyes regarded the odd trees, their gnarled fingers cutting through the must and darkness only to meld themselves together well above them in a knotted canopy. Shadows played across the ground and in the blackness eyes glowed and whispers of breath brushed along your ears.

Ryder had never been one to feel fear in the same way most did and these days it didn’t exist at all. It had been replaced with anger and hatred. And right now what he hated most was the fact Arronax was missing. It was such a deep fury he knew well what it would have been if it did not mask the truth. An unended, bottomless pit of fear and terror that the one thing that mattered above everything in his world might no longer even exist. Rather than face that he only knew to choke back his want to unleash pain and agony on everything in sight and try and use his mind. “...If yeh can show me out of this… void I’d be in yerh debt. And a pirate does not take such things lightly. I need to find him… there is no other fuckin’ option.”

That was something Ryder felt with every fiber of his being.

He had to find Arronax.

It was all that mattered.
1335 WORDS - @Ricochet / @Roscorro - Well Ryder is just a big ball of anger rn… have a very pissed off pirate cause he doesn’t know where Arro is and he’s confused and has no idea how to process fear so he just gets really angry. No idea why he hasn’t attentioned Rico or Rosco yet but I highly suspect he might try at one point. Bad Ryder. No hurting people. Especially Not the Rico child.
Currently championing:

Oh shit he was pissed. Pissed at him or the world he wasn't sure but he was big and pissed and Ricochet was not equipped to handle this at all. Swallowing hard he studied him, keeping his orange eyes locked on his brilliant blue and just searching for why he was feeling this way. The words falling from his mouth perplexed him, head tilting and ears flickering briefly as he pondered what he might mean. Had the rift transformed someone into something they weren't? Were creatures being turned into fucking horses now? Shit, that sucked. But the bigger question was-

"If you weren't a horse before what the fuck were you?" he blurted without thinking, before realizing that likely wouldn't end well. Swallowing hard he took another step back, attempting to keep distance but not breaking eye contact. After a moment of feigning calm composure he squared his shoulders more, speaking again in a much calmer tone,"You're in the Rift. This place went to Hell in a hand basket ages ago, the magic here does some freaky shit. Could explain why you're... a horse now."

Before anything else could be said another was approaching, speaking with a regal and jovial air that made Ricochet want to vomit. Yet this man also looked familiar, like a ghost in a dream from a long time ago. Squinting briefly at him in an attempt to remember, he soon grew tired of trying and turned to study the green beast once again. What the fuck did he eat that made him so big anyway?

Oh he was pissed again, and snapping with an accent like a pirate? Was this dude seriously a fucking pirate? Unreal. Watching the two silently he wondered what was to come next, ready for an all out brawl. But it seemed as if the pirate was subduing himself, lost in his thoughts and gaining composure. Just when he thought the fucker had fallen asleep he was slowly speaking again, introducing himself even. As he listened to what he had to say, something within him shifted, and before he could control it he was feeling... sympathy. Although Ricochet had no one now... he had longed to find someone long ago.

Taking a soft breath through his nostrils he swallowed once again, before looking at Ryder and nodding his head,"Fuck it. Let's go. Let's go find this someone of yours." Turning his head to the other giant man calmly he looked at him for a moment, before speaking again,"You can come if you want I guess. But don't make us wait for your fluffy ass." Without another thought the man was moving, hair glimmering in the light as he lead the way away from the portal and into the depths of its inner ring.


Permission to do anything and whatever to Ricochet aside from maiming or killing. Tag in all posts.
Roscorro the Dragon Heart
Currently championing: Caevoc
The colorful man proved to have an equally colorful mouth as he aggressively advanced on the dark colored stallion. Then he was suddenly directing the fury at him. Roscorro had not been spoken to in such a way since coming to the Rift. It was rather surprising. He almost wanted to laugh at the way his own ears shot forward at the abrasive words. The dragon within him roared, straining against its chains to get out. To rip out the man’s throat for accusing him of being a coward. But Roscorro was ready for it, this time. He held it back. Like with every unpleasant thing within him, he masterfully hid the bloodlust, the turmoil behind an easy smile. His own fangs were on full display. Ryder wasn’t the only predator here.

He normally did not hide his emotions, but he was a master at it. Having learned to hide what hurt him from his parents. Fore if they knew how much something hurt, they would drive the blade deeper. He had learn to not bat a lash when his friends were dragged before him and beaten (for the gods prevented them from harming him physically). Though he wanted nothing more than to scream for them to stop. To beg and break. He couldn’t. If he did they would suffer more. The harsh treatment of those he had cared for went on for sometime, before it suddenly stopped. To this day he did not know why. He still held the mental scars. The lessons they taught him.

He learned to take the harsh words, the degrading slander, and let it fall off his shoulder like rainwater. They were but words, and nothing more. With his freedom gained when banished, he had also grown more determined. More rebellious and fierce as he had found that he could fight back now. Could defend his friends in this world with his claws and fangs. No one was holding him back now, and he’d never see another of his family harmed again!

He did not stay where he was, like he had been commanded. He calmly, purposefully moved forward to stand closer to Rico. Like the smaller stallion, he had come to the conclusion that if the other attacked him, he would be in trouble. But then again, magic was a great way to level the field. A giant, spike monster standing next to him was also a good deterrent from charging the rust and black colored man. He stayed silent as Rico spoke, asking the question he wanted to say. But in a much more swear filled way than he would have.He had no idea the rift had the power to change other things into horses. This was a cool discovery. Though he was sure the captain would not share his sentiments.

Unlike Rico, Rosco's posture was confident, it never changed, he would not back down from a fight if attacked. But it was clear he was not seeking a battle today, merely responding with a quiet firmness to the other’s aggression. He was ready. But other than the furious words and aggressive body gestures, the other made no move to attack. Rather, he tried to control himself. And soon was asking for help in find someone. Roscorro was intrigued by the idea of a pirate. The attitude, the language was interesting. Then again Rico had a rather enthusiastic vocabulary as well as an attitude. The anger, and posture, it made no mark on The Dragonheart. It made sense, really.

He had faced gods and terrifying monsters, looking them in the eye with a calmness that should not be there. A calm before battle. A clarity that sharpened his mind and body. Now, a bloodlust and desire to tear through the battlefield like a death-scythe accompanied this calm. A disturbing appetite that terrified the Crown. He wished to be rid if this desire! But if he could not destroy it, perhaps he could one day use it to defend his herd? But would they be mortified when they saw the true monster he was?

So many what ifs. He would get there when he got there. For now he focused on the new man who had lost someone dear to him. Naturally, Rosco’s heart went out to him. He stepped forward, a talon tipped foot extending in a passive gesture before he would fall in line with Rico. “I have not seen anyone else enter this world, yet." He then added in a hurry. "But that does not mean the Rift has not taken them as well. Time does not work the same within the portal. What is their name? Perhaps they somehow came through before you and we have met them?”

“I am Roscorro the Dragon Heart.” He felt so strange, offering such a title. He left out the fact that he was the Crown of the Kingdom of Halyven. Adding that it would have taken one whole breathe to say it all. And he had large lungs! "Were you both together when you were taken into the rift?" He had every intention of helping Ryder. But first he needed more information on this person. He lowered his head, his spine glinting in the dim light like fiery swords.

“Is there anywhere they might naturally seek out? You said you are a captain, would they search for the sea in hopes of finding you there?” They needed information, and Roscorro was determined to get as much as he would give. If the sea was what they would gravitate towards, it would be a good place to set up base and wait. They could even form some sort of area that would alert this person to the captain’s presence on the land and give them hope and a sign they were in the right place.

His mind was whirling with ideas. As well as question about the sea from the old seadog that now stood before them. He would make sure Ryder found his family again, for family was the most precious thing in the world.
talk talk talk talk
In your hands, there's a touch that can heal
But in those same hands, is the power to kill
Are you a man, or a monster?

image by Tech
You have my permission to use magic/force against Roscorro.
Maiming and killing is not allowed, though. 
Rift Presence
Currently championing:
The trees around you sway as though the earth beneath them is rumbling and cracking in two. The glowing eyes grow in their intensity as they size you up, swallowing every inch of you as they survey the newcomer to their land. They look on greedily at the magic and items that glimmer and burn beneath your skin. But it isn’t until the wind seems to caress you in a strange welcome, that you notice it has tampered with things. Luckily for you, the Rift could not take away everything of yours, but it has changed things.
the Rift
life between worlds

| ACCEPTANCE NOTES : Calhoun Ryder |

Offensive: Capable of summoning tropical wind storms. Strength is based on his emotions, reversed by when he feels little and summons them, they’re strong gusts, and when he’s very emotional, they’re weak.
The Rift slightly tampers with your magic.

Offensive: Cutlass that can summon Hellfire that drains the user’s body temperature based on usage and leaves him drunk when used.
The Rift tries to take the cutlass but fails. Instead it has adjusted this one, too.

Teal colored pelt, stripes on his neck, and stripes on his chest appear lightly coated in stars.
Higher than normal body temperature.
Carnivorous teeth.
Able to digest meat.

His scars aren’t recorded officially, so feel free to put them in your profile! His normal items, (the earrings, leather bracers, and cutlass band transfer fine! Just link to receiving them here in your profile)!
Welcome to the Rift! :)
» Presence of the Rift «

Calhoun Ryder
Currently championing:

“Human… oid.  To be exact a demon.  And given the simple fact it’s fuckin’ cold here but it sure as fuck isn’t bother yeh I’d venture to say part of that still exists.  Least that fuckin’ remains.  Can’t say I’d enjoy the thought of more of me taken away.”

A breath was forced from the lungs of the large beast, his ears shifting as he picked up the sounds around him.  Haunting tunes that seemed to do little to phase him.  There was no sign of fear in him at what perhaps should normally terrify one to the ends of the Earth and back.  Instead that anger burned hot in his eyes and it failed to leave, the gale in his expression fierce but outside of that he showed no sign of aggression or desire to make any further threats.  He would have to let these two make their choice.  From their it would be his play.  It wouldn’t matter their choice was.  

He would find Arronax.  

But there was a hint of mirth that tugged at the edges of the man’s lips.  Just for a fraction of a moment.  The words that fled the male before him bringing a bit more out of the pirate that had first shown itself.  He understood better than most he had a hair trigger temper.  And when faced with the thought of something happening to the one person he loved.  Well Ryder’s nature stood ass too strong.  His soul, one tied to the devil and the sea, replaced the unending, bone filling dread with a rage that tainted his entire body.  It burned itself into every fiber of his being and lashed out at whatever was within his reach.

Such rage was not something one could let go unchecked.  And often the only balance to such a thing was Arronax.  Truly it had led it his own foolish choices more than once when he had did not have the man at his side.  His body bore the scars that told of such things.  His back littered with older marks that seemed to be around the same age as the brand on his broad left shoulder.  One ear turned, seemingly by itself towards the stallion before him, watching him.  However before he could  really begin to respond to the male the other shifted.  It set his muscles to pull tighter as the teal hued pirate snapped his attention around in a sharp gesture, rage dancing over his features for a long moment.  But it faded.  Tapering off back to the point anger was boiling in his gaze but he lacked any other signs of aggression.

Slowly he let his head shift, turning back to face the other before him, regarding him with some thought before nodding.  Snapping his tail just a bit he closed his eyes for a moment only to lift his head.  Something about him changing.  A more confident stance taking hold.  Well perhaps more to the effect of pride and bravado.  The anger did not change, that was always there, but other emotions were snaking their way back as he reminded himself of the one thing that mattered.  “Love to say I’ve seen wierder fuckin’ shit but I can’t say I have.  Humans and other humanoids?  That is easy to understand.  But this?  This is goin’ to take some fuckin gettin’ used to.”    A slight smirk would tug at the edges of the Captain’s lips at the answer the smaller male gave him. “Think he can keep up?”    A proud grin, all too confident, pressed to the pirate’s lips and he quickly took a stride that almost seemed naturally.  Long and holding all the confidence and danger that seemed to belong.  There was an air about him that held a powerful intimidation factor.  Perhaps his confidence accounts for some of it but something told you there was a violence in his soul that was apt to turn on anyone at anytime unless they meant something to him.  

“So yeh got a name kid, sure as fuck can’t keep callin’ yeh kid.  And short shit won’t do much good either.”  Ryder sighed as the words thrown his way only to be quickly followed with an attempt to reassure him.  Ryder took look comfort in such things but he cared not to divulge such information . Instead he focused on the questions.  “Fact is I don’t remember anything after ordering my crew to run up the red flag.  We were on the tail of a Ship of the Line.  I had them run it up early.  The first reason being seeing the black is one thing but even the King’s Navy knows to jump ship when a pirate crew runs up the red.”    He dwelled on the thought for a moment as the muscles began to adjust to the new style of movement.  It was interesting but perhaps not as difficult as he had thought.

“The type of terror that it instills causes men to turn on each other, to leap into open waters even when they can’t swim.  It’s a powerful weapon and a signal a crew plans to show no quarter to those they are after.  It also runs the chance of causing them to make a mistake.  Especially if you run it up earlier than needed.  If the men have the balls to face yeh they likely will try to rake yeh bow to stern to give themselves a chance.”    He smirked slightly at the the thought, his hooves making firm contact with the ground as he focused on the overpower smell of fear his mind reminded him of.

“But The Ranger’s more than what she seems and I had hoped if she would attempt to come about and make a broadside volley.  We’d turn hard on her at the same time and rip her apart before she brought he guns to bear.  But after the order… the memories are there but I can’t grab hold of them.  Out of reach just far enough to mock me.”    A growl at the thought left his throat, sinew bunching and stretching as tightly corded muscle flexed and released with each massive stride.  

He was adapting.  

Perhaps a bit too well.  But it was a forced situation.  His mind was set.  Arronax was his first priority.  Without him Ryder had no idea what exactly he would do.  As pathetic as it sounded he needed the male more than Arronax needed him.  Shoulders rolled with each step, the strides becoming more natural as he let himself just adjust.  He’d get used to it.  That much was certain.  If he would find his way back to humanoid form he could not know.  But that mattered little at this moment.

A single brow arched at the words the other male offered.  It did make some sense.  Arronax would think of such a thing.  He knew where Ryder’s soul was tied to.  If he was here Ryder suspected he would at least consider the option.  “If he’s not here?  Then I would suspect so.  My soul is tied to the sea.  It’s a lengthy story but he knows that and it goes without sayin’ he’d go there first.”  

Shifting his head slightly Ryder let his neck stretch out just a bit before shifting it back so it might be held with the same proud arch as it had held before.  In the odd lighting the teal hide shone slightly, hints of light dancing off the pelt offering an almost otherworldly glow.  Long, thick waves of deep sea green shifted, the braids heavy against the left side of his neck but not uncomfortable.  It was all an adjustment period and one he was not too keen one.  But Ryder was not exactly incapable of it either.  If nothing else it was his own stubborn will that kept him going.  A stubborn will that had gotten him through much worse than this.
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Well whatever he had said had seemed to have appeased the demon hybrid, and Ricochet was going to knock that off as a win. For now. Blinking he began to move, taking in the fanged grin for only a moment before working his smaller frame to keep up with the two larger brutes. He wasn't one that was ashamed of his height, he was average for most stallions, it was just that in this hell hole it wasn't uncommon for the Rift to produce big fuckers. It just so happened that he was surrounded by two intimidating ones. Except honestly one of them looked like he kissed babies and shat rainbows.

So needless to say he wasn't really too worried about what they or others thought of him. But what did annoy him was the nickname this Ryder man had provided. Sure, it wasn't what he actually intended on calling him, but bros didn't fucking point out flaws just for the sake of it. Ears flattening instinctively he looked to him irritably, a fire behind his orange orbs as he blurted without thought,"It's Ricochet. I may be shorter than your fat ass but I'm big where it matters. Can you say the same demon boy?" His ankles glowed brightly against the gloom of the forest, mane still glimmering like magma against the light as his body began to an exude an inner and outer fire.

He didn't fucking care that before he was prepared to get curb stomped; he was mad and ready to fuck a bitch up if need be. He had fucking lava. It's kinda hard to beat that. Yet as he kept speaking his short temper began to cool, and his face fell away from a snarl to a general grimace. He fucking hated people. Huffing and stepping to the side he looked ahead, starting at a light trot to push slightly ahead of the other two. As he did so he tossed his head to move his mane, before calling back plainly,"So what's this someone look like? Is he a mammoth like you too?"

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Perhaps he should have been angry.

It was much more like the Captain to be angry at such a comment. But instead, a devilish, devious grin danced. Wild, untamed. The kid wanted to play games? Perhaps it was anger that drove the younger male but Ryder could only feel amusement that he had brought that out. Childish perhaps but he did relish the thought. He was not exactly unknown for infuriating others. In one way or another.

Tempting a demon was one thing.

Tempting one like Calhoun Ryder, who laughed in the face of the Devil himself when he sought to scare the man when he came demanding his help was another entirely. “Oh, I assure yeh I beat yeh in that department too. I could prove it to yeh if yeh like, bet I’d have yeh exhausted before I was even through... yeh’d enjoy it though. I can assure that.” Devious madness danced within the gale. Laughter and lust offering nothing but amusement. A devil dancing a jig in the worst of a squall.

The sea dog let himself crack his neck to one side and then the other as the long strides ate up ground. It was not just power in his step but a length to his gait. One that did not need speed to allow the Captain to keep up with the younger male. Regarding him with a sideways glance and an arched brow as he threw his words back towards them rather than to the stallion on his starboard side. “How the fuck should I know? Last time I saw him he was very much humanoid… and so was I. Pretty fuckin’ sure if he’s here he’s goin’ to look a lot fuckin’ different.” Ryder seemed to pause in his thoughts.

“But I’ll know him. I assure yeh of that.” He offered. Regarding the male, for a moment longer, he took a long step forward and as he did the tickly braided tail landed, purposefully on the younger male’s backside. A loud smack sounding from the contact. “I thought yeh were worried about slowpoke back there keepin' up… don’t tell me I got to fuckin’ worry about yeh too? I mean for such a fuckin' nice ass yeh sure ain’t usin' those muscles.” He flashed a grin, wild and unchecked as he took a long lunge forward to prove a point.

He easily overtook the younger stallion and without so much as a thought picked up his pace. A rather smooth, elongated trot. His mind had not quite registered the rather open flirt until he had put some space between himself and the younger male. An ear swung back to track him. It was not something he regretted. But his mind did wonder where it came from. Perhaps it was just that the black-hued male seemed fun to taunt.

But he knew the feeling gnawing in his gut. It was one he recognized all too well. Demons were creatures with abnormally high libidos and it seemed that had not left him. He was by nature a man with a need for primal actions. But the fact was he was very clearly no longer a man. At least, not in the same way. And that did present a strange and awkward thought process when he dwelled on the logic. However, he was quick to push it aside.

“Yeh comin’ Rico, or yeh enjoyin’ starin’ at my ass too much?”

A low, deep and rough laugh followed the rasp of a voice as the pirate lengthened his gait a bit further. Amusement danced and twisted in his gaze. Proud and wild as the laughter threw itself into his eyes. Why he was not angry at the moment he did not know but he was enjoying that it was not the primary emotion running through his veins right now. Yet, he was uncertain how long that anger would be chased from his soul or when the crackling madness of rage would return. But for now, he sights were set on flustering the smaller stallion and find Arronax. Arronax was still the priority. But why not have some fun on the way there?

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